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Too Much Free Time on Your Hands? 9 Productive Things to Do Every Day

According to a survey, video gamers spent eight hours and 27 minutes playing games each week in 2021. That’s only the average, though; indeed, one in four players said they spent over 12 hours gaming per week!

While video gaming may have health perks, too much game time can also be harmful. Besides, there are many other productive things to do aside from playing. Many are even beneficial to your health, while others can do wonders to your wallet.

Ready to learn all about these activities that can help you stay productive? Then keep reading, as we’ve listed the top ones below!

1. Eliminate Clutter

According to research, extreme clutter can result in an overall productivity loss. One cited reason is that clutter can be a source of excessive stimulation.

Unfortunately, the brain doesn’t work that well if it tries to focus on multiple subjects. So if you let your home or workspace get too cluttered, your productivity may likely suffer.

Now that you have free time, though, why not put it to good use by organizing your stuff? You can start by getting rid of items you no longer need or consider donating them.

2. Do Some Light Cleaning

If you’re looking for productive things to do at home, go with some cleaning, as it also benefits your health. For example, after decluttering your living space, you can follow it up by wiping the surfaces. You can also bring out the vacuum to dust your home one room at a time.

Remember: The average person spends about 90% of their time indoors. If that applies to you, you want to ensure you’re breathing clean, unpolluted indoor air. Cleaning your home and minimizing dust build-up can help you achieve that goal.

3. Start Gardening

Gardening is also one of the best things to do to be productive while also helping to improve your health. For starters, it provides a moderate-intensity form of exercise. Moreover, it allows you to soak in some sunshine, which your body needs to create vitamin D.

Gardening can also help reduce stress and improve your mood. All those benefits can then help you sleep better at night.

4. Grow Vegetables

If you decide to start gardening, go with vegetables that you and your family can eat. When you grow something yourself, it makes eating it all the more fun. In addition, it promotes healthier eating, which, unfortunately, only 10% of people in the US do.

Starting a vegetable garden can also help you save on your grocery and market bills. Plus, you don’t even have to buy the seeds; you can use the ones in those you’ve already bought.

Bell peppers, cucumbers, tomatoes, zucchini, and squash are some examples.

5. Answer Online Surveys

An online survey is a structured questionnaire you can complete over the internet. Many of these surveys are from market researchers who wish to learn more about a target audience. They can be about any topic, from apps to time management to your favorite food.

So, if you’re looking for productive things to do on your phone or PC, answering such surveys is one option. Plus, according to this FreeCryptoRewards review, you can get rewards when you do.

6. Try a New Recipe

When was the last time you cooked or baked something? Or do you usually eat out or order some home delivery?

If you answered yes to the second question, it’s high time you start preparing more homemade food.

One reason is to reduce your spending on food away from home. Consider this: The average US consumer has spent at least $300 a month on such items since January 2021. That tallies up to no less than $3,600 a year!

You can save some of that cash if you prepare more food at home. Plus, cooking or baking gives you control over the ingredients (and their quantity). You can cut back on sodium, sugar, fats, and other additives that, in excess, can be a health detriment.

7. Prepare Your Stuff for Tomorrow

In one poll, 20% of participants admitted being late to work at least once every week.

Unfortunately, chronic tardiness isn’t only annoying; many folks also find it rude. It can also be disruptive, especially in school or work environments. Moreover, it can lead to productivity loss not only on your part but also on those around you.

One way to prevent tardiness is to prepare what you need the night before. For instance, you can pack the stuff you need tomorrow in your bag tonight. You can also decide what you want to wear the next day and prepare it now.

All of that can help free up valuable time the following day. As a result, you have lower chances (and fewer reasons) to be late.

8. Become Bilingual (Or Even Multilingual)

Speaking more than one language undoubtedly makes you more impressive to other people. However, it also helps boost brain power, memory, problem-solving, and attention control. It may even be your gateway to earning a higher income!

