How to Find the Best Family Insurance Plans (Plus Government Programs)

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Over 27 million people in the United States did not have health insurance in 2018. 

Although this is less than 10% of the population, many of these people are the most vulnerable to facing a financial crisis due to getting sick or injured. 

If you don’t have insurance or are shopping for a new plan, there are several things that you may want to consider.  

Continue reading to discover tips for finding the best family insurance plans and government programs that you and your family may qualify for. 

1. Think About Your Monthly Payment 

One of the first things that you should pay attention to when selecting a family insurance plan is the monthly premium payment.

Depending on your budget, you may have to pass on more expensive programs. However, this does not mean that your health will suffer. The monthly payment is often broken down into different tiers that you may apply for.

Having a single person plan is often cheaper than family options. If you have children, your family is in a different price level of insurance plans.

If you talk with customer service, you might get a discounted price. Don’t be afraid to shop around for cheaper plans.

2. Consider How Much You Will Pay at an Appointment

Depending on the type of insurance plan you choose, you will have co-pays and deductibles that may be due during the time of your appointments. 

If you are looking at a plan that has a high deductible or co-pay, you may want to reconsider if your family is small and typically healthy. The health needs of your family will influence this decision.

If you have large co-pays for certain doctors and therapies you know you’ll need, you may want to look for another option. Typical co-pay amounts for doctor visits average from $15-$25

3. Quality over Quantity

When selecting a family health insurance plan, prices are often a large deciding factor. However, the quality of service and doctors is just as important, if not more.

If you have certain doctors that you need to go to, you might have to upgrade your insurance plan. Talk with your current doctors if you plan to change your insurance to confirm that they will accept it. 

Although a deal may sound good when choosing your plan, you don’t want to regret it when you or your family require medical attention. It is important to pick a healthcare plan that fits within your budget and health needs. 

4. Factor in the Ages of Family Members

Many people don’t realize that the age of their family members also affects your insurance plan.

Children and elderly adults often require more care and may need help from specialists. Children tend to be accident-prone, while elderly patients often visit multiple specialists to help them with aging. 

If you have multiple young children, you may want a more expensive program with better coverage. You’ll save money in the long run and not be hit with large bills after every appointment. 

Immunizations are often given to children, which can cost a lot of money over time. With the help of government programs and good insurance, however, you may not have to pay at all!  

5. Know Their Services

Insurance and billing issues are likely to arise over time. Find an insurance company that will help you through these issues.

Many people don’t consider the services of the insurance company they choose. They only look at prices and coverage. If you want to avoid headaches and save time, looking for a plan with a helpful customer service team will keep you sane.  

Don’t hesitate to ask for the details of your plan and the benefits they offer. Make a list of any special issues you and your family have and find out if your new plan will cover these issues.

Support Beyond the Best Family Insurance Plans 

If you are still looking for more assistance, there are various government programs that you or your family may qualify for. 

If you are searching for more coverage for your children and teens, you should apply for Medicaid. The Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP) is another excellent resource that can help your children receive free or low-cost coverage.

Many of these programs cover basic healthcare needs, including dental coverage, eye care, and regular doctor visits. 

You can easily look online to see if you qualify for many of these programs. 

ObamaCare is another government program that helps support families and children by giving them affordable healthcare options. 

Don’t be afraid to search for other government-funded programs that can help keep your family happy and healthy. Local governments may even have programs to help you! 

Insurance That Will Help Ensure Family Health 

Using the guide above can help you find the best family insurance plans for your needs. 

There are many things that you must consider when selecting your family’s insurance plan. 

Paying attention to monthly payments, along with high deductibles and co-pays, should help you pick out a plan. It is important to keep in mind that you should always go with quality doctors over cheaper rates. In times of need, taking care of your loved ones is more important than saving some money.

Besides looking for insurance plans that fit your family’s needs, you can receive further help from government-funded programs. 

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