Can You Find an Energy Vampire in Your Home? Here’s 5

energy vampireIf you knew there was a vampire in your home, would you want it removed?

Well, you might have one. Seriously.

They’re called energy vampires, and they’re real. But what are they?

An energy vampire is a device or appliance that sucks away at your electricity–even when it’s off or you’re not using it. Here’s five to keep track of to help save some money.

1. Chargers

Nowadays, we all need chargers. Maybe not absolutely everybody, but close to it: it’s estimated that over six billion people will have a smartphone within a few years.

Chargers are some of the biggest energy vampires. Your phone might be charged, but it’s still plugged in.

That’s the perfect time for a vampire to strike, and it will continue sucking out the electricity of your walls even though you’re not using it.

2. Kitchen Appliances

Our kitchens have changed a lot over the last few centuries.

Nowadays, it’s normal for a kitchen to have a wide range of things, from coffee makers to toasters to blenders and everything else.

Well, those devices are all great, especially around breakfast. But sadly, when you leave them plugged in when you’re not using them, they keep sucking. Unplug to save some cash!

3. Single Unit Air Conditioning/Heaters

Having control of your temperature is a luxury, especially in the summer and winter. But it can pricey–seriously, without folks like Reviewloft, it might be impossible to find machines that don’t drive up prices.

When it heats up or cools down during those seasons, you start to push those little machines to their limits.

If you blast your AC during the summer or heating during the winter, you’ll soon find out that your electricity bill notices.

They’re vampires for sure. Make sure to turn them down when you’re not at home!

4. Your Television

Ah, the T.V. For decades now, we’ve been entertained by our televisions. They’re good to us–usually.

In this case, not so much. Even though we watch a lot of TV, we still spend much of our day with the TV turned off. You would assume that our TV’s give us the favor of not draining our electricity bill then, right?

Well, your assumption is wrong. TV’s are some of the worst culprits. They sift away your energy and add to your electricity bill. Unplug when possible.

5. Computers in Sleep Mode

Computers are the new TV’s: everyone has one. People seem to be using their computers all the time, but truthfully, they’re not.

If you leave your computer in a sleep mode when you’re not using it, be warned. That’s some of the worst electricity-sucking that happens with our appliances.

It’s better to simply shut it off all the way. Maybe even go get some budget-friendly exercise. Your wallet will thank you.

Get Rid of the Vampire

Make sure that you unplug these appliances from your walls when you’re not using them. That way, you’ll end up saving some cash when the next electricity bill comes around.

There’s no need for garlic to get rid of these vampires. They’re not scary, but expensive. It’s time for them to stop haunting your home.

For more money-saving tricks, read up on the latest tips from those who know best.

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