Seeking Help: 4 Tips tor Covering the Cost of Rehab

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The average monthly cost of rehab is around $4,000, and a high-end private program can run you up to $20,000 per month.

That’s far from affordable, but what’s the alternative?

Substance abuse issues aren’t something you should ignore. The consequences of addiction tend to worsen over time.

Many medical professionals categorize substance addiction as a disease, one that over 20 million people in the United States suffer from. While some overcome it on their own, many others require professional treatment.

Don’t think you can afford drug or alcohol rehabilitation? Read on to learn how to pay for rehab and help your loved one get the expert support and guidance they need.

1. Take Advantage of Insurance Benefits

Many rehab centers work with major insurance providers. Not to mention, an ACA bronze plan covers up to 60 percent of the cost of a drug or alcohol abuse rehabilitation program.  

Contact your chosen rehab center to see if your loved one’s insurance plan covers their services. Your loved one must be ready to provide them with their name, member ID, and birthdate as well as their insurance company’s phone number.

2. Ask for Help from Others

At this point, you’ve probably already reached out to family and friends to see if they’d be willing to lend financial support.

However, crowdfunding is another way to go about getting money for drug or alcohol rehab. Help your loved one set up a GoFundMe account and launch a campaign to request donations.

Make sure they write a genuine, detailed story that shows how committed they are to making a change. Also, be transparent by letting people know exactly what their money will go towards.

For best results, add videos and photos, and share the link on as many social media platforms as possible.

3. Try Negotiating Lower Costs

Let’s say your loved one doesn’t have anyone willing to help cover the cost of drug or alcohol recovery, nor do they have insurance. Should they give up on getting help?

Not so fast! Some rehab centers are open to altering their treatment plans or prices to make things more affordable.

Urge your loved one to inform the rehab center about their available funds from the get-go. At the very least, the facility might offer lending packages.

4. Look into Free Programs

Is your loved one currently sober? If so, the Salvation Army’s residential treatment facilities might be their best bet. By committing at least 40 hours a week to work therapy, your loved one will receive counseling, housing, and food.

You can also find actionable advice online. Stop Drinking Expert, for example, offers a free quit drinking webinar. You’ll even get an ebook titled “How to Stop Drinking Without Willpower” if you provide your name and email address.

Overcoming the High Cost of Rehab

If you want to avoid letting your loved one be part of the 90 percent of addicts who fail to get treatment, consider some of the options mentioned above. Getting them into rehab gives them a chance to learn about the underlying causes of their addiction and build healthier habits.

Have you already tried everything in this article? Other options to explore include government grants, Medicare/Medicaid, loans, and VA benefits. 

Now that you know how to cover the cost of rehab, want to make sure your loved one goes to a place that’s a good fit for them? Check out our article on finding the right rehab center.

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