Best Remedies for Morning Back Pain

morning back pain

Are you looking for a remedy to your morning back pain that will actually work?

It can be tough running around from place to place as a mom. Morning back pain on top of all this busyness can feel unmanageable, especially if taking some Aleve just isn’t working.

As a mom, your health is your top priority.

Luckily, there are a list of remedies you can work through to eliminate that pain in the morning and go about your busy day with a spring in your step.

Read on to learn more about the best remedies for back pain, morning and night.

1. Perform Morning Stretches

One of the best things you can do to target morning back pain is to do stretches in bed, before you even get up. Dedicating five or ten minutes to these stretches can go a long way toward easing your muscles and reducing inflammation.

Perform gentle spinal twists that involve lifting your knees above your hips and dropping both legs over to one side. These will lubricate your spine and release your lower back.

You can also gently bring one knee into your chest at a time and hold for thirty seconds. Gently massage your back muscles and take a few child’s poses on your carpet.

Make sure you integrate back-appropriate stretches such as gentle spinal twists throughout your day. If you spend most of the day sitting, make sure you get up and stretch every twenty minutes.

2. Exercise

This may seem counterintuitive, but keeping your body moving is an essential remedy for easing muscle and inflammatory pain. Make sure you modify your exercise routine to prevent damage to your back.

Some back-conscious workouts include rigorous walking, low-impact bicycling, and Pilates. Seek out a restorative and/or therapeutic yoga session if possible, or join a women’s health center.

If your day is too full for a workout, try to eliminate time spent sitting. Get up and walk around a room every half an hour. Do a few push-ups for one minute. Jump rope on your lunch break. You get the idea!

3. Seek Out a Chiropractor

Seeking specialist services may be a good solution if you have consistent morning back pain. A back specialist or a chiropractor can help you identify what may be causing longterm pain.

Learn more about chiropractic solutions most practitioners offer and what they can do to take charge of that morning back pain.

4. Rely on Herbal Supplements

Rely on anti-inflammatory medication or muscle relaxers if you need to, but if these aren’t working turn to herbal supplements. Sometimes back pain can come about because of Vitamin D, magnesium, potassium, or water deficiency.

Stock up on Vitamin D, eat a bunch of bananas for potassium, and take magnesium to relax your muscles and even help with sleep. The spice turmeric is also a great joint and muscle soother.

5. Try a Different Sleeping Posture

Morning back pain often has to do with how we were sleeping the night before. If you do see a specialist, ask about the ideal sleeping posture for minimizing back pain.

People who sleep on their sides or stomachs may experience back pain. Try consciously going to bed with a new posture and see if this makes a difference in your morning experience.

Also, keep your bed rest time on the lower end. You may be tempted to just crawl into bed if the pain gets overwhelming–but this could be hurting rather than helping you.

6. Change Up Your Pillow Game

Back pain can emerge from an unhappy spine, and we tend to forget that our necks are an important part of our spines. Sleeping with the wrong pillow can cause neck pain that can manifest as back pain.

Experiment with different pillow heights and densities. It may be time for a new pillow if yours is running on the lighter, looser end. Or maybe that thick Tempurpedic pillow isn’t ideal for your spine.

Change up your pillow game to address persistent morning back pain, or consult a specialist.

7. Keep Good Posture

The best way to support your spine during the day in the middle of back pain is to retain good posture. Whenever you find yourself sitting, make sure you have proper alignment.

Keep both feet on the floor if you are at a desk. Keep your crown lifted and be wary of shoulders slumping. Slouching can exacerbate back pain and lead to chronic spine issues.

Also, watch your posture when you are walking around.

8. Drink Water

It’s critical to drink at least eight glasses of water a day. A healthy water intake lubricates joints, improves skin cells, and helps with energy. It can also target vitamin inefficiencies and assist with inflammation.

Drink extra water on days with morning back pain. If you find it tough to consume a lot of water, try sparkling water or decaffeinated teas.

9. Pay Attention to Your Core

A great way to target muscle pain is to strengthen the muscles around the hurting area. To prevent future back pain, target your core in your exercises. A strong core means a strong lower back.

Basic core strengthening exercises you can do involve plank pose and its many variations, push-ups, certain variations on crunches, and ab-building poses.

10. Breathe Deeply

This may seem like a given, but deep breathing can lower blood pressure and help manage pain. Practice deep breathing from your abdomen during your morning stretches.

But you can also practice it as a form of meditation. Sit with good posture and support your back with cushions or pillows. Place a hand on your diaphragm and imagine breathing into your back pain.

This can encourage blood flow to your hurting muscles and reduce stress in your body.

Remedies for Morning Back Pain

Back pain in the morning can feel like the worst way to start your day. Luckily, you don’t have to begin every day with intense pain. There are solutions to early back pain that really do work.

Begin your day with appropriate stretches to encourage flexibility and motion. Make sure you keep your day active and supplement your diet with pain-reducing vitamins and minerals. Drink lots of water, breathe deeply, and consult a specialist for longterm solutions.

Have experience managing your back pain? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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