7 Facts You Should Know About Dental Implants Stages

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If you’ve got some dental implant surgery on the horizon, you might be curious as to how this process unfolds.

Getting dental implants to replace missing or injured teeth is a common procedure. But, how does it all work? We’re going to take you through the dental implant stages.

In 6 easy steps, you can have your old tooth removed and a new one put in.

1. X-Rays

An X-ray, panoramic x-ray, or CT scan will be performed to look at the condition of your bones and gums. If there are any warning signs of complications that might crop up, they’ll see them and adjust their methods.

2. Impressions

One of the really great benefits of dental implants in this day and age is the precision with which the dental pros can replicate your mouth. They do these by using an impression tray.

They fill the trey with a soft liquid that you then bite down upon, creating an impression that they can send to a lab for processing. This gives them a good replica to use in creating your implant. The whole process takes only a few minutes, then you’ll be ready to prep your mouth for the surgery.

3. Removing Injured Teeth

If your injured tooth is still in your mouth, it’ll have to be removed. This process can be done in the same dental visit as the next step. It doesn’t take long, but if your tooth is fragmented, the process is a much more delicate one.

First, you’ll be given some anesthesia so you don’t feel the pain. You’ll likely just feel a bit of tugging while your dentist removes the tooth.

4. Implant

Once the injured tooth is gone, the dentist will start the implant procedure by drilling a hole into your jawbone. Sometimes, they need to create an incision in the gums to get to the bone, which then requires stitches afterward. 

The implant is inserted into your jawbone, serving as the root of the new tooth. The process takes a couple of hours and you can go about your normal routine, but likely on a soft food diet for a few days.

5. Abutment Placement

While your jawbone heals, it will fuse with the implant. The length of time this takes differs for everyone, but you can expect it to take up to a couple of months. Once your dentist has determined that it’s stable, an abutment will be placed to connect the implant with the new tooth.

You’ll get anesthesia for this as well, so you won’t feel the tightening of the abutment. Now, you’re ready for the crown.

6. Crown

The final stage is getting your permanent crown placed on the abutment. Once you’re done this, the procedure is over and you’ll have a shiny new tooth.

Knowing the Dental Implant Stages Helps

We think learning about the dental implant stages can really help combat the anxiety of getting this major procedure done. All-in-all, it takes up to a few months to complete the entire thing, but it’s not overly strenuous, so you’ve got nothing to worry about.

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