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10 Kitchen Gadgets You Can Buy For Under $100

kitchen gadgets

At Thrifty Momma Ramblings, we believe the kitchen is the heart of the home. And the perfect place to whip up some great tasting homemade dishes!

But as any master home chef knows, before you prepare the ingredients, you need the right kitchen gadgets.

You might think most kitchen gadgets are expensive, but they don’t have to cost a fortune.

Here are 10 affordable kitchen gadgets to make meal preparation easier that you can buy for under $100.

Great Kitchen Gadgets For Under $100

1. The Ultimate Kitchenaid Mixers

Whether you’re baking cookies, preparing meatloaf or making a protein-packed smoothie, a good mixer is a must.

Kitchenaid mixer models, the creme de la creme of mixers, come in a wide variety of speeds, styles and price ranges, depending on the features you want. You can find a selection of Kitchenaide standing mixers starting at around $70.

2. We All Scream for Ice Cream

Why pay $6 and up for a pint of ice cream when you can make your very own ice cream delicacies at home!

Why not turn your kitchen into an ice cream parlor?

You’ll enjoy homemade ice cream and impress your guests with delicious tasting sundaes, parfaits, and ice cream cones.

Scoop them up in less than 30 minutes. Buy one for your family. It also makes a great gift. Cuisinart Ice cream maker, $53.50

3. A Cool Kitchen Gadget: Rapid Beverage Chiller

Never wait hours for a warm beverage to chill again!

This state-of-the-art beverage chiller kitchen gadget chills beverages in a minute and a full bottle of wine in just six minutes.

It’s a cool addition to the kitchen and makes a great gift. Cooper Cooler Rapid Beverage Chiller, $78.90.

4. A Fondue Set Dripping with Cheesy Goodness

You won’t have to go to a French restaurant for fondue.

You can make it at home. Plan a fondue party for the ideal social event. Buy your favorite baked bread or make your own.

Whether you’re making meat, chocolate or cheese fondue, this kitchen gadget is sure to be a hit for any home chef. Swissmar Arosa 11 Piece Stainless Fondue Set, $89.95

5. Fast and Furious Cordless Electric Kettle

A drip coffee maker can take a long time to brew hot beverages.

Have you ever stared at the coffee pot waiting for it to finish your morning cup of coffee? I sure have!

And with the average coffee drinker pouring three cups a day, that’s too long to wait.

An easy fix is to use an electric kettle. An electric kettle is fast because it boils water quickly.

This means you won’t have to wait for a cup of tea or coffee for your first or your last cup of java of the day. It’s also convenient for dinner parties when you want to serve a hot beverage to accompany dessert.

Another benefit of an electric kettle is that it is simple to use and easy to clean.Hario Electric Buono Kettle, $67.50.

6. Cut Carbs: Spiral Vegetable Slicer

In the mood for some carb-cutting veggies? A spiral vegetable slicer is a smart kitchen gadget for vegetarians and vegans.

Or it’s good for anyone in the mood for a healthy dish that looks like a culinary work of art. Your veggies will look like noodles without the calories. Add your favorite sauces and fixings.

This kitchen gadget even makes curly fries. A nice alternative to plain old baked potatoes. Paderno World Cuisine Tri-Blade Plastic Spiral Vegetable Slicer, $35.95.

7. The Taste of Italy at home: Homemade Pasta Machine

Why eat pasta from a box when you can make it from scratch. A great date night idea or family activity. First, prepare the dough for all your pasta.

One person cranks the machine while the other feeds the dough into the pasta maker. A fun night for all. Imperia Pasta Machine, $79.95.

8. Smart Cooking Gadget: A Bluetooth meat thermometer

This kitchen gadget integrates with your smartphone. Sync it with your iPhone or Android and this kitchen gadget will alert you when your meat is the perfect “medium rare or well done.”

You’ll enjoy the consistent, even flavor that a meat thermometer offers with the unparalleled grilled taste.

