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How to Choose the Right Window Replacement Company

Being a housewife or a working woman doesn’t need to have “handyman” as part of the job description.

However, sometimes home projects come up that you can’t ignore.

One day it’s a faulty appliance, the next it might be changing the look of your child’s bedroom.

What happens when you need to fix or replace your windows, though?

You don’t need to take this task on solo. Instead, find a window replacement company you can trust to get the job done.

Not sure if you need to pick up the phone just yet?

Here are some signs your windows need a change and how to make it happen.

Signs You Need to Find a Window Replacement Company

1. Wear and Tear

Shattered glass isn’t the only sign of a damaged window.

Some windows build up scratches over time or get foggy. They can come loose from their frames, too.

It’s not something you need to pay close attention to all the time, but you should check your window quality every once in a while.

Being proactive about this can save you lots of time and energy in the long run.

2. Insulation

Your windows play a big role in how energy flows throughout the house.

Sometimes, windows look great even if they aren’t working well.

Proper insulation means the air conditioning doesn’t have to work as hard. This keeps everyone comfortable and plays into your monthly energy bill.

If the glass looks crystal clear but your bill is on the rise, you may need to call a window replacement company.

You can double check before making a call by looking closely at the frame.

On a sunny day, the light will be cracking through the seam where it meets the wall. During rainy days, you can run your finger along the seam and feel for moisture.

3. Remodeling

Thankfully, finding a window replacement company doesn’t always have to be about fixing what’s broken.

If you’re changing the design of your living room or getting new window trimmings in the kitchen, explore all your options.

Adding a window replacement to the project can cross off multiple things at once. It keeps your windows in great condition so you don’t have to worry about the issues above.

While your reasons for new windows may vary, there are some rules that remain constant when looking for a window replacement company.

Keep reading for a detailed guide of what to do.

How to Make the Right Choice

1. Ask Around

The best way to start your search is asking friends and family.

You may be surprised to find out how many people have recently gotten a window replacement or new windows altogether.

Your mom might have recently fixed a broken window. Your friends could be in the middle of adding an extension to their home.

If you can’t think of anyone to reach out to, ask your coworkers.

Someone in your network is bound to point you in the right direction.

This is especially helpful if you live in a big city! Can you imagine looking for a San Diego replacement window company on your own?

2. Read Reviews

Once you get a list going of companies to consider, get online.

Look at each option’s website and make it a point to read their reviews. This is your inside look at the way a window replacement company works.

Reviews tell you what you can expect from start to finish. This includes how long a project can take to how well the results come out. Also, read for levels of professionalism and pricing.

Understand not every experience will be the same, but there should be a common theme to what reviews are saying.

As you read, pay attention to any bias that may be included.

Use your discretion to weed out the good companies from the bad.

If you really want to know every detail, check out what people are saying on community pages or social media. This is an important extra step because only the best testimonials go on a company website.

But, a little digging can help you paint the full picture.

3. Know the Look You Want

Speaking of painting the picture, do you already have a vision of what your new windows will look like?

Hiring a window replacement company is the perfect chance to switch things up. There are many aesthetics to choose from, but below are some of our favorites.

Double Hung Windows

Double hung windows are technically two sets of glass.

The outer layer works to protect against moisture from the outside. The inner layer is the first defense against insulation leaving the house.

The double layer is a great option for families with kids.

It lets you have the look of an open window without worrying about your little one poking their head out.

Fixed Glass Windows

If you can do without opening your windows, go for a fixed option.

Fixed windows are locked in place and don’t budge. They are often on home doors or small openings close to the ceiling.

This option allows you to incorporate colors or stained glass for added aesthetics.

Awning Windows

Awning windows open from the bottom. Instead of sliding up and down, they tilt out at an angle.

This is a beautiful choice above the kitchen sink or in your master bathroom.

The window allows for natural air to flow in and out in a unique way.

This helps to clear the room after a steamy shower. Or, you can open an awning window to enjoy the sound of rain on a stormy day.

Sliding Windows

Sliding windows move horizontally along a plastic or metal track.

These come in single as well as double hung options.

A single sliding window will only move in one direction. Double hung options can be opened from the left or right, kind of like sliding doors on a closet.

These are another great option for moments you want a little bit of airflow in and out without opening the whole window. Be cautious of insulation and moisture getting trapped in the glass.