You can buy or borrow a language book from the library, or you can also download an app, such as Duolingo, to your phone. Duolingo lets you learn and practice more than 30 different languages, and best of all, it has a free plan.

9. Pamper Yourself With a Long Bath

It might sound counter-intuitive to “relax” if you want to be productive, but hear us out.

Giving yourself enough time to relax is vital to reducing stress and improving your mood. The less stressed-out you feel, the easier you might find it to fall and stay asleep. Ultimately, that can help you get high-quality ZZZs, which you need for your overall health.

By contrast, high levels of stress can put you at a higher risk of developing conditions like anxiety. Both can make falling and staying asleep more challenging, too.

One of the best productive things to do in the evening is to let yourself relax with a long bath. It’s also wise to go with hot or warm water, as it may improve sleep quality and help you fall asleep faster.

Try These Productive Things to Do Today

And there you have it, your ultimate guide on the most productive things to do whenever, wherever. As you can see, many of them won’t just keep you away from boredom; they can also help you stay fit and healthy.

So, why not consider trying out as many of them as possible starting today?

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The Latest Pregnancy Tips That You Should Stick To Until You Deliver

According to data collected by the CDC, there were over three million births in 2020. If you’re one of the millions of people planning to get pregnant or expecting a new baby in the coming months, you should follow the most important pregnancy tips the experts offer.

This guide will discuss some of these tips in more detail. Keep reading to learn what they are. 

Find the Right OBGYN 

Visiting the doctor is an important part of maintaining good health and wellbeing during pregnancy. If you’re sexually active you should already be visiting a gynecologist. If you’re planning to get pregnant, it’s important to find the right OBGYN early on. 

Simply searching OBGYN near me should help you find qualified doctors in your area. You should consider an OBGYN that’s near your home in case you experience any emergencies during your pregnancy. 

Adopt a Healthier Diet 

A healthy diet is crucial to having a good pregnancy and giving your baby the best chance at a healthy start. Since you’ll be eating for two, you’ll need to choose foods that give you all the nutrients your body needs. 

You should increase the servings of fruits and vegetables in your diet because these contain a lot of important vitamins and minerals. Make sure you’re drinking more water with your meals as well.

Finding the best prenatal vitamin is also something you’ll need to do at the start of your pregnancy. Taking folic acid will ensure you have a healthy pregnancy. 

Maintain an Active Lifestyle

Staying active during pregnancy ensures you achieve optimal health. While it’s normal to gain weight while you’re pregnant, you can run into some health problems if you gain too much weight. 

If you keep up an exercise routine throughout your pregnancy, you might avoid complications and keep your baby healthy. Going on walks or taking prenatal yoga classes are great ways to stay active without overexerting yourself during pregnancy. 

Read About Pregnancy 

There are many types of pregnancy experiences people have. Some pregnancies can cause uncomfortable symptoms while others don’t. It’s important to prepare for anything that may come your way during pregnancy. 

Start researching how pregnancy might affect you. There are plenty of great pregnancy books you can borrow from your local library. You can also ask family or friends about their pregnancy experiences to learn more. 

Create a Birth Plan Early On 

You should start creating your birth plan as soon as you can. It’s important to put your plan in writing once you’re certain about what you want. 

Your plan should include what kind of birth you want. You can choose to have a home birth or go to the hospital. Your plan can also include who you want in the room with you during childbirth. 

Follow These Pregnancy Tips Throughout Your Pregnancy 

If you follow the pregnancy tips in this guide, you’ll be prepared for any obstacles that come your way. Remember to find a good OBGYN first.

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How Often Should a Mattress Be Replaced?

Most adults need about seven to nine hours of sleep each night. Without enough sleep, you could gain weight, experience memory issues, or struggle to concentrate. Before that can happen, pinpoint the root cause of your sleep issues.

For example, an old, lumpy mattress could impact your ability to fall asleep each night.

How often should a mattress be replaced? Continue reading to find out!