The iGrill BlueTooth thermometer featuring four probes is priced at $94.84. iGrill offers a one- probe iGrill for $38.00

No matter which iGrill you choose, you won’t have to freeze in the outdoors during the cold months waiting for a sizzling steak or your favorite grilled foods. This is a gadget for all seasons. iGrill $38 or $94.84.

9. Non-stick Skillet with 5 Built-In Compartments

Your eggs won’t run into your home fries or bacon when you use this skillet. The MasterPan skillet contains five individual sections to cook up multiple food items.

This avoids cross-contamination and mixing up flavors into different food items. Although the skillet is large in size, it produces even heating and also warms food fairly quickly.

Other pluses with this kitchen gadget are it’s non-stick and stain-resistant as well as safe to use in the oven or dishwasher and makes for easy cleanup. Master Pan Non-Stick Skillet, $48.96

10. Become a Barista: The Milk Frother

You won’t have to go to Starbucks for that iced latte anymore because you can make it in your own kitchen!

This handy kitchen gadget froths milk in less than 20 seconds.

Ikea’s milk frother can be used with cold or hot milk to make a wider variety of beverages.

Soon you’ll be known as the barista among your family and friends. And no one will know your milk frothing secret. This gadget costs less than $3. Ikea Milk Frother, $2.79.

The Takeaway on Affordable Kitchen Gadgets

Now you know about 10 helpful kitchen tools that make preparing meals easier for every budget. As you can see, owning great kitchen gadgets doesn’t have to break the bank.

For other good tips, visit our blog packed with fun, educational articles, product reviews, freebies and more.

Our blog offers our readers great tips and advice to help you stretch your dollar. You’ll also get access to free stuff and learn about ways to make extra money.

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Decor On a Dime: A Guide To Tasteful Living Room Decor On a Budget

living room decor

With the average cost of introducing the basic furnishings into your home now topping the $4,500 mark, creating a unique decor is hard on a budget. Those extra flourishes of small end tables, shelving, and centerpieces are what makes a house a home. If you’re looking for creative living room decor, thankfully there are plenty of low budget options.

With a cheap can of paint, some masking tape, resin, or polyurethane, you can make thrift store or street corner finds shine. While trends come and go, homemade decor has always been the hallmark of a comfortable home. You can even follow some of the newest design trends of reclaimed wood and industrial materials.

If you’re looking for an update to your home but don’t know where to start, try these 11 ideas for a living room decor that reflects your personality on a budget.

1. A Wall Mounted Shelving Unit

Old wine crates or reclaimed wood slabs are perfect for creating a unique wall-mounted shelving unit. Combined with some strong brackets and anchored into place, you could build a bookshelf into your wall.

If your wall doesn’t have the fortitude to hold up your library of modern art books, reserve it for your collection of snowglobes or international tchotchkes. If you know of an old school, church, or other beautiful structure that’s being demolished, look for contact information or people working on the site. Ask if you can get ahold of some of the wood they’re discarding for a home project.

You could walk away with beautiful shelving material.

2. Twine and Clay Planters

If you or someone you know loves to create things out of clay, wrap a net of twine around an oddly shaped piece to create a planter. These are great for small succulents or cacti.

This allows you to save floor or table space while also brightening up your home with some living things. Easier to take care of than a cat, with less of a mess, some well-placed plants can make your home feel welcoming and comforting.

3. A Mix And Match Lamp

You might have never realized, but you’re not married to just any shade your lamp comes with. If you find an amazing lamp base, the wrong shade could make it less than cool.

Take a plain white lampshade and collage on the outside of the material. Dip magazine or newspaper cutouts in polyurethane to stick to the outside. You’ll create something totally unique for your living room decor while getting your shade just that right tone of warmth.

4. A Recovered Stool

If you find a sturdy looking stool in that just isn’t the right color, never fear. Take some paint thinner to it and make it new again.

Otherwise, you can paint over the old color. Let the ugly color be a good base coat for you to add the perfect kind of tone that fits your overall living room decor. That stool can be whatever you want it to be, so long as you’ve got a great can of paint.