Whatever window style you choose, think of added options like trims and curtains.

This will help you get a better idea of how the whole room will look.

You might opt for a double hung with stylish panels. Or, get curtains to close a fixed window when it’s letting in too much light.

Check the Materials

When you have your ideal window choice in mind, check which of your window replacement company options can deliver.

Some businesses will specialize in certain styles. Others will have a wider range of services.

The best way to find out who can make your dreams reality is looking at the materials each company uses. Always check for energy efficient glass.

Explore different frame and installation options. The most popular materials are vinyl, wood, and aluminum.


Vinyl is the standard framing option.

It is low maintenance and high quality for a fair price. You can trust this material to do the job without breaking the bank.

Vinyl frames also come in many colors and finishes to bring the whole room together.


For a cozy country home or an elegant rustic look, consider a wood window.

Wood frames are more expensive and require routine maintenance. Many homeowners say the natural beauty is well worth it.

You can balance the total cost of wood with choosing vinyl for the exterior. This will last longer against the elements and lower your maintenance.


Aluminum is the strongest of all frame materials.

This choice is most common for business buildings and public establishments.

You can purchase them for your home as well.

Aluminum will also be on the pricer side. It pays for itself with its strong thermal conductivity and durability.

Try to Stay in Your Budget

Don’t fall in love with a window replacement company without getting a quote.

Consider your budget as you choose between window styles and frames. Think of the other projects you need to do in the house, and make a list of priorities.

Would you rather pay more up front and save on energy bills and future replacements? Or, do you prefer to take window treatments one step at a time?

Think with your wallet as well as your design eye.

Meet in Person

When you reach out to your top window replacement company options, set up a meeting.

It’s much better to talk pricing in person. Not only does this make your quote more accurate, but it gives you a chance to feel out the people working on your home.

Look for a professional who is straightforward with you.

He or she will provide details on what a window replacement looks like and estimate a time frame.

This person should communicate well and answer all your questions.

Make a Decision

Ready to get an easy repair or make your remodeling dreams come true?

Once you’ve followed the steps above, it’s time to make your pick!

Finding a window replacement company isn’t necessarily a walk in the park. But it doesn’t have to be a headache.

Trust the process and watch your interior design dreams come true.

If you’re looking to replace your kitchen windows, check out these tips to tie the whole room together.

Basement Design Plans for Organization and Functionality

basement design plansIs your basement wasted space? Do you wish you could create a useful room that’s both organized and functional?

There are lots of awesome ways to make use of your basement. And none of them involve filling it with boxes of junk, old bikes, or broken pieces of furniture.

Take some inspiration from the basement design plans below. These can turn your disorganized basement into a functional space the whole family can enjoy.

Read to start? Let’s do this!

Playhouse Basement

Need more space for the kids to play? Turning your basement into a playhouse is a fun, creative way to make use of your space.

Use siding screens to separate the basement into two halves – a garden and a playhouse. You could also add doors and windows to complete the look.

Install fencing outside the playhouse to section the rest of the basement into different zones. You could use a picnic bench for activities, put down green carpet to look like grass, or decorate the walls with painted trees and sky.

Inside the playhouse, install storage for books and toys and provide plenty of beanbags for the kids to relax on.

A converted basement is the perfect place to store loose toys and keep kid-related messes contained.

Gaming Basement

Are you a big kid at heart? A games collection can quickly make your living room seem cluttered, and too many wires around the TV isn’t a good look.

Converting your basement into a games room is the perfect solution.

Install built-in, wall-to-wall shelving to store video games, consoles, and memorabilia. Use a large media cabinet to house your TV and favorite systems.

Hang game art on the walls and use dimmable lighting to create the right atmosphere. Add some comfy seating, and you’re good to go!

Art Studio Basement

Have you always longed for a proper place to practice your art? Are you sick of painting at a wobbly kitchen table?

Employing a basement renovation company to turn your basement into an art studio is the perfect solution.

Stick to rustic walls and flooring and install plenty of good lighting. You might also look at plumbing in a sink if you’ll need access to water. There’s no need to section off the room – leave it as one large space that can be filled with supplies.

This is one of the easiest basement design plans, and also one of the most rewarding.

You’ll have the freedom to work on large projects and store unfinished pieces. You can also experiment with new techniques without worrying about making a mess.