After reading this guide, you can consider buying a new mattress to improve your ability to sleep. Read on to learn more.

The Average Mattress Lifespan

First, let’s answer the question that likely brought you here in the first place. How often should a mattress be replaced?

The average mattress lifespan is about six to eight years.

However, there’s no one-size-fits-all number when it comes to the life expectancy of a mattress.

Instead, you should replace your mattress based on how it feels and looks. For example, perhaps your bed is making more noise than usual. In that case, you likely have an old innerspring mattress that needs replacing.

Maybe your mattress looks saggy or damaged. If these problems sound familiar, it’s time to replace your mattress.

Consider the quality of sleep you get each night, too. If your mattress is negatively affecting your sleep, it’s time for a new one. Otherwise, poor sleep quality will continue impacting your mental and physical health.

Consider how you feel when you wake up as well.

Do you wake up with joint or muscle stiffness? Perhaps you notice an increase in allergies instead. These are signs you’re due for a new mattress.

If you’re still unsure, consider visiting a friend or family member’s house. Sleep on someone else’s mattress for a night. If you sleep better on someone else’s bed, it’s time to replace your mattress. 


There are a few factors that can impact the life expectancy of a mattress. These include:

  • The mattress material
  • Maintenance and care over the years
  • Your size and weight

What type of mattress lasts the longest? Consider getting a latex mattress, which is the most durable.

If you have an all-foam or low-quality innerspring mattress, it won’t last as long. These mattresses have lower lifespans. They’re more likely to sag, too.

Try rotating your mattress every three months or so. Consider using a mattress protector, too.

If you’re overweight, your mattress is also more likely to sag quickly. 

Couples might need to replace their mattress more often, too. If you’re due for a new mattress, consider visiting to review your options.

How Often Should a Mattress Be Replaced?: Replace Yours Today

To recap, how often should a mattress be replaced? Usually, every six to eight years. However, you might need one sooner if you have a low-quality mattress.

If your current mattress is impacting your ability to sleep at night, it’s time for a change. 

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Tips on Cleaning a Birdhouse for New Owners

You’ve just moved into your first home, and you’re excited to start decorating. You’ve thought about going to the store to start cleaning a birdhouse for your new backyard.

Don’t worry; we’re here to help. Follow these tips, and you’ll have your birdhouse clean and ready for new feathered friends in no time.

Cleaning A Birdhouse Supplies You Will Need

Whether you purchased a new birdhouse or made one yourself, there are a few key elements to remember when cleaning it, and before adding new occupants. The most important item on the list of cleaning birdhouse supplies is bleach – a plain household cleaner able to disinfect surfaces and remove harmful bacteria.

Be sure to use a weak solution of bleach and water, and always rinse the birdhouse thoroughly afterward. You will also need a stiff brush to scrub out the inside of the birdhouse and a hose to rinse it out. If the birdhouse is made of metal, you might need to sand it down to remove any sharp edges. 

After the birdhouse is clean and dry, you can add a layer of fresh straw or  different birdhouse materials to the bottom. Now your new bird occupants will have a safe and clean place to call home.

Methods Of Cleaning

It is important to have your birdhouse cleaning routine. To begin, it is critical to select the appropriate season for cleaning your birdhouse.

Try to plan this project after the breeding season is over and the young have flown the nest. This allows you to clean the birdhouse without disturbing any of its residents.

Second, you will need to gather the proper birdhouse cleaning brush, gloves, and a mild soap or disinfectant. Once you have your cleaning materials, follow the manufacturer’s instructions for cleaning the birdhouse. This will help ensure that you do not damage the structure or harm any nesting birds.

Finally, when you have cleaned the birdhouse, keep an eye on it to ensure that it is in good condition and ready for the next breeding season.

