5 Commercial Property Renovation Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Commercial Property Renovation Mistakes

A commercial property renovation can be a huge undertaking, and there are a number of potential mistakes that could be made. Failure to consider every aspect can have you need to start again from scratch.

On that note, what should you be aware of? What mistakes need to be avoided during a commercial property renovation? Let’s take a look at some commercial property renovation mistakes.

1. Defining the Scope of Work

One of the most common mistakes made during commercial property renovations is failing to properly define the scope of work. This can lead to a number of problems, including cost overruns, schedule delays, and construction defects.

To avoid these mistakes, it is important to take the time to clearly define the scope of work at the outset of the project. This should include a detailed description of the work to be performed, commercial property inspection, as well as associated costs and timelines. 

2. Overlooking the Building’s Bones

The bones of a building are the structural elements that make up the frame, support the weight and give the building its shape. When renovating a commercial property, it is important to take into account the condition of the bones and make sure they are in good condition before proceeding with any cosmetic change. This is very important, especially when changing windows, doors, and even garage doors, to ensure it will attach to the structure perfectly.

3. Falling Victim to “Scope Creep”

This is when the scope of the project starts to increase without a corresponding increase in the property renovation budget. This can lead to cost overruns and schedule delays.

To avoid scope creep, it is important to have a clear and concise contract with the property renovation service. The contract should specify the scope of work and the corresponding budget. Any changes to the scope of work be it interior and exterior renovations should be approved by the owner and the general contractor in writing.

4. Working Without a Contract

One of the biggest mistakes that business owners can make when it comes to commercial property renovation is working without a contract.

This can create a number of issues, including disagreements about the scope of work, payment terms, and other important details. 

5. Ignoring the Budget

This can often lead to overspending and putting the future of the business at risk. It’s important to be realistic about what can be achieved within the budget and to stick to it as closely as possible. This means being disciplined with spending, only purchasing what is absolutely necessary, such as property renovation materials, and being willing to compromise on some aspects of the renovation. 

Be Mindful and Avoid Commercial Property Renovation Mistakes

If you’re considering renovating a commercial property, be sure to avoid these common mistakes. Hire a professional to help with the planning