How to Choose the Right Basement Design Plans

Before you settle on one of our basement design plans, you need to think carefully about what you want to get out of the room.

Do you need extra storage space? A place for your noisy teenager to play video games? Or a studio for your art? Having a clear picture will help you decide on the right plan.

Make sure you get a balance between organization and functionality by installing smart storage systems. You’ll also want to leave plenty of space in the center of the room to make it feel welcoming.

Want more advice on organizing your life with DIY? Check out our blog for more handy tips.

Discover Retro Furniture Trends that Fit Your Unique Style

When you need to find great retro furniture pieces for your home, you need to shop for great deals and explore your options.

You’re in luck because there are numerous opportunities available for you to find the perfect pieces.

With this in mind, you can use these tips to not only find the best retro pieces on a budget but also care for them on your terms.

Let’s start with the following tips.

#1: Hit Thrift Stores For Retro Furniture Deals

Thrift stores are a great bet when you need to decorate your home on a budget.

You’ll be able to find retro furniture at rock bottom prices and can even have delivery arranged. When buying thrift store pieces, make sure to consider the layout of your home.

You’ll need to not only buy furniture that is aesthetically pleasing but also make space in your home for relaxation and flow of traffic.

#2: Look Into Estate Sales

Estate sales are an excellent way to find retro furniture since you can catch tremendous deals.

With an estate sale, you’re buying furniture that people may have accumulated over a lifetime. This typically includes styles of furniture that are no longer produced, letting you play around with some different styles.

#3: Find Beautiful Collections At A Furniture Store

Now that you know you’re in the market for some beautiful retro pieces, find a furniture store that can show you their inventory.

You’ll be able to shop for tables, chairs, couches, bedroom sets and other furniture pieces that have a retro flair. Make sure that the furniture shop you turn to is skilled so that you get the most out of your time and money spent.

Whether you’re looking to buy your furniture pieces online or in person, make sure to speak to a reputable shop. For instance, Kernow Furniture can provide more information about dressing tables, bedroom sets, dining sets, and other pieces.

#4: Take Great Care Of Your Pieces

One of the best home improvement projects you can tackle is to care for your furniture.

You can care for your pieces by getting them reupholstered, adding new finish and touching base with a furniture shop that can do heavy duty repairs.

It’s important that you keep your older furniture as clean as possible. Because retro pieces are aged and require some upkeep, it’s important to find cleaning solutions that won’t strip away the natural material.

Make sure that you reach out to a company that can assist you with regular upkeep so that your pieces stay valuable.

When moving from one home to another, be certain that you get insurance on your most valuable pieces.

#5: Find The Right Price

Since you’re in the market for the best retro pieces, you’ll need to have a budget and shop for great prices.

You can get a lot of bang for your buck while decorating your home to the fullest.

Be sure to stick to your budget and ask the various furniture sales companies if they’re willing to negotiate on price.

Do you have any advice on finding the best retro furniture? Leave us a comment below!

5 Ways to Style Your Home With Wooden Furniture

No matter what century it is, wooden furniture will always be a great part of interior design. Its welcoming and timeless nature makes it a worthy addition to any home.

Some people feel they can pick up any wooden item and add it to their home design. Unfortunately, it doesn’t always work. They would be better off leaving it to interior designers who know how to:

  • Select colors, lighting, designs, and materials
  • Follow building codes
  • Determine interior space and accessibility needs
  • Make interior spaces functional and safe

Choosing the right wooden furniture styles for your home is not easy. Read on to learn more.

Wooden Furniture Styles For Your Home

Wooden furniture allows you to experiment with different styles. Common examples of types of wood used in the home include oak, teak, walnut, and alder.

As you customize your place, you’ll realize it’s no longer about sticking strictly to modern, classic or traditional styles. These styles can all blend with your tastes.

Here are five styles you can choose from:

1. The Rustic Look

The rustic look uses simple shapes and natural or repurposed materials. It creates warmth in any room. It is unpretentious and has a sense of history.

With this style, you can use a log cut on two sides as your table. You can have cedar wood stools made by cutting a curved groove on one end. You can use a wooden ladder to make a rustic light fixture for your room.

As for color, go for khaki, forest green, or dark brown. Find old objects and repurpose them for your room’s style. You can also make your own wooden poster frame to add to the look.