You could even repeat the method for decorating the lampshade from above. Dip cutouts of your favorite rock superstar of the 70s or sports legend of the 2000s and paper the stool with their likeness. This can be a great gift for a close friend or angsty teen in your life.

Affordable, high-quality furniture can bring a lot of character to your home.

5. Wine Crate Display Shelves

You can create gorgeous displays, bookshelves, or dioramas with discarded wine crates. They’ll add a rustic look to your home for next to nothing.

If they’re decades old, that lets you know that they’re going to last awhile. If they could survive the last 30 years, they can certainly survive the next 30.

6. Carpets

If you’ve found the perfect place with beautiful hardwood floors, you’ve lucked out. Hardwood floors stay beautiful and make a house feel inviting. To protect your floors, you should get some carpeting.

You might also find that carpets can help your flooring feel a little more comfortable in the winter. Old oriental rugs or remnants can tie a room together and provide some practical comfort.

If you’re in the market for a new rug, check out these bohemian styles for something that fits your vibe.

7. Watercolor Curtains

One interesting observation that cultural critics have made is that millennials tend to not own curtains. Whether this odd and specific stereotype is true or not, one of the things that might not fit in your budget is a set of beautiful curtains.

One way to fix this situation is to make your own curtains. Buy or sew some simple white curtains and get a tye dye kit. You can make them tie-dye or you can just add some cool gradients to make them pop.

Unique curtains will change the way your home is lit and could bring an added warmth to any room as well as your living room.

7. Footlocker or Chest Table

If you come across a great looking chest or footlocker, think about other ways you could use it. Even if you don’t have the need for storage, adding a few coats of shellac will turn that locker into a great coffee table.

You’ll add a cool vintage vibe while also having someplace to stash your extra books, board games, or video game controllers when you’re not using them.

Great Living Room Decor is Within Reach

Creating unique living room decor doesn’t have to cost you a lot of money. Things that your friends or loved ones might be discarding or cheap items at your local donation shop could be all that you need. Unlock the warmth and uniqueness of your home with some furniture and decor items that speak to your identity.

If you’re ready to take on a new DIY project, contact us for more ideas on where to begin.

5 Reasons Your Home Needs a Regular Pest Inspection

home pest inspection

You keep your home squeaky clean and spotless, so you might expect that pests wouldn’t be an issue.

What you may not realize is that pests in the home can be a problem even for a well-kept house. Because pests can find their way into your home for all sorts of reasons, you need a home pest inspection to assess your home and address any possible pest problems.

Pest infestations may not be obvious, but this doesn’t mean they’re not there. Read on to learn five reasons you should have your home inspected for pests regularly.

1. Home Treatments May Not Cut It

Though it’s tempting to buy pest control treatments and equipment and try to tackle the job on your own, you could be missing more than you’re hitting. Most of the time, treatments purchased from the store or home remedies can only treat what you can see. This can lead you to believe you have eliminated the problem when the source and bulk of the pest infestation is hidden.

Because many pests have vast colonies or extensive nests in places you can’t easily see, it’s necessary to have a home pest inspection done by a professional. They’ll know where to look and what signs indicate pest invasion.

2. Pests Can Damage Your Property

Most pests end up in your home because they are seeking a food source. When their food source happens to be your belongings and property, massive amounts of damage can be done.

Various termites and carpenter ants are notorious for damaging a home’s structure, as they love wood and sheetrock paper. These pests hide inside walls, causing a lot of costly damage well before you ever know they’re there.

Other bugs, such as silverfish and carpet beetles, are drawn to organic fibers. This makes them especially attracted to upholstered furniture, clothing items, towels, blankets, and sheets.

These are only a few pests that can move in and destroy your home and belongings.

3. Health Risks from Pest Exposure

The general population enjoys a clean, healthy life because of improved healthcare, sanitary conditions, and good pest control.

