5 Pro Tips for Creating a Luxury Bathroom on a Shoestring Budget

luxury bathroom

A new bathroom renovation potentially costs anywhere from $9,600-11,000

If that sounds out of your price range, you’re not alone! Thankfully, you can still have a luxury bathroom without spending thousands of dollars.

Here are a few tips to upscale your bathroom without gutting your bathroom (and budget!). 

5 Tips For A Luxury Bathroom

Ready to get started planning your luxury bathroom for less? Check out these five tips.

1. Pick Up A Paintbrush

A new coat of paint on the wall or furniture can completely change the look and feel of any room, even the bathroom. 

For a bathroom, try choosing a calming color such as white for a classic traditional look, gray, or a more neutral color. Paint your vanity if you cannot buy a new one or other furniture to match. Small changes like painting make a big difference with costing a ton. 

If you don’t like paint, wallpaper can accomplish the same feel. Wallpaper on one wall can create a stunning focal point. 

2. Create A Spa-Like Atmosphere

Most high-end bathrooms focus on producing a spa-like environment. Elements like spa showers, soaking tubs surrounded by candles add a certain ambiance. 

This look can be achieved with a few small touches. For example, replacing a showerhead for a more high-end shower, adding plants or greenery, or adding a few pieces of art that complement your theme. Find spaces for all the clutter to encourage relaxation.

With a few bathroom supplies, your bathroom can feel like an oasis in no time. 

3. Add Tiles

Tiles can be added to nearly any surface, large or small, and make your bathroom pop. 

Get creative with your tile! Choose a place where you think tile would stand out, possibly on one wall, on the floor, or shower. Tile is a bit more work than painting, but tile brings a more refined look to your bathroom.

You can take some artistic risks here! For example, instead of using a plain white grout, opt for a different color Or choose a variety of tiles to make the tile a one-of-a-kind display. 

Tile is one of the more pricier options, so have a budget and space in mind before shopping, or save on labor and do the work on your own. 

4. Replace Hardware

Knobs and drawer handle often get overlooked when people consider renovating. But these are one of the easiest and cost-effective options. 

If your vanity has outdated hardware, consider upgrading it. Go with a bold chrome color (which is least expensive!) or a trendy brass. Or search vintage shops for something completely different. 

Whatever you choose, make sure it fits with the overall theme of your bathroom. You’ll be surprised how these small pieces make a significant impact!

5. Upgrade Your Shower Curtain

An old or outdated shower curtain can bring down the vibes of a bathroom. A simple trip to the store can remedy this problem without spending a lot of money. Keep in mind the look and feel you’re going for while shopping. 

Ready to Update Your Bathroom?

A fancy bathroom doesn’t have to cost a lot! Bringing in little changes goes a long way in developing a luxury bathroom at a fraction of the cost.

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