2. Color Splashing and Floral Designs

For so long, wood had an association with traditional styles and colors. Now, you can make rooms vibrant by filling them with flashy colors. Try it with floral designs as well.

Throw in brightly colored cushions and cabinets. Use bright and complementing colors on the rugs and lampshades. You can also use floral designs on the cushions and drapes to change the ambiance in the room.

3. Classic, Contemporary, Modern Blends

You can create a classic, contemporary, modern style in a room with a few changes.

For example, the bedroom can have a beech wood bed with log bases underneath. The walls would have wood panels with hanging light fixtures. On the side, you can place a mid-century modern table and chair set.

4. Antique Look

The antique look involves functional yet collectible furniture. These pieces are beautiful, durable, and have a unique texture. They add a sense of mystique and sophistication to a room.

Colors in antique furniture tend to be darker. Vary the look by having darker colors on walls and cabinets and lighter colors on the chairs. You can use walnut or oak to make hardwood furniture such as corner cabinets.

5. Minimalist Wooden Mishmash

Minimalism is about using fewer items, simple objects, empty spaces, and lighter colors.

For instance, you can have a two-color dining table set using simple wooden furniture. Get a long, cedar wood table and simple wooden stools and put them in the corner of the room.

Learn More About Saving Money

You can create your own interior design style using different types of wood and colors. Decide on your taste and pick complementing designs. Don’t try to add everything haphazardly, as your room will lack structure.

Working with wood doesn’t have to be expensive. Contact us today to learn more about saving money!

When You Can Do Your Own Pest Control and When It’s Time to Call in the Pros

adobestock 54731105Whether you live in the city or the country, it’s likely you have to deal with pest control issues of some kind. Most consumers are familiar with the major brands of sprays, traps, and repellents so they walk into the pest control aisle of the hardware store with a fair amount of confidence. Your familiarity might make you feel as if you can do your own pest control.

For most minor issues, this is true. Getting rid of fruit flies, a mouse, or a couple of spiders is a breeze for a knowledgeable homeowner.

But do you know when the issue is out of control? How many rodents are too many?

It depends on where you live, the time of year, and the type of pest. Here is a comprehensive guide of steps to take to do your own pest control. If these aren’t enough, it might be time to call in the pros.

Seal Up The Cracks

Leaving small cracks and holes serve as a wide-open invitation for critters and insects to make a home in your house. If air can pass through, so can a tiny egg or a freshly hatched creature.

Take the time to inspect the exterior of your house from every edge of the foundation to the top of the roof. Seal up cracks, spaces in the siding or tears in the roof with silicone caulk or another all-weather patching compound.

The little holes and spaces in the window frames that let in your cable lines might also be a gateway for invaders.

Problems can be compounded if holes in your roof or upper levels of a home or garage are accessible to bats, possums or rodents. Once inside, they’ll be more than happy to feast on the insects that likely found their way into your space.

Cover your attic vents with insect screens and hardware cloth. Together, they’re a useful deterrent against unwanted visitors.

Clean Up The Clutter

Unfortunately, insects can fest on things we not only value but would never guess they could live on. Bookbinding glue, biodegradable papers, silk, and linen are all a treat to bugs and can set the stage for an infestation.

If you know there’s a room or an area in your basement filled with stuff you don’t need anymore, it might be time to take care of that. If you want to do your own pest control, you might also do yourself a favor and donate these things to a thrift store.

Otherwise, you’re leaving out a potential food source for uninvited cockroaches, beetles, and silverfish.

Anything that you know you need to keep should be sealed in waterproof plastic tubs. Buy a higher quality material, as cheaper tubs are susceptible to cracking and damage.

Your tubs should act as a Fort Knox to your valuable goods and family treasures. The last thing you want to see when you gleefully dig out your family photos next holiday season is a family of bugs snacking on your baby pictures.

No Free Lunches

Even keeping a clean counter isn’t enough to keep pests from your home. Your first step when you want to do your own pest control might be to clean your house from top to bottom, putting everything securely in cabinets.

But all of your baking supplies, rice, cereal and dog food are sitting there waiting to be eaten. Unpacking your dry foods and putting them in airtight canisters or plastic containers is the way to go.

If you buy in bulk, this can both prolong the shelf life but also keep any stray bugs that may have come along for the ride from getting out and into your kitchen.

