Christmas Gifts for Kids: 9 Gifts That’ll Thrill Your Kids on Christmas Morning

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How has it almost been a full year since last Christmas? You may be wondering to yourself.

It’s almost the most wonderful time of the year, and that means you need to start gathering up gift ideas for the kids.

While you want to make sure and buy things that they have on their Christmas list, it’s also fun to give them a few gifts that weren’t on the list.

These types of Christmas gifts for kids bring a surprise factor into it and lead to gasps and screams.

Here are a few different ideas of what to look out for this holiday season.

1. Relay Kids Screenless Smartphone

While you may not be ready to buy your child a cell phone, there’s no denying the benefits of them having one. 

You’d be able to track them and communicate with them while they’re out of the house, giving you peace-of-mind over there safety.

Thankfully, there’s a middle ground for that in the form of the Relay kid’s screenless smartphone. The screenless feature ensures they won’t get sucked into the world of apps too quickly.

However, your kids will love the fact that they can chat with you wherever they go. it’ll make them feel as if they have big business to attend to just like mommy and daddy.

This item is only $43 in retail, the perfect price for a gift to give you and your kid more time to talk throughout the week.

2. Funko Pops

Every child has interests that make them unique. Whether they’re huge sports fans, superhero fans, or really into music, it separates them from the pack.

What better way to let them express themselves than with these awesome Funko Pops of their favorite players/characters?

Funko Pops offers everything from movies, comics, sports, stranger things, and so much more. Set these bad boys up on shelves or nightstands in their room so they can show them off.

Depending on whether you buy them individually or in packs, Funko Pops can range from $10-$20.

3. Harry Potter Sorting Hat

Do you have a child that simply can’t get enough of Harry Potter? Whether it’s the books or the movies, they’re always in rotation.

There’s no better way to feed into that with an interactive sorting hat. Now they can finally end the debate and see which house they’d be placed in at Hogwarts!

This sorting hat only runs for $13 in retail, a perfect add-on gift to place under the tree!

4. Flipside

Remember the days of Skip-bo and Bop-it? There was a time where your Christmas wouldn’t have been complete without those games waiting to be opened.

Now, there’s a new one called “Flipside” which requires you to quickly flip colors to match the lights together.

It’s only $19 and will provide your kids and their friends with hours of entertainment to see who can get a high score.

5. FurReal Cubby

Is your little girl or boy more interested in taking care of cute and cuddly animals rather than catering to a baby? 

If so, this FurReal Cubby gives you an incredible choice for Christmas. The baby cub is super interactive, responding to the sounds your child makes and comes with a binky and bottle to feed the cub when it’s hungry.

It’s a bit pricey at $100 in retail, but the features and long battery life make it well worth the investment!

6. Playhouse

Maybe your child is too energetic to sit down and play with many of the other items on this list.

Perhaps you’re trying to encourage them to play outside more often. If so, consider playhouses for Christmas to give them a little home to take pride in.

Your kids and their friends are going to cherish this playhouse for many years to come, and the extensive design carries detail to make it feel like an actual home.

7. Elsa Fashion Doll

One of the biggest things to prepare yourself for this holiday season is the obsession your little girl will have with Frozen 2, after seeing it in theatres on November 22nd.

This Elsa Fashion doll is a perfect way to fit their love for the movie and love for style in one gift.

It comes complete with a Nokk figure and should only be around $30 in retail.

8. Barbie Dream House

The timeless classic: A Barbie dream house will always be a “go-to” for moms and dads looking to go above and beyond during Christmas.

You’ll have to hide this one in the closet to prevent the kids from guessing it too early. Years of entertainment come from a dream house with any toy figure being welcomed into Barbie’s humble abode.

While it carries a retail price of $180, that’s not bad considering all the amazing detail and size these items come with.

9. Buzz Lightyear JetPack

Many kids around the US are still obsessed with Toy Story 4, and Buzz is almost always a perfect fit for a cool Christmas gift.

Play into their imagination this year a bit by giving them a Buzz Lightyear jetpack, it gives them a helmet and packs with sounds and lights to boot!

Your child will be thrilled and “flying” around the house searching the great beyond for danger. Buy this jetpack for $50 retail and you’ll be the best parents of infinite and beyond!

Enjoy Shopping for Christmas Gifts for Kids

While it can be a bit overwhelming to keep up with the latest trends, embrace how fun it can be to shop around and buy Christmas gifts for kids!

Enjoy it while you can, your kids will grow up faster than you think and won’t always want fun toys for Christmas.

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