Crunch, Ouch! 4 of the Worst Snacks for Your Kid’s Teeth

Worst Snacks Kid's Teeth

Did you know that 42% of children under 11 in the USA have dental caries in their primary teeth?

Getting children in good oral and dental hygiene habits is very important. It will not only save them pain and suffering but also the expense of dental procedures. 

If you are a parent that worries about their kid’s teeth, what can you do? What snacks should kids avoid eating to protect their teeth? Read on to find out more. 

1. Dark Cola

Dark cola is a favorite of children everywhere, unfortunately, it is one of the most destructive drinks that a person’s teeth can endure. The sugar content is so high that it will start to damage teeth quickly after being consumed. 

If your child likes cola and other carbonated sweet drinks, you should encourage regular brushing and a visit to a good dentist such as Aria Dental.

2. Candy

Candy combines a number of factors to contribute to tooth damage. The content of the material is very high in sugar, this crates acid which erodes teeth enamel

The chewy sticky nature of the candy means that it adheres to the tooth. This means that it is difficult to remove and can stay around and do damage for several days. It should be avoided if at all possible.

3. Citrus Fruits

Can a fruit or vegetable actually be bad for your health? Actually yes. While fruits are very beneficial in general, fruits that are high in citrus are obviously acidic. This means that they can contribute to enamel erosion. 

Since these fruits also have benefits, it is a case of moderating their intake. Fruits followed by tooth brushing is a recipe for success. It would also be good to encourage children to floss as the pulp from these fruits can become lodged in between teeth. 

4. Ice Cubes

Ice cubes are another surprise addition to this list. Is it possible that something that does not contain sugar can be bad for your teeth? Yes. Since ice is a very hard material, children can break their teeth which crunching it down. Even small cracks or holes in a tooth are an invitation for bacteria to enter and creates larger cavities. 

Avoid this by preventing children from eating ice by itself. Adding it to a room temperature drink will mean that it has started to melt by the time it reaches their mouths.  

How to Protect Your Kid’s Teeth and Much More

If you have young children you know that instilling good habits in them from an early age is very important. Among these are good dental and oral hygiene. Protecting kid’s teeth from a young age will not only ensure that they suffer less pain in the future but can also prevent expensive dental procedures. 

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