Start the Day Right: 5 Tips for Great Coffee on a Budget

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Do you yearn for the day where you take a sip of coffee at home and it’s just as good as your favorite coffee shop?

With a few tips, tools, and some practice, that day doesn’t have to be in the far-off future.

The art of great coffee isn’t hard to replicate at home, though baristas would like us to think it is impossible.

However, the simple fact of the matter is that everytime you get your latte fix, you are spending $5 that you don’t need to spend.

If you go to a coffee shop even three times a week at $5 a pop, that adds up to over $700 a year. 

Therefore, one of the best ways to save money is to brew your own coffee. Read on to learn five tips for creating the most amazing yet frugal coffee you can enjoy in your own kitchen.

Five Tips for Great Coffee on a Budget

Though making the decision to brew coffee at home is a smart choice to make, you still have a bit of learning to do before you can jump off the deep end.

But, you will be impressing your friends in no time with how much you know about these energy-inducing beans. 

Here are five ways you can become your very own barista and coffee connoisseur with a little effort. 

1. Invest in Quality, Whole Bean Coffee

The most important part of a great cup of coffee is the bean that you use. You cannot expect to buy the cheapest raw ingredients possible and still make the amazing end product.

Therefore, venture into your local grocery store and check out different styles and beans. 

Consider what you like in terms of the roast, and the location it was grown, as coffee can actually vary in flavor based on the elevation and the nutrients in the soil.

Moreover, whole bean coffee is a must. Once the coffee is ground, it loses some of its aromatic properties very quickly, so grinding it yourself fresh every few days is the best option.

2. Ditch the Pod Coffee

While the little single-use coffee pods are convenient, they cost on average twice as much as regular coffee. 

The quality of coffee is also significantly lower, as the style of brewing used isn’t good for ensuring a balanced and bold product.

3. Don’t Reuse Grounds

Never ever ever should you reuse coffee grounds. Though this can seem like an easy way to save money, you end up with a crappier cup because coffee is only meant to be brewed once. 

4. Experiment with Different Brewing Methods

Different brewing methods can result in the same variety of coffee taste different, as these can each bring out different properties in the coffee.

Pricewise, the classic French Press can be a great choice as it tends to provide a bold taste. However, it can be worth the investment to go for one of the Best Grind and Brew Coffee Makers as well. 

5. Store Coffee Properly

Without the proper storage, you can end up with a weak and stale coffee. Therefore, make sure to store your grounds and beans in an airtight container at room- temperature.

Save Money Without Sacrificing Quality

Choosing to live more frugally does not have to negatively impact your quality of life. There is always a happy medium between constantly splurging and depriving yourself. 

Therefore, try to implement a few of these tips into your life and kitchen to make great coffee at home, and ditch the daily latte habit. Then, once and a while, when you do treat yourself it will be that much better.

For more ways to step-up your coffee routine, check out our post on the tastiest coffee flavors to add to your cup of joe. 

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