Many pests are capable of carrying detrimental diseases. A few examples of these diseases are:

  • Lyme disease carried by ticks
  • West Nile Virus and Zika by mosquitoes
  • Hantavirus by rodents

A home pest inspection can ensure that you’re not living with pests that could spread a serious disease to you.

4. Food Safety

Food can make your home very attractive for pests such as:

Even if your kitchen is clean, these pests can make their way in, spoiling your food. Home gardens are affected also. Garden pests such as aphids can hinder the growth of fruit and vegetables.

5. Prevention is Key

Pest inspections are all about finding pests before they become a problem. If there aren’t visible pests, an inspector will be able to tell if you’ve got unwanted guests hiding out in your house.

Pest control is a must, no matter where you live. For a pest free home, look for:

  • Local pest control businesses
  • Pest control Tampa for the Tampa area
  • Pest control with many years of experience
  • Pest control that offers an inspection

Prevent damage and infestation before they become an expensive problem.

Get a Home Pest Inspection Regularly

Having your home checked on a regular basis could mean the difference between a well-maintained, damage-free home and one that is falling apart and crawling with pests.

For more great information and helpful tips, please explore our other posts.

5 Tips on Finding the Best Deals on Home Repair

home repair

Are you tired of overpaying for home repair projects?

If you have ever had a bad experience with a contractor or overspent on materials, then you know what we’re talking about.

Lucky for you, we’ve put together 5 ways you can save on your next home project. Keep reading to learn more.

1. Do Your Research

If you’re looking to save a few dollars on your next home repair project, you need to be sure you do your research.

Depending on the type of repair, you will have to search for a certified professional to do the job.

Make sure you don’t go into it blind. Research how much the repair typically costs, how long it takes to get it done, and if there are any permits you should acquire.

2. Get Multiple Estimates

The last thing you want to do is overpay a contractor. Ensure you get multiple estimates before you commit to one of them.

Don’t just look at the dollar sign when you see an estimate. Look at what they’re offering you and how long it will take to get the home repair done. Ask them if they have insurance and their licenses are up to date.

You also don’t want to pay for a contractor to give you an estimate. Southeastern Foundation & Crawlspace Repair offers you free estimates.

3. Read the Contract Carefully

Once you pick the right person for the job, make sure you get a contract stating all of the terms of the repair.

Make sure the contract states the job that will be done, all of the materials the contractor is expected to use, and the price breakdown.

The contract should also state the terms of what would happen if one of the parties defaults on the terms.

4. Consider DIY Repairs

Although you might not want to get your hands dirty, sometimes you need to do it yourself in order to save on repairs.

If the repair is simple enough and doesn’t require a licensed professional, it’s possible to do it yourself.

Buying the material at a home improvement store might also be more economical than going through a contractor.

5. Look Into Government Rebates & Tax Credits

If you didn’t save as much money as you would like on home repairs, not all is lost. You can still get a great deal on your home repairs if you seek government rebates.

The government gives tax breaks for qualifying home improvements that increase your home’s energy efficiency.

Some of the home improvements include:

  • Insulation, doors windows, and roofs
  • Water heater
  • heater and air conditioning systems
  • Solar energy

Keep in mind you might get more tax credits for some repairs over others.

Save on Your Next Home Repair Project

It’s possible to find the best deal on your home repairs if you do your research, try some DIY, and you get some tax credits.

If you enjoyed these tips, we have more where these came from. To read about 10 Affordable Remodeling Ideas for Your Home, click here.

7 Simple DIY Woodworking Projects for Your Home

woodworking projectsWe all get Pinterest envy from time to time. You scroll through picture after picture of beautifully decorated and furnished rooms. It doesn’t take long before you start wondering how to make your own home look Pinterest-perfect.

But then you start shopping and you realize how expensive it all is. Fortunately, taking on some DIY projects for the home can give you the style you want, 100% customized, for much less.

One area in which DIY can be especially beneficial is in furniture. Woodworking projects can give you customized, stylish, and often sturdier furniture for less. As an added bonus, home woodworking is a more eco-friendly living choice.

