Reasons for Getting a Dog

8 Terrific Reasons for Getting a Dog

People love dogs. They enjoy their quirks, their cuteness, and their loyalty. Yet for some reason, people hesitate when it’s time to commit to bringing those adorable canines home. 

So why doesn’t everyone have a dog?

If you’ve toyed with the idea of getting a dog but have unfounded nightmares, keep reading. There’s a reason dogs are known as man’s best friends. Here are a few of the major perks of getting a dog. 

1. Mood Booster

Approximately 21 million adults had a depressive episode in 2020, and that was before the pandemic took hold and kept people at home. More than ever, we need a mood booster.

Dogs do this. They provide emotional support and constant, unconditional love. These animals give us something to love when social isolation takes hold.

Boosting your mental health is one of the top reasons to get a dog. Dogs in general are a loyal species. This means that no matter what mood you’re in, they’re in a good one, ready to love on you. 

2. Exercise Partner

Outdoor exercise is more enjoyable with a friend. Unfortunately, people have schedules, jobs, and obligations that prevent them from adhering to their schedules. It’s often difficult to find that one friend who will always work out with you. 

Welcome your canine exercise partner. Not only will dogs run with you, but they need exercise. They force you to get out and get moving. 

Furthermore, a dog will improve your mental health as well as your physical health. The presence of a dog will reduce your stress and anxiety, just by being around. When you take a moment to just be with your dog, you’ll immediately feel your stress reduce. 

Studies have even proven that petting a dog will significantly lower stress by causing a reduction in cortisol. 

3. Something Bigger Than Yourself

When you get a dog, you choose a cause that is bigger than yourself. You choose to pour your energy and time into something living. Caring for anything requires selflessness. 

For example, when you choose to get a dog from a rescue center like Boston Terrier rescue, you’re choosing to take care of a dog that someone else gave up on. You’re giving an animal a second chance. You’ll need patience, time, and understanding to care for any dog. 

Having a dog means you’re building the characteristics that will just make you a good person. You’re pouring some love into something else. 

4. Overpopulation Concerns

Over 600,000 dogs are euthanized every year in the United States. While you cannot adopt 600,000 dogs, you can adopt one. When you do this, you’re helping with the overpopulation problems. 

Furthermore, you’re adopting and giving life to an animal that otherwise would have died in the care of shelter workers. While an animal shelter is better for a dog than roaming the streets, it’s not the living home that you can provide. Thus, when you adopt a dog, you’re helping with overpopulation. 

5. Home Security

More than any other animal, dogs provide home security. Dogs have a natural protective instinct, especially with the families that care for them. No matter where you live, a dog can help keep you safe. 

Even if your dog does not go after would-be criminals, they provide the illusion of home security. Their barking will alert you when someone is on your property. Furthermore, the barking will discourage prowlers from continuing their devious plans. 

6. Helps Children Learn and Socialize

If you have only one child, a dog can help them significantly. They will learn to share and socialize. Children with a dog tend to feel less lonely, especially when they begin to view their dog as a sibling. 

An only child quickly learns to share time and resources because of a dog. Parents only have so much time, and they must give some to their pets as well as their children. The only child will quickly learn they’re not always the center of the action. 

Furthermore, a dog will teach children responsibility. They’ll have a living creature to feed, walk, and generally care for. Children will be more grounded by having a living creature that depends on them. 

7. Builds Immunity

Dogs introduce different germs and bacteria into a home. While this may sound dangerous, it helps build your immunity. Children and adults alike can fight off illnesses more easily when they have a dog in their home because they have stronger immune systems. 

Additionally, a dog will keep you and your children active. Responsible dog owners will walk their dogs at least once a day if not twice a day. This regular exercise also boosts immunity, making all members of the house stronger. 

Kids will be healthier because they’ll play with a dog, toss a ball or stick, and engage with a living creature. If you worry about having healthy kids, get a dog. The dog will force them to run and play outside, giving them responsibility as well as daily exercise. 

8. Cleaner Floors

It’s hard to imagine that a dog can help you have a cleaner house. After all, they shed, drool, and generally make messes. Dogs also love to help clean up the kitchen or dining room floor. 

When you accidentally spill or drop things on the floor, your dog will be right there to help you. You no longer need to get on your hands and knees to wipe up a mess because your dog will do the dirty work for you. 

You Are Getting a Dog

Getting a dog will only make your life better. Dogs force you to exercise, and they boost your mood. When you’ve had a horrible day at work, they’re already to lick your face and cuddle with you on the couch. 

Dogs are the most loyal creature out there, better even than some humans. So head down to a local shelter, and find your new companion today. 

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