5 Pest Prevention Tips That Pest Control Companies Recommend

Mouse Inside a Property

It’s no secret — moms are busy people. And the last thing we need to deal with is a pest infestation. 

Fortunately, there are preventative measures you can take to keep bugs and rodents out of your home. These five come straight from the pest control companies whose job it is to get rid of these creatures. 

Here are five surefire pest control methods to protect your home — straight from an exterminator

1. Store Food Wisely

Start by taking a good look at your pantry. How secure is your food storage? 

Pests typically come into your home looking for food. If you have open bags and boxes in your kitchen, they’ll know just where to go. 

So, opt for as many foods in cans and jars as possible. Transfer bagged and boxed goods into airtight containers. This step will help you organize your pantry, too, and we could all use help with that. 

Keep as much food as possible in the fridge, too. Pests won’t go inside such a cold space, so you can preserve and protect your pantry by refrigerating it. 

2. Search For Standing Water

Your home might have a leaking pipe or appliance. Outside, a weak drainage system keeps your lawn moist. You may even over-water your plants, leaving a tray full of water beneath each pot. 

No matter where it is, standing water will attract pests to your home. So, inspect under sinks and appliances, and walk the yard in search of soggy spots. 

Once you dry up these sources of water, insects won’t be as attracted to your abode. 

3. Fill the Cracks

A mouse can slip through a hole the size of a pencil to get into your house. 

With that in mind, inspect your home for cracks through which a mouse or insect could pass. You could repair them yourself or hire someone if they’re extensive. 

Be sure to check around pipes and vents that lead outside, too. A crack or gap in the seal could also be enough of an entryway for pests.

4. Keep the Kitchen Clean 

Let’s focus back on the kitchen, which is a big draw for pests. 

Once you have the pantry organized and all food sealed, keep the entire space the same way. Be sure to wipe down counters and tables and sweep floors after meals. Even a single crumb can be enough to attract a pest. 

On top of that, wash dishes or put them into the dishwasher immediately after using them. And take the trash out as soon as it’s full to avoid a pest infestation.

5. Tame Landscaping

Finally, do another lap around the exterior of your home. Take a close look at the plants and trees that surround your property. Do any of them have branches, limbs or leaves that touch your home? 

If so, trim them back so that there’s no contact between your greens and the facade. This natural pathway makes it much easier for bugs to find their way inside. 

Learn From Pest Control Companies

These five tips come directly from pest control companies that know what they’re doing. If you want to keep bugs and rodents away, start here. And, if you need help, you know who to call — the exterminators who suggested these first steps.

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