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TMR Frugal Living Tip #81: No Sew Halloween Costumes

homemadehalloweencostumesthriftycostumeideascreativecostumesToday’s thrifty living tip is to be more creative in making your child’s Halloween costume. I personally don’t have anything against store bought costumes, but I find that most are overpriced junk. Some years I have purchased a $10-15 costume from Wal-Mart that would basically fall apart during the first wearing. I have also bought better quality costumes from the Disney Store that would last several wearings, and then sell them used on ebay for more than I paid new. I would purchase them on clearance, and sometimes buy the extra accessories which would complete the costume. The problem now is my son is too old for most of the Disney costumes as those are for babies. *SIGH*

Not everyone knows how to sew a costume themselves. The fabric can cost you a pretty penny, and not to mention the time, unless of course you really enjoy sewing. I don’t enjoy sewing so we have gotten more creative in putting together a costume for my son by just digging in his closet. There might be times I have to purchase an item to complete his costume, but he usually already owns the items to put together a fun Halloween costume for him.

Here is a picture of his homemade Halloween costume from two years ago. He was his favorite wrestler, Ray Mysterio, complete with the mask, a jacket, a Ray shirt (you can’t see but it’s under the jacket), a pair of jeans and tennis shoes. He used one of his toy wrestling belts to complete the costume. He already owned everything so cost to me was FREE! He actually received a ton of compliments from other kids and adults on his costume. I think the authentic mask was the true gem of this costume as a friend of mine gave him the mask as a present. This was one of those expensive replicas they sell and not the cheap plastic one.

Last year he dressed as a military man. I don’t have a picture but he already owned a camouflage shirt, shorts, and hat. I have a pair of military issued combat boots that I wore when I was in the army many years ago that he was able to wear at the age of 10! Since we are trick or treating, we are not bringing any toy guns. Everyone will know what he is supposed to be anyway. Again total cost to me= FREE! These creative costumes are actually his idea as he complains about how the store bought costumes are itchy and fall apart. I have taught my little grasshopper well. This year he decided to be a Zombie with a skull mask (I bought on clearance for $1 last year) and some jeans, a sweatshirt, and shoes. I know not original but he is getting to that age that he wants to be cool. He is not trick or treating but wants to hand out candy which is fine by me. I usually end up wanting to eat most of it. I definitely don’t need any candy.

I would love to hear other creative solutions for Halloween Costumes. Happy Halloween and be safe while Trick or Treating!

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