If you’re on the hunt for some ideas, check out these options:

Beginner Woodworking Projects for the Home

For the homeowner who wants to make DIY furniture but hasn’t reached the status of woodworking master, here are a few projects to get you started:

Standing Bookshelf

A bookshelf is a great starter woodworking project. It’s rather simple, but it teaches you a lot about stability, angles, and basic skills.

If you’re living in a home that lacks storage and/or abundant space, a bookshelf is also a very usable project. You can design it to fit into even the smallest or most awkwardly-sized spaces. And if you need storage for items that aren’t books, simple baskets fit the look perfectly.

A word to the wise: think about the flooring when you’re designing your bookshelf. If the shelf will be on a high-pile carpet or rug, it will need extra stability compared to a hard floor.

Want to step up the difficulty? If you have small pets, install a cushion on top of the shelf to give them a cozy new bed.

Medicine Cabinet

Really any wall-mounted cabinet will be made similarly, but a small one like a medicine cabinet is an easier place for beginners to start.

In fact, a cabinet is a great next step after your bookshelf. You’re essentially just building a bookshelf and adding doors.

Here’s a pro tip: before you start, measure some of the items you want to store in the cabinet. Many store-bought medicine cabinets don’t quite fit items like contact solution and other large bottles. But when you’re making your own cabinet, you can specifically plan it all your favorites.

As with all woodworking projects, you can choose how complex you want your cabinet to be, from a minimalistic design to a more ornate DIY medicine cabinet.

Shadow Box

If you’re not familiar, shadow boxes are glass-fronted wooden boxes designed to display memorabilia. They can be wall-mounted or placed on a tabletop. They’re fantastic projects for parents who want to display their kids’ awards.

A shadow box is a great project because you can customize it to fit the specific items you want to include. It’s also a fantastic way to learn how to use glass in your woodworking projects.


A bench might be the most stereotypical beginner woodworking project, but hear me out.

Like bookshelves, it can be a real challenge to find a bench that fits your unique space. They’re also great pieces of multitasking furniture because you can include storage to them as well.

It’s important to make your bench with your specific location in mind. Outdoor benches and indoor benches have very different considerations, like weather protection.

And of course, benches can be as simple or as challenging as you want them to be. Whether you’re a beginner or an old pro, you can find a bench-making design to fit your skill level and your style.

Storage Box

Boxes and storage containers are some of the most multifunctional items you can buy (or in this case, make) for your home. They can turn even the most basic shelf into an organized masterpiece.

Small storage boxes are also wonderful gift add-ons. If you’re giving someone jewelry another small yet treasurable item, forget the cardboard box and make your own personal gift box.

Depending on the design you use, boxes are great woodworking projects for learning corner joints and varying styles of lids.

Mudroom Organization

Without a doubt, one of the hardest rooms to keep organized in any house is the mudroom or entryway. That goes double for homes with kids.

Store-bought mudroom furniture can be very expensive, especially if you want a fixture that maximizes space with shelving across most of the wall. DIY mudroom furniture, on the other hand, gives you cost-effective customizability.

When you’re custom-building furniture for this type of space, it’s all about what complexity you want. For a genuine beginner’s project, a simple mounted board with hooks for coats and book bags can go a long way.

But if you want a more comprehensively organized area, a full wall unit can provide space for shoes, coats, book bags, hats, and much more. You can even give each family member their own cubby to make for quicker, less chaotic mornings.

Lawn Furniture

One of the most popular trends in home design today is using your outdoor space. Homeowners are decorating, furnishing, and designing their outdoor areas to make them so functional that they’re just another room of the house.

A key to having usable outdoor space is having comfortable furniture. But have you looked at prices for outdoor furniture lately? Manufacturers know this is a higher priority for homeowners, and they’re taking full advantage with hefty price tags.

Fortunately, outdoor furniture items make for great woodworking projects. Adirondack chairs are particularly popular today, with no cushions needed. You can even create an entire “room” of furniture in this same style.