It’s necessary to keep trash secure to stay free of insects. A can with a locking lid will keep bugs from being attracted by the scent. Keep compost in the freezer to limit the possibility both of smell and of infestation.

And while you’re going through your trash, clean out your garbage disposal. Food items clogged inside can be heaven for a bug looking for lunch.

If you’re not a fan of toxic chemicals, you can clean most of your home with household products.

Water is a Bug’s Best Friend

Water is the breeding ground for all sorts of flying insects and roaches. They are often known for hanging around bathroom plumbing. Be sure that you clean up all surfaces on a regular basis.

You need to be diligent when you do your own pest control. Flushing through your pipes will also ensure that nothing of interest to insects might be found stuck in your pipes or drains.

Dripping faucets can be to blame for standing water and give a nice home for bugs to start unpacking their bags.

Keeping your bathroom fan running after a shower will clear the air of humidity and make the environment less welcoming to insects.

If you’ve got temporary repairs keeping your pipes together, get them fixed ASAP. A pipe that’s burst or cracked once won’t heal over time. It will only get worse, creating a flood of dirty water and potential places for insects to breed.

If you’ve completed these tasks and still face a pest issue, consider the following questions.


How Big is the Problem?

The tactics mentioned above may not be able to treat your pest control problem at the scale that it’s reached. By now, your issue may be more than one rogue mouse running through your cabinets.

Rodents might have taken the food source from your cabinets and moved it to their new nest, inaccessible to you or your housecat.

If insects have taken up a home in cracks or crevices, they could be breeding while you sleep. You might only see one or two when they’re out looking for food sources.

By the time you see them, it might be too late to do your own pest control.

How Much Time Do You Have?

Can this issue wait a week or two while commercial products run their course and help treat your pest issue or do you need them out of your life today?

Some prevention and treatment methods might work right away. If you find yourself trying the same things over and over, you may be wasting time and money. The longer that a problem persists, the worse it can get.

If after you do your own pest control, you end up having to treat the problem several times, it might be time to call a professional.

Is Safety an Issue?

Some pests are more serious than others. While ants and mice may cause messes, seem kinda gross, and end up annoying you, they’re not necessarily dangerous.

If you encounter issues with raccoons, rats, or some types of spiders, you might not want to handle it alone.

Pests can transmit diseases to kids and pets very easily. More dangerous pests might mean that you need to take more serious measures to protect your home.

These kinds of pests require more dangerous pesticides and traps. If you have kids and pets who you want to keep protected, you might not be able to do your own pest control.

Hire a professional who is experienced with the application and, more importantly, the cleanup after using traps or chemicals.

Take the time to research before you hire anyone by reading exterminator reviews near Hickory NC.

What Do You Do Once the Pests Are Gone?

Let’s say you do your own pest control and end up succeeding. What will you do next?

You should take the process of cleanup very seriously. Leaving dead pests around may only serve to attract more pests.

If you leave toxic chemicals in and around your house, you could be endangering your own family and pets not to mention the kids and pets in your neighborhood.

Following the cleanup, you need to think about prevention.

Once your home is free of pests, you need to make sure that it’s also pest repellent.

If pests are a seasonal issue where you live, as soon as you see the first pests in window cracks or kitchen counters, take action. Spray around all the cracks and pipes in your home.

You may suspect that there is an infestation that you can’t see. In this case, call a professional immediately. They will have a checklist of warning signs to look for when fighting an infestation.

Be Smart If You Do Your Own Pest Control

Before you do your own pest control, do your research, and take safety precautions, and heed warnings written on all commercial products. Wear safety gloves, have goggles on hand, and clear the area of kids and pets.

If it’s in your budget, your best option is to research exterminators in your area and read reviews. If sustainability is an issue for you, ask details of your exterminator. There are lots of “green options” for pest control.

If you’re an animal lover, ask about humane traps.

Most exterminators will walk you through the process before you write a check. Only work with one who you feel comfortable with and who you feel has your interests in mind.

But most of all, act now before the problem gets any worse!

How to Find the Best Deal on Hurricane Windows

Hurricane WindowsThere are many things to do when preparing for a hurricane like stocking up on important everyday items and emergency equipment.

However, one of the most time-consuming and worrisome tasks of hurricane prep is protecting your home.

To lower the stress as a storm approaches, invest in proactive measures like installing hurricane windows. These are the best solution to improving the strength of your personal space while saving the stress on your wallet.

