Decor On a Dime: A Guide To Tasteful Living Room Decor On a Budget

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With the average cost of introducing the basic furnishings into your home now topping the $4,500 mark, creating a unique decor is hard on a budget. Those extra flourishes of small end tables, shelving, and centerpieces are what makes a house a home. If you’re looking for creative living room decor, thankfully there are plenty of low budget options.

With a cheap can of paint, some masking tape, resin, or polyurethane, you can make thrift store or street corner finds shine. While trends come and go, homemade decor has always been the hallmark of a comfortable home. You can even follow some of the newest design trends of reclaimed wood and industrial materials.

If you’re looking for an update to your home but don’t know where to start, try these 11 ideas for a living room decor that reflects your personality on a budget.

1. A Wall Mounted Shelving Unit

Old wine crates or reclaimed wood slabs are perfect for creating a unique wall-mounted shelving unit. Combined with some strong brackets and anchored into place, you could build a bookshelf into your wall.

If your wall doesn’t have the fortitude to hold up your library of modern art books, reserve it for your collection of snowglobes or international tchotchkes. If you know of an old school, church, or other beautiful structure that’s being demolished, look for contact information or people working on the site. Ask if you can get ahold of some of the wood they’re discarding for a home project.

You could walk away with beautiful shelving material.

2. Twine and Clay Planters

If you or someone you know loves to create things out of clay, wrap a net of twine around an oddly shaped piece to create a planter. These are great for small succulents or cacti.

This allows you to save floor or table space while also brightening up your home with some living things. Easier to take care of than a cat, with less of a mess, some well-placed plants can make your home feel welcoming and comforting.

3. A Mix And Match Lamp

You might have never realized, but you’re not married to just any shade your lamp comes with. If you find an amazing lamp base, the wrong shade could make it less than cool.

Take a plain white lampshade and collage on the outside of the material. Dip magazine or newspaper cutouts in polyurethane to stick to the outside. You’ll create something totally unique for your living room decor while getting your shade just that right tone of warmth.

4. A Recovered Stool

If you find a sturdy looking stool in that just isn’t the right color, never fear. Take some paint thinner to it and make it new again.

Otherwise, you can paint over the old color. Let the ugly color be a good base coat for you to add the perfect kind of tone that fits your overall living room decor. That stool can be whatever you want it to be, so long as you’ve got a great can of paint.

You could even repeat the method for decorating the lampshade from above. Dip cutouts of your favorite rock superstar of the 70s or sports legend of the 2000s and paper the stool with their likeness. This can be a great gift for a close friend or angsty teen in your life.

Affordable, high-quality furniture can bring a lot of character to your home.

5. Wine Crate Display Shelves

You can create gorgeous displays, bookshelves, or dioramas with discarded wine crates. They’ll add a rustic look to your home for next to nothing.

If they’re decades old, that lets you know that they’re going to last awhile. If they could survive the last 30 years, they can certainly survive the next 30.

6. Carpets

If you’ve found the perfect place with beautiful hardwood floors, you’ve lucked out. Hardwood floors stay beautiful and make a house feel inviting. To protect your floors, you should get some carpeting.

You might also find that carpets can help your flooring feel a little more comfortable in the winter. Old oriental rugs or remnants can tie a room together and provide some practical comfort.

If you’re in the market for a new rug, check out these bohemian styles for something that fits your vibe.

7. Watercolor Curtains

One interesting observation that cultural critics have made is that millennials tend to not own curtains. Whether this odd and specific stereotype is true or not, one of the things that might not fit in your budget is a set of beautiful curtains.

One way to fix this situation is to make your own curtains. Buy or sew some simple white curtains and get a tye dye kit. You can make them tie-dye or you can just add some cool gradients to make them pop.

Unique curtains will change the way your home is lit and could bring an added warmth to any room as well as your living room.

7. Footlocker or Chest Table

If you come across a great looking chest or footlocker, think about other ways you could use it. Even if you don’t have the need for storage, adding a few coats of shellac will turn that locker into a great coffee table.

You’ll add a cool vintage vibe while also having someplace to stash your extra books, board games, or video game controllers when you’re not using them.

Great Living Room Decor is Within Reach

Creating unique living room decor doesn’t have to cost you a lot of money. Things that your friends or loved ones might be discarding or cheap items at your local donation shop could be all that you need. Unlock the warmth and uniqueness of your home with some furniture and decor items that speak to your identity.

If you’re ready to take on a new DIY project, contact us for more ideas on where to begin.

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