Basic Tips for Beginner Woodworkers

Woodworking is an entire skill set to learn, and it takes time, but here are some tips for your first projects:

Have the Right Equipment from the Start

Woodworking has the potential to be dangerous, messy, and difficult if you don’t have the right equipment. Before your first project, buy or borrow all the essentials you need like safety goggles, dropcloth and dust collector bags.

Read All Instructions Before You Start

In some woodworking projects, you need precise timing between one step and another. Before you start, read all the instructions and practice some of the new skills you may need.

It’s also a good idea to buy all the supplies you need for the full project before you begin. In some cases, substituting one piece or fixture for another can change the process, and you want to know this from the start.

Read Up on Safety Protocol

You say it to your kids all the time: safety first! Research how to stay safe before you hammer in your first nail.

Find a Project and Start Saving

Woodworking projects are just one way to save money on your home. For more, check out my frugal living tips for moms.

What are the Benefits of Owning a Fireplace?


There’s something so calming and wonderful about sitting by a fire. The warmth, the happiness, the soft glow of the orange embers as they flicker.

If the above sounds like your idea of heaven, you’ll want to make sure to read this article. Here are a few reasons why you should invest in a home with a fireplace.

It Cuts Down on Energy Costs

Did you know that the average person spends up to $100 each month on heating their living space? That means you could be spending up to $1,200 per year to stay warm!

But imagine cozying up to a warm fire. Not only is it relaxing, but it’ll keep you warm while cutting down on your heating expenses.

If you’re looking to get really thrifty, you can even use a fire to cut down on energy costs, as well. Give the electricity a rest and surround yourself with the warm glow of a fireplace. You’ll feel warmer and have more money to spend, to boot!

They Look Great in Any House

If you’re reading this article but feel like your home couldn’t use a furnace, we have some great news for you. There are plenty of different aesthetics for homes of all sizes.

You can choose a style that fits your home’s look, no matter what the age.

Want something more modern and green? Consider investing in an eco-friendly furnace (more on these in a bit).

Considering something with a more rustic charm? Consider these awesome Georgian fireplace antiques from Westland London to accentuate your home.

Make Great Memories

When people think about sitting around a fire, it immediately brings back warm memories. Maybe you spent time camping as a kid. Or maybe it’s just something you’d like to do in the future.

Whatever the case, sitting around the fire is a great way to bond with family and create cherished memories. We’re all so busy these days that we often fail to stop and appreciate what we have, but family life is so important.

Set aside a night, grab some s’mores ingredients and create new memories with your family that is sure to last a lifetime.

They Increase the Resale Value of Your Home

If you’re considering flipping or selling your home, a fire area is a great addition to boost your house’s property value. In fact, they can add up to $12,000 in property value for owners looking to sell!

They’re Environmentally Friendly

Finally, if you’re a regular on our green living section, you know how important it is to leave a smaller carbon footprint. Aside from providing warmth and aesthetic, a fire pit burns carbon-neutral wood, so you can feel good about your home’s heating.

Is a Fireplace Right For You?

As you can see, there are tons of great reasons to own a fireplace. The real question is, why don’t you own one already?

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The 10 Best Affordable Air Purifiers of 2018

affordable air purifier

Are you looking for an affordable air purifier?

An air purifier has become necessary in many households. Americans spend around 90 percent of the time inside, including at home.

Every day, you’re exposed to air pollutants that can impact your health. An air purifier has been proven to help people breathe easier and have a higher quality of life.

Read on to learn why you need this device and how to chose one.

Why Air Purifiers Are a Must-Have

There are several reasons why you want to have an air purifier at home.

First of all, it can help reduce pet dander in the air. Pet dander happens no matter how often you groom your pet because it’s made from skin particles that get in the air.

If you or anyone in the home has allergies or asthma, pet dander can aggravate their symptoms. That can make it hard to breathe in the house.

An air purifier equipped with a filter made for pet dander can trap those skin particles, making it easier for you to enjoy your home.

