Low on Funds? But Want Some Honey? Top Cheap Date Ideas to ‘WOW’ Her

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Studies show that single people spend an average of $146 a month on dating. For some of us, this is not a substantial amount of money. For others of us, however, it’s a big portion of our budget. 

Perhaps you struggle to pay for dating? Maybe you’re looking for a way to reduce the cost? If so, you’ve arrived in the right place. 

Below, we’re going to discuss some of the top cheap date ideas. It is our hope that these help you to save a little money. 

The Top Cheap Date Ideas

There is no shortage of fun and cheap date ideas. With all of the free and low-cost activities that cities and towns have to offer, it’s really very easy to date on the cheap. 

It doesn’t matter whether you’re going on a date with someone that you met at the bar or someone that you met on a dating app such as Match.com or Christian Mingle, one of the date ideas discussed below should suit you both well. 

Take a Look Around a Museum

Have any cheap of free museums in your area? If so, they would be great spots to have dates. A museum will provide you and your date with something to converse about, preventing any lulls in conversation and (hopefully) keeping things from getting awkward. 

Any type of museum could do the trick, including an art museum, a history museum, or otherwise. However, you make sure that your date is into the type of museum you go to before making anything official. 

Hit the Record Store 

Perhaps you and your date are both into music? Maybe you both like to collect vinyl records? If so, a good way for you to bond with each other would be by going to a record store together. 

You could browse various records together, talking about the ones that you do and don’t like. This will help you build a rapport and will also allow you to learn about one another. If musical preferences are hugely important to you, it could even help determine whether or not the other person is worth dating or not. 

Go to a Thrift Shop 

Another fun, cheap date idea is going to a thrift shop or a similar store. Thrift shops, antique stores, and flea markets are all chockful of random, but interesting items that can help to spark conversation and promote fun. 

Unless you end up buying something at one of these shops, these dates are entirely free. If you do end up buying something, you probably won’t be paying any more than ten dollars or so. 

Sing Some Karaoke 

Whether you’re singing it yourself or are just watching others do so, karaoke can be a lot of fun. Not to mention, it’s usually fairly cheap to get in on. Typically, a few drinks at the bar will provide you with an entire night’s worth of amateur singing. 

Karaoke is great for a first date because it doesn’t necessitate that you carry on a conversation for 2 or 3 hours straight. Instead, you can take breaks to watch others sing and sing yourself. In the end, it makes for a cheap, low-pressure date. 

Hit the Gym 

Perhaps you’re both into exercising? If so, you might consider having a date at the gym. You can run together, lift weights together, and perform in a variety of other workouts together. 

Most gyms will allow their members to bring guests with them for free a time or two each month. If yours does, you could end up having a very cheap date. 

Volunteer Somewhere Together 

Another cheap, but fulfilling date idea is to volunteer somewhere together. Working together at a soup kitchen, the local humane society, or in some other capacity will allow you both to show your best sides to each other. In turn, you will develop a better understanding of each other and mutual respect will grow. 

Volunteering doesn’t cost any money at all. Just call up a local non-profit and ask whether they need any volunteers. Most non-profits would love to have your assistance.  

Go Kayaking or Canoeing 

Unless you own a canoe or kayak, these activities aren’t free. However, even if you have to rent one, you can usually do so for between $10 and $20. All things considered, this makes for a pretty cheap date. 

Kayaking and canoeing are great date ideas because they’re fun activities, they don’t require constant conversation, and they involve working together to accomplish a singular goal. 

Hang Out in the Pool

Though there are some people who don’t like to go swimming, these people are in the minority. Most people love swimming, whether it be in public or in private. If your date likes swimming, you should definitely consider having a date at the pool. 

If you have a pool at your home or apartment complex, you won’t have to pay anything for the privilege. If you don’t have a pool, you can usually get into a public one for between $1 and $10 a piece. In essence, regardless of the type of pool you go to, you won’t be set back monetarily. 

Experiment With New Alcoholic Beverages

If you and your date are particularly boozy people, you might have fun experimenting with alcoholic beverages. Buy all of the supplies necessary and try mixing different alcohols with different beverages. 

This is a fun way to share a mutual hobby, one which will actually help you to sharpen your bartending skills. Not to mention, it’s almost sure to spur on conversation and promote bonding.

Share Your Hobbies 

One of the cheapest and most fulfilling date ideas is to just get together and share your hobbies with one another. Doing so allows you to understand each other a little better and also promotes conversation. 

Play the guitar? Teach your date a few chords. 

Like to sew? Teach your date how to make a proper hem. 

Share your favorite activities with your date and you will grow closer. And all at a very affordable price. 

Have Some Fun in the Snow  

Snow is both a blessing and a curse. While it can make roads almost unbearable to drive on, it can also offer up a good deal of fun. If you live in a snowy area and are trying to think of a date idea, you might consider taking advantage of the snow. 

There is plenty that you and a date can do in snowy weather. You could go sledding, build a snowman, build a fort, and have a snowball fight, to name just a few activities. 

Bake or Cook Together 

Whether you enjoy baking and cooking or not, they can be very fun activities to partake in with a love interest. After all, baking and cooking together require teamwork, and teamwork breeds closeness. 

Or maybe you’d rather have a cooking competition in which you compete against each other? This is a healthy form of romantic bonding as well, one which is rife with fun and flirtation. 

Walk Around a Dog Park 

While not everyone loves dogs, a good share of the human population does. If your date likes dogs, you should consider checking out a dog park. You don’t even need to own a dog in order to do so. 

Just sitting outside the fence and watching dogs act like dogs can be a lot of fun. It promotes laughter, conversation, and generally good vibes. Oh…and it’s entirely free.  

Play Trivia at a Bar 

Another fun, cheap date idea is to play trivia at a bar. Local bars are always holding trivia nights, ones that can generally be entered for no cost at all. However, it’s usually customary to buy a drink or two. 

A trivia date is a good idea because it inherently promotes teamwork and conversation. You won’t be left with a lot of awkward pauses because you’ll both be working together to get the right answer. 

Catch a Local Show 

If you and your date are into music, poetry, or comedy, you might consider catching a local show. Local shows at bars and cafes are usually either free or low-cost, costing no more than $10 a piece. 

Seeing a show is a great way to take some of the pressure off of the date. You won’t be forced to converse throughout the entirety of the evening, as the performers will be attracting most of your attention. This will help you both to avoid awkward pauses and rambling speech. 

Looking for More Dating Tips?

Interested in putting any of these cheap date ideas into action? Each one of them has its merits and is capable of blossoming into a fun, happy, fulfilling relationship. Our advice is to go for it!

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