When To Clean Your Birdhouse

Whether you’re putting up a new birdhouse or taking over ownership of an existing one, it’s important to give it a good cleaning before welcoming feathered friends. Here are a few tips on cleaning birdhouse parts for new owners:

  •  remove any old nesting material, feathers, or droppings
  •  wash the inside and outside of the birdhouse with a mild soap and water solution
  •  let the birdhouse dry completely before adding fresh nesting material
  •  put the birdhouse up in a location where it will be protected from the elements and predators

This cleaning birdhouse parts guide for new owners will help you understand how to clean their home without disturbing them.

Putting It All Together

Cleaning a birdhouse may seem like a daunting task, but it is essential to providing a safe and clean environment for nesting residents.

If you want to learn more about cleaning a birdhouse, keep browsing the rest of this section.

5 Common Dental Procedures

Embarrassed about smiling in public? Research shows that around half of Americans feel insecure about their teeth due to issues like crookedness, gaps, or staining. Considering that many of us have qualms about visiting the dentist, it’s no wonder we worry about the state of our teeth!

However, it’s worth noting that most of the dental procedures you’ll experience during a visit are incredibly common, making it easy to address whatever issues have cropped up with your smile. If you’re not sure what to expect from your next appointment, read on to learn about some of the most common dental procedures today.

Teeth Cleaning

The most common dental procedure by far is regular teeth cleanings. Experts recommend that you see a dentist for a cleaning at least once every six months, though you may need to come more often depending on your specific needs.

During your cleaning, your dentist will do a physical examination of your entire mouth to look for any potential issues. They will then remove tartar and plaque, both of which can build up on your teeth and below the gum line. They will also scrub your teeth with a gritty toothpaste, perform an expert flossing, and apply a fluoride treatment.

Teeth Straightening

Straightening crooked teeth is a common cosmetic procedure. Though it’s still possible to get traditional braces, most practices have moved toward clear and removable straighteners like Invisalign. This method allows you to shift your teeth into the proper place over time for a straighter smile.


If your dentist notices any signs of decay or cavities in your mouth, you may need to undergo a dental filling procedure. During your visit, your dentist will use special tools to drill a hole in your tooth and remove the decay. Depending on your preferences, they’ll then add a cosmetic filling, which is made of composite resin and glass particles, or a metal filling.

Bridges and Crowns

Bridges and crowns are technically two different procedures, but the goal of both is to use a prosthetic structure to replace part of your tooth.

With a dental crown procedure, you’ll receive a cap that covers the tooth and protects it from cavities and decay. With a dental bridge procedure, you’ll receive a prosthetic tooth or teeth that can cover a gap in your smile. Dentists will often use two crowns to fix a bridge in place.

Wisdom Teeth Removal

Wisdom tooth extraction can be a good way to avoid future overcrowding and a potentially impacted tooth once these molars grow in. If you have wisdom teeth, your dentist will often prompt you to remove them in your early adult years. However, if you notice swelling, redness, or tooth pain in the back of your mouth, you should talk to your dentist about getting an early extraction.

Ask an Expert About Your Dental Procedures

Whether you have an appointment for one of these common dental procedures or something different, it’s worth noting that your dentist is on your side. Don’t hesitate to talk to them about your concerns when it comes to your pain or the appearance of your smile for expert suggestions!

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4 Characteristics of a Quality Cosmetic Dentist

Going through life with imperfections is normal. However, some imperfections are more noticeable and impactful than others. For example, you might have crooked or missing teeth.

While this may not seem like a big deal to some people, they don’t know what it’s like. You probably try to hide your smile or avoid laughing in front of people. Maybe it holds you back from pursuing friends or love interests.

Fortunately, dentistry has advanced enough that we can alter the things we don’t like about teeth and gums. The only question is, how do you find the right cosmetic dentist to complete the dental work you need?

Excellent question. Keep reading for four characteristics you should look for when choosing between your cosmetic dentistry options.

1. Experience and Expertise

When selecting a cosmetic dentist, you must consider their experience in the industry. How long have they been performing cosmetic dental care? What certifications and qualifications do they have?