They are a durable, impact-resistant way of taking the right safety measures for the right price.

In fact, you may end up spending much less on these windows than you think. Here are three things to consider to find the best deal!

1. Research Vendors of Hurricane Windows

Always get more than one estimate when shopping for important items in your home.

This goes for interior items like appliances and flooring to exterior protection like roofing and windows. The more you explore the different offers in your area, the better you can start to get an idea of the right amount you should pay.

Schedule three days in a row of meeting with potential contractors, like Guardian Inc. and other local vendors. On the fourth day, assess the estimates of each.

Use the average price and value standards to help determine which company to work with.

2. Get Only What You Need

Once you’ve chosen a contractor, hold your ground when negotiating different options for hurricane windows.

Most companies will try to offer extra features in order to raise their financial gains on a contract.

Such choices include laminated vs. insulated laminated windows, operable vs. fixed windows, and whether or not you need mullions. There are pros and cons to each option, but always consider the bottom line to remain in your best financial standing.

Go for what provides the best strength and resistance, and consider the longevity of your investment as well.

Additionally, don’t pay for the work you know you can do.

Buying hurricane windows might turn into the new family project to take on and install together. Choosing to cut and place new windows yourself can significantly lower the overall price.

3. Understand the Total Value Includes Savings

As you go through each feature of hurricane windows, don’t forget to consider the benefits beyond safety.

Sometimes, the best deal comes at a higher price with a much higher value.

Ask your contractor about the energy savings available with different windows.

Some glass coatings can help regulate the flow of hot and cold air in the home. This means your new windows can potentially take some of the workload off your air conditioning unit, and save you money throughout the year.

Also, talk to your home insurance provider before making your purchase.

Many companies will lower your monthly payments because you are investing in the overall value of your property.

Save More Money In Your Home

Home safety is not something to be completely frugal about.

But, there are ways to take proper security measures without breaking the bank, like buying the right hurricane windows.

For more tips and tricks on green living and money saving, click here.

5 Gorgeous Ideas to Inspire You to Design Your Kitchen

design your kitchenIf you’re getting a new home, you’re probably looking forward to the point where you design your kitchen.

But it can also be intimidating: where do you start with such a momentous undertaking?

A beautiful kitchen within a clean home is one of the keys to a happy life. So follow these tips to make it happen.

Design Your Kitchen With Salvaged Wood For An Industrial Look

If you want to help the environment, save money, and have a rugged and industrial look within your kitchen: upcycling is the way to go. One of the best ways to do this is by using salvaged wood on countertops and other wooden surfaces.

It can be easy to find reclaimed wood in your community. So get started to take your kitchen to the next level.

Use White Seating And Countertops For A Calming Effect

There’s a reason why “all-white” kitchen design is a staple in every kitchen remodel showroom. It creates a calming and modern aesthetic that can be good news for everybody looking to make a change in their kitchen’s appearance.

We all need a little tranquility in our lives. Neutral white and gray colors can be the best way to get it: that makes this something you absolutely need to consider in your home.

Consider An Outdoor Kitchen

Obviously, not everybody can do this. If you’re based in Fairbanks, Alaska, you should keep your kitchen inside. But if you’re in a dry and warm climate: why not design your kitchen outdoors?

This can be a particularly good idea if you have a secondary kitchen in your budget, or you’re addicted to barbecuing and outdoor cooking. At the very least, it can be a way to improve your health and mood with a little vitamin D.

Get A Large Window

What if you want the view of an outdoor kitchen in a cold or wet climate? Well, you can bring the light in use by installing a large window.

Being able to look outside while you eat or cook will have an amazing effect on your mental health. So this is a design choice you should really consider!

Have A Floating Bar

If you like to have a drink with dinner, you’re probably planning to have a bar area in your kitchen. But having a floating bar, by using a cart with wheels, can be a great way to maximize your home potential for entertaining.

With this design choice, you can easily serve drinks to friends wherever you want in the house. This is great when you consider the role of the living room in social occasions.

Do It Frugally

No matter what choice you make, you need to design your kitchen frugally. And afterward, you need to be as thrifty as possible with your living choices.

This blog is dedicated to helping everybody who doesn’t want to choose between saving money and living well. If you want to learn more, read our selection of frugal living tips.