All that Glitters IS Gold! How to Take Your Jewelry Business to the Next Level


You’ve had a small taste of success with your jewelry. But why stop there? You’ve got the goods, but now it’s time to fully realize your potential for industry-wide success.

Take action now with these insider tips for taking your jewelry business to the next level! 

Optimize Your Jewelry Business on Etsy

Many first-time jewelry designers get their start on Etsy. It’s an ideal platform for connecting designers with consumers looking for quality handmade goods.

Etsy has exploded in popularity since its conception. Now, there are tools available to expand your Etsy business and visibility.

If you’ve already done well on Etsy, you may want to consider upgrading to a ‘plus’ account to access additional selling features like ad credits, extra promoted listings and your own custom domain name.  

Ramp Up Your Social Media

It’s nearly impossible to get your brand noticed without the help of social media. Fortunately, it’s one of the most accessible and cost-effective marketing solutions for small businesses.

You don’t need accounts with every social media network. At the very least, create an Instagram, Pinterest, and Facebook account for your jewelry business. Aside from web traffic, these platforms are the most accommodating to businesses that rely heavily on visual marketing. 

Need an example? Take a look at how this website is leveraging social media to promote their Diego Percossi Papi collection. 

Invest in Video Marketing for Your Jewelry Business

As a creative entrepreneur, you need a vault of visual content by your side. Content diversification is key. Compelling photos are fantastic, but don’t forget to leverage the power of video.

More than 85% of all U.S. internet users watch videos online. Now, you just need them to start watching your’s! Pepper in short 30-second videos among your creative Instagram posts to better engage your audience. 

Partner With a Social Media Influencer 

Remember when celebrities replaced models on the covers of fashion magazines? Before long, the face of Chanel went from Kate Moss to Nicole Kidman. Now, Oscar-winning stars are increasingly losing the limelight to social media influencers.

Many influencers were completely unknown before they hit it big on Instagram. However, their power over consumers is undeniable. In fact, teens today trust influencers over Hollywood celebrities by 70%!

This is great news for up-in-coming jewelry designers. Not only are influencers more accessible to small businesses, they’re more cost effective too. It’s like leveraging the star power of Nicole Kidman, but without the Nicole Kidman price tag.

How To Approach Influencers

You’ve found your solution, now you need the right influencers for your brand. Not every influencer is the right fit, though. Research carefully and generate a list of several influencers that align with your style, brand message, and target audience. 

Next, connect with your chosen influencers on social media. Show their posts some love before seguing into business talk. Once you’ve made a connection, ask them to be a brand ambassador for your company and send them your best pieces to wear. 

Professionalism is so important. The last thing you want is to get embroiled in another social media giveaway scam. Make sure to establish an ambassador program that both influencers and consumers can trust. 

Shoot for the Stars!

Don’t settle for just a few sales here and there. This is your opportunity to take your jewelry business worldwide.

Keep these tips in your marketing toolbox as you grow your business. And stay in the loop with the latest tips for creative entrepreneurs like you!

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