DIY Monster Rocks!

moon-rock-craft copy
Do you love finding new easy and quick DIY’s for your kids? This one is a favorite around our house on the weekends or rainy days! Be creative and use your imagination! Below you will find the materials needed and the directions! Remember to have fun!

*Smooth Rocks (you can get these at craft store or around your house)
*Acrylic Paint (you can use any colors you want)
*Googly Eyes

1. Wipe down the rocks if they are dirty.
2. Paint the rocks.
3. Once paint has dried then glue on the googly eyes!
4. Add any extra decorations or touches and your done!

What did you think about this fun DIY! Let us know in the comments! We would love to hear from you! For more DIY and crafts click here! Remember to have fun!

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