TMR Frugal Living Tip #99- Stockpile Donations

Today’s thrifty living tip is to make donations from your stockpile. I end up with a lot of personal care items that I can’t use from sales and coupons and lots of free samples. I like to give away items from my stockpile. There are so many great organizations that are hurting for donations. This is an inexpensive way to help others without breaking your wallet. Many organizations would prefer the items instead of cash. The local women’s shelter in my area specifically asks for donations of personal care items, clothes, games and toys, and cleaning supplies.

You can send items overseas to the soldiers who would be very appreciative of care packages. Many female soldiers need tampons, panty liners, and maxi-pads as well as lotions and shower gels. Cheap flip flop’s they can use in the showers. There are several great websites to find the specific details with shipping information. Make sure to mark these boxes FEMININE if you send female razors and other feminine items they need. great organization for sending care packages to our soldiers.

Here are a few other ideas to give non-perishable food and toiletries as well as cleaning supplies.

  • Women’s Shelters
  • Local Churches
  • Local Food Banks
  • Schools
  • Shelters
  • Neighbors or Friends or even Family members

Do you donate from your stockpile to help others? Please comment as I would love to read your stories.

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