Clean air is also important for the most vulnerable: kids and the elderly.

Buying an affordable air purifier can minimize the exposure to air pollutants and flu-causing germs. Cold and flu symptoms can turn into bigger health issues for the elderly and kids because they have weaker immune systems.

You’ll want to make sure that the filter you use can kill flu bacteria in the air.

Did you know that there’s a correlation between air pollution and school grades? Even a moderate exposure to air pollutants can lower school grades.

Since kids spend more time indoors more than they ever have, an air purifier can reduce the air pollutants they’re exposed to.

If you want to know more, check out A Fresher Home. It’s a good place to find out more about air purifiers and how they impact your health.

Affordable Air Purifiers for Your Home

Now that you know why you need an affordable purifier, this list shows you what the top 10 purifiers you need to consider before buying.

1. Holmes Tower Room HEPA Air Purifier

You can get a quality tower air purifier for only $75. This model from Holmes has three speeds, so it can handle most air pollutants.

It also comes with an optional ionizer, which keeps your air fresh and clean. This model works well against smoke too.

2. Hamiton Beach TruAir Room HEPA Air Purifier

This is a great option for rooms up to 160 square feet, such as bedrooms and home offices. Since it’s compact and portable, you can take it from room to room.

It also features a permanent filter that you can wash and reuse. That makes this model very affordable since you don’t have the added costs to replace the filter.

3. Home Labs 3 in 1 Ionic Air Purifiers

Ionic purifiers work differently than standard purifiers. Instead of sucking air in and trapping particles in a filter, they use a negative charge to neutralize the air.

This model is good for personal spaces as it only works in 20 square feet.

4. Germ Guardian AC4100

Germ Guardian is a well-known brand, and this model has an excellent reputation. The AC 4100 is an affordable air purifier that offers a HEPA and charcoal system to clean the air.

It also has a UV light to kill bacteria.

5. Holmes Desktop Air Purifier

Holmes makes this list again with its desktop air purifier. With a purifier that can easily fit on a desk or table, you can have clean air wherever you are in the house.

This device makes it easier to get rid of smoke, odors, pet dander, mold spores, and more.

6. Envion Therapure Room HEPA Purifier

Envion’s Therapure purifier retails for $150, making it one of the more pricey models on this list.

However, it’s worth the cost. This model can work in medium to large sized rooms, making this a good choice for families.

It’s rated well for pollen, dust, and smoke removal.

7. HomeImage Room True HEPA Air Purifier

Do you need to cover a large space with your air purifier? The Room True HEPA purifier from HomeImage has you covered.

It can handle rooms as big as 200 square feet, which is another great option for families. This model comes with a remote control and is programmable, so the air is clean before you enter the room.

8. Levoit LV-H132

The Levoit LV-H132 is only good for only 89 square feet, but it’s very silent. The quiet motor and its price point are the reasons why this is on the list.

This air purifier also has a modern design, which makes it a great fit for most office spaces.

9. Germ Guardian AC 4825

Germ Guardian is on this list for another model – the AC 4825. While the 4100 is a small model that’s good for small spaces, the AC 4825 can clean the air in rooms up to 155 square feet.

The HEPA filter traps pollutants such as smoke, dust, mold, pet dander, and odors. This device is also equipped with UV light, which can kill bacteria to protect you from cold and flu viruses.

10. Gideon Electronic Plug-in

The last affordable air purifier on this list is the most portable. It’s good for small spaces, so you’ll want to consider this for bathrooms and pet areas.

This model uses only eight watts of energy and is hardly noticeable because it’s so quiet.

Ready to Buy an Affordable Air Purifier?

A home air purifier can have a great impact on your home and your health. It can remove impurities, smoke, and pet dander.

It can also improve the quality of life for you, your kids, and the elderly. With the right filter, air purifiers can help you breathe easier.

Are you ready to breathe in fresh air?

To make your purchase even more affordable, check out our site for giveaways, coupons, and hot deals!