What Is the Best Presbyopia Treatment for Me?

Presbyopia Treatment

Presbyopia is the gradual loss of the ability to see things up close. The phone book, newspaper, and the ingredients on food packaging all become more difficult to read. It’s a part of the aging process once you hit 40.  

While reading glasses are a quick fix, there are presbyopia treatment eye drops and even surgical treatment of presbyopia. Presbyopia treatment can help you get your life back!  

Here’s more information on the best presbyopia treatments for you. 

Presbyopia Treatment Can Include Eyeglasses

A trip to your eye doctor can help with presbyopia. A doctor can prescribe reading glasses or contact lenses to help you see things up close. Bifocals or multifocal lenses allow you to move from the newspaper to the computer screen without missing a beat.

There are plenty of pros and cons to these types of lenses. Many people find glasses a pain in the neck! You are constantly losing them when you put them down, and it seems like they’re always dirty.

Multifocal lenses also sacrifice a bit of distance to allow you to read things up close. It makes night vision more difficult. Contact lenses don’t offer much help for this condition.  

Topical Treatments

The FDA is just beginning to approve topical treatments for presbyopia, including presbyopia treatment eye drops. The process uses a mix of different chemicals to read things up close without the help of glasses or contact lenses.

It’s a new treatment for presbyopia. Researchers are hoping this soon becomes one of the best treatments for presbyopia. 

Eye drops will allow eye doctors to prescribe medication for your presbyopia treatment. Your vision will improve in just a few hours. Imagine ditching the reading glasses while you work, do crafts, or even read a book! 

The lenz-tx.com company is working to produce these revolutionary new topical treatments for presbyopia. They are one of the leading companies producing presbyopia treatment eye drops. This new treatment for presbyopia is very promising.  

Eye Surgery

Surgical treatment of presbyopia is an option for many people who don’t want to mess with eye drops or find reading glasses to be a problem. For some people, the best treatment for presbyopia might be surgery. 

LASIK treatment improves distance vision in one eye while ‘close’ vision in the opposite eye. Much of the process is still in clinical trials. 

You can also use corneal inlays for your non-dominant eye. Refractive lens exchange is similar to cataract surgery and can lessen the need for reading glasses. 

However, many people fear surgery and only want to use these techniques as a last resort.

Presbyopia Treatment That’s Available to You 

You don’t have to suffer from the inability to read things up close. Reading glasses, eye drops, and surgeries are all options for presbyopia treatment. The best treatment for presbyopia and a new treatment for presbyopia are at your fingertips!

Don’t let the aging process slow you down, causing you to be less productive because you can’t see. Get the treatment you need today!

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