Signs of Bed Bugs in Houses

What Are the Signs of Bed Bugs in Houses?

Fires and floods get all the attention. However, there’s another issue that can be equally troubling to a home: bed bug infestation

Not only can bed bugs ruin mattresses, blankets, and pillows, but they can also cause health issues in human beings. Therefore, if they’re present in your home, you need to take quick action in eradicating them. 

Curious as to the signs of bed bugs in houses? Then read on. Here are the surest signs you need bed bug removal. 

1. You Have Red Spots on Your Body

Perhaps the surest sign that you need bed bug treatment is that you have red spots on your body. These spots are, of course, the result of bed bugs biting you. They’re often painful to the touch and are generally itchy as well. 

These spots are on the small side. In fact, in many cases, they just look like prick marks. Note, though, that they’re often located in areas close to the blood vessels.

2. There Are Rust-like Stains on Your Mattress

Another sign that you have bed bugs is that there are rust-like stains on your mattress. These stains are bed bug feces. They are a reddish-brown color and usually smear when touched. 

You might also see these stains on walls and maybe even on floors. They’re not hugely prominent but are easily visible to the naked eye. The second you notice them, you should call up a bed bug removal company, like Results Pest Control, for instance. 

3. There Are Blood Spots on your Sheets

When bed bugs bite humans, they cause blood to flow from the veins. As such, upon removing their mouths from human skin, they typically release blood onto the sheets below. 

This is why, if you find small blood spots on your sheets, you have reason to believe that bed bugs are present. Keep an eye out for other signs and take action as needed. 

4. You’ve Actually Seen Bed Bugs

The surest sign that you have bed bugs in your home is that you’ve actually seen bed bugs. Now, this seems obvious. However, you might not know what bed bugs look like. 

Bed bugs measure about a quarter inch in length. They’re light brown in color and have six legs. Their bodies are ovular in shape and contain hard shells. 

While bed bugs are easiest to see on mattresses, they can be found in other areas as well. Check your floors and walls on a regular basis, placing a particular focus on dirty and cluttered areas. 

Signs of Bed Bugs Are Subtle

When it comes down to it, signs of bed bugs are subtle. They’re not going to smack you in the face. You’re going to have to keep your eyes open and be cognizant of them. 

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