Personalize Your Holiday Cards

The holidays are right around the corner starting with Thanksgiving and then Christmas! I already have almost all my shopping done, but I really want personalized Christmas cards this year. I found this great website where I can make my own personalized Holiday cards. They also offer foil seals, metallic gel pens, and more for a really snazzy look.

There are so many great cards to choose from, but I came across these really neat calender cards. I know many people in my family would love them. This is better to me than the standard greeting you would find inside a Holiday card. Or you could create your own photo greeting card by uploading a picture. Grandparents love those kind of greeting cards. generously donated over 180,000 holiday cards last year to our deployed troops overseas. All these cards went out in the Soliders’ Angels for Holiday care packages which is a wonderful way to show our troops how much we appreciate what they do for our country. I think everyone should become involved in this great program. ‘May no soldier go unloved’ is the Soliders’ Angels motto. So many of them are away from their loved ones which is more reason that we should do more to show our support. I applaud for giving such a generous donation to our troops. What will you do to show our soldiers some love this holiday season?


My Very First Award!

I’m so excited that I was nominated by Mommy Mia’s World for my very first one. Her blog is great and thanks so much for the nomination. It was a very pleasant surprise, and perfect timing after the whole Hurricane Gustav fiasco.

I do want to apologize to any blogs that I nominate below if you have already received this award. I’m sure most of you have, but my list is below. Please check out these great blogs.

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Bring Your Files with You!

I love having a flash drive to keep all my important documents, files, and pictures. They are so thin and light weight that you can put it in your key chain, purse, or pocket. I can download them to any computer and I won’t lose my important pictures to a hurricane. If you don’t have one, then I would highly recommend buying one. They are very inexpensive so no excuse not to get one.

Job Hunting?

After we came back from our forced vacation for Gustav, I really thought my husband might have to find a new job. I was already worried about how well my house fared from the strong winds, and then I had a job search for my husband in the back of my mind. We were very fortunate that didn’t happen, but it is a good idea to have a plan for the worst case scenario. Your life can sometimes change in the blink of an eye.

We’re Back!!!

First I have to thank everyone for their very kind words. It really meant a lot to me to see all the great comments that supported me, prayed for me, and wishes for our safety. I just can’t thank you enough and it was wonderful to read them.

We came back last Thursday and have moved in with my mom. We were told that we wouldn’t have electricity for up to 6 weeks. We got it back last night. YAY! But we won’t have cable, phone, or internet for who knows how long. BOO! I’m very grateful we at least have our house, with no serious damage, and cold A/C again. I don’t want anyone to think I’ve abandoned my readers, but it’s going to take some time until I get back to a more normal life.

I am going to start pushing them pretty hard next week to get my services back. They love to give you the run around about why they can’t come to send a technician to look at the line. At least I’m getting a credit for the weeks I haven’t had any service so that does help. I hope to get it all back by next week. I’ll be able to check in until we go back home this weekend. I just wanted to update that we are safe and sound.

Moving or Relocating?

Well after my not so great adventures after Gustav, we did give moving a lot of consideration. It’s never easy to leave your friends and family, and then you have to start over in a new and strange area. Some people would also consider it a wonderful adventure. We had several areas in mind, including, Atlanta. There are some wonderful jobs in Atlanta that we did look over online. We decided to stay put for now since the last big one was over 15 years ago.

Losing Weight

I personally think the best way to lose weight is to eat healthy and exercise. Losing weight slowly is also better than trying a crash diet since it should be more of a lifestyle change. Some people want instant gratification so they use weight loss pills. There are safe ones so I would recommend talking to a doctor first before using.