Before making your choice, visit their website to find a page of before-and-after pictures. These should tell you all you need to know about their skill and capabilities.

Look for patient pictures that had issues similar to yours before they had the procedure. Was the dentist able to correct the issue effectively?

2. Reputation

Next, look for a cosmetic dentist that comes well-recommend by their patients. Being able to deliver good results is one thing, but how do they treat their patients? How is their bedside manner?

Only work with a dentist that has a good reputation among the people for whom they’ve provided dental care. If there are a number of complaints or negative reviews, they may not be the best choice.

3. Availability

When looking at your cosmetic dentist options, reach out to the top clinics on your list to learn more about their availability. How soon will the dentist be able to get you in for a consultation? After the consultation, how long will you have to wait to get the procedure?

If you’ve been living with your oral issues for a long time, waiting a few extra weeks may not be a big deal. However, if you’re antsy to get the dental work done or you have a big event coming up (like a wedding), time may be of the essence. The right dentist for you might be the one who’s readily available.

4. Affordability

Finally, cosmetic dentistry is considered an elective procedure in most cases. As such, it won’t be covered by insurance. You’ll most likely be paying for your dental care out of pocket.

Therefore, it’s important to look for a cosmetic dentist with competitive rates and payment plans. Find an affordable cosmetic dentist that has good patient reviews. Never sacrifice quality to save money.

Are You Looking for the Right Cosmetic Dentist?

If you’ve been struggling with oral health issues, crooked teeth, or any other dental problem, finding the right cosmetic dentist is essential. We hope our guide helps you find the best clinic for your needs.

And if you’re looking for more health advice, consumer insight, or lifestyle tips, you’re in the right place. Before you go, take a look through some of our other articles to find more content to help you live a better life.

The Secret to Choosing a Children’s Toothpaste That Works

Did you know that the CDC says that many kids are using way too much toothpaste when brushing, which could lead to streaky or splotchy teeth when they are older? Children aged 3 to 6 should only be using a pea-sized amount of toothpaste and children younger than that should be using a smear of toothpaste to brush their teeth. 

As a parent, you might be wondering what kind of children’s toothpaste would be best for your child’s optimal oral health. Keep reading to find out how to choose the best children’s toothpaste. 

Must Have Flouride

The first thing you need to watch for when finding a children’s toothpaste is whether it has fluoride in it or not. It’s the most important ingredient in a child’s toothpaste and if you have fluoride, the type or brand of toothpaste is pretty much inconsequential. 

Must Have Flavor

Children will prefer toothpaste with a great flavor, perhaps fruit flavoring or something akin to that. This will ensure that your child will not spit out the toothpaste before it even has a chance to do its job. There are many kid-friendly options on the market.

Must Be Fun

The children’s toothpaste you choose will also have to be fun. You are building a lifelong habit here and you want to ensure you start on the right foot. If you ensure that your child has fun with their brushing habits now, they will keep on doing it even when you aren’t supervising them. 

Must Be Pediatric Dentist Recommended

If you aren’t sure about making this decision on your own, then you might want to consult a pediatry dentist for more advice. They can make recommendations about children’s toothpaste that aren’t abrasive and will keep the integrity of your infant’s fragile baby teeth. 

Google ‘pediatric dentist near me‘ if you want some more tips on teaching your child proper brushing techniques and habits. 

Must Be ADA Approved

The American Dental Association gives its ‘seal of approval’ to toothpaste when they believe that they can recommend the toothpaste to clients without any fear. Does the child toothpaste you’ve chosen have that seal of approval? If not, find something else. 

These approved and recommended kinds of toothpaste are also safe to use for children, which will give you that peace of mind.

Children’s Toothpaste Must Be Chosen with Care

You want your children to have a bright and sparkling smile, but you don’t want the toothpaste they use to damage their teeth. That’s why choosing the right children’s toothpaste requires a bit of forethought and research. 

If you have a pediatric dentist that you visit regularly, then they can give you the lowdown on the best options around. 

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