Holiday DIY For All Ages!

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With summer fading out and the fall just around the corner, this is a great time to start doing a little bit of fall crafts!! This one is our family favorite! On the plus side, you get to eat this craft after your done! Below you will find the materials and directions!

*Small Oranges
*Green Pipe Cleaners
*Googly Eyes
*Black Foam Pieces (optional use: sharpies)

1. Wash your orange and make sure it is free of oils and dirty.
2. Curl a small piece of pipe cleaner around a pencil or finger and place in top of orange.
3. Add googly eyes
4. Add a nose and a mouth
5. Sit back and admire your newly created pumpkin!

Our family loves to make these and use them as decoration or adding them to lunch boxes for a spooky treat! Either way you use these, you can’t go wrong! If you like this and want to try out some of our other DIY’s, then hop on over here and check them out!

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