6 Genius Ways to Save Money on Puppy Grooming

puppy groomingAh, the joys of being a puppy parent. Cuddling up to a sweet pooch is priceless, but the cost of having a dog can add up.

For example, getting a dog groomed can cost between $30 – $80.

Don’t spend a fortune on grooming when you can do it for less. Here’s how you can save money on puppy grooming:

1. Do All of It Yourself

Who knows? You might have a knack for puppy grooming! You can save money by rolling up your sleeves to groom your pup yourself.

Try watching some videos on YouTube or taking a class to learn the ropes. If your dog has a simpler cut, it won’t be too hard

The biggest perk? You get to see how adorable your puppy looks while it’s drenched in shampoo!

2. Do Some of It Yourself

If the idea of razors scares you, start small. If you just give your dog a bath at home, you can save money at the grooming salon. You can also do other small things like clipping their nails in advance

Cut out any tangles or mats in their fur before you send them in. Some grooming salons charge by the hour.

Do as much as you can, only use the professionals for the things that you can’t do yourself.

3. Get a Deal

Sometimes, you have to pay to get your dog professionally groomed. The key is not paying full price! Browse discount websites to look for puppy grooming discounts or deals.

Sign up for loyalty programs at local salons, they might send coupons via email that can save you some bucks.

4. Find a Student Groomer

Dog groomers have to start somewhere! Student groomers who are looking to build portfolios are always looking for new dogs to work on.

You could save major cash by letting a student groomer or hobbyist groom your dog. You can find them on sites like Craigslist or local animal care schools.

You can also ask around for other owners’ recommendations. Word of mouth is the best way to find someone you can trust.

5. Get Simple Cuts

If you have a high-maintenance dog, consider getting simpler cuts. Fido doesn’t always have to get the most fabulous cut.

Save the expensive cuts for special occasions. Get an inexpensive, low cut for every day.

Every now and then, treat your pup to the glam special. But for most grooming appointments, less is more.

6. Visit Less Frequently

Next time you go to the grooming salon, consider getting a shorter cut than usual. This will buy you more time between visits.

A pair of dog clippers will go a long way. Shave a half of an inch of fur between appointments. A little work along the way will save you more work later on.

In colder months, you want to be careful not to let your pooch sleep outside. Dry, cold air can dry out their skin. This means more visits (and money) to the salon.

So, where can my dog sleep?

Bring them inside to cozy up during cold weather!

Puppy Grooming for Any Budget

Using these tips is just one of the things pet owners can do to cut back on spending.

Being on a budget doesn’t mean you can’t afford to spoil your dog. Pamper your pup without the extra perks. Your wallet will thank you later.

Learn more ways to save money on pets.

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