Being Proud and Loud About Your Post Baby Body

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The average woman will gain up to 35 lbs during pregnancy. Which is why its only natural that your post baby body will look different than your pre-baby body.

This doesn’t mean you can’t learn to love everything that comes with your new mommy body. Here are some of our best tips for being proud of your new physique. 

Give Your Post Baby Body Time

You’ve spent 9 (well, more like 10) months leasing your body out to it’s new “tenant” and now you’re ready to get your body back. However, it may surprise you to find that the day after delivering your baby, you still look at least 7 months pregnant.

First, give yourself some time. Even after giving birth it will still take your uterus weeks to return to its original size, and your body will gradually be releasing water during this time. Have patience

Throw Away the Scale

You may be anxious to get to your “pre-baby weight”, which is a great goal. However, the scale isn’t the greatest way to measure this goal. As we stated, in the beginning, you’ll be retaining lots of water that will be showing up on the scale as well.

Once you are clear to work out, muscle may also play a role in what looks like weight gain or stalled weight loss. To save your sanity, throw away the scale. Instead, take photos and measurements of your body every 1-2 weeks to better track your progress.

Show Your Body Some Gratitude

The best way to gain some new perspective on your post-baby body is by showing it some gratitude. Whether you went through a c-section or vaginal birth, your body has undergone a major feat.

In many countries, women still have a slim likelihood of surviving pregnancy let alone childbirth. Look at your little miracle and show your body some gratitude for getting you through one of the harshest known physical demands.

Ease Back into a Healthy Routine

Sometimes feeling like yourself again can be as simple as taking care of yourself. Once your doctor gives you the go-ahead, start off with a morning walk and ease into workouts.

If you are breastfeeding, it’s not recommended to cut your calories too dramatically as your baby still needs the nutrients. Instead, try to reduce the amount of processed food and your diet and stick to natural and organic choices instead.

Step Away from Social Media

Social media, gossip magazines, and celebrity news are the fastest ways to throw your self-esteem into the trash. It’s hard enough not to compare yourself to other women without being flooded with images of “snap back” moms.

While it’s lovely that a known supermodel was back on the runway weeks after childbirth, it’s important to remember these celebrities also have teams of nutritionist, trainers, and nannies to help them get back in shape in records time. Also, no two bodies are the same so try to avoid the comparison.

Get a Mommy Makeover

Sometimes additional factors, like diastasis recti, can make it virtually impossible to get your body back without some additional help. If you are having difficulty feeling good about your mom-bod, it may be time to turn to the professionals.

A mommy makeover includes plastic surgery methods that focus on the more problematic areas of the “mom bod” such as the breasts and extra stomach skin.

Adjusting to Mommy Life

Learning to love your post baby body is just one of the many ways to adjust and enjoy your new life as a mom. While juggling it all may seem like a handful, the sweet moments with your little one will make it all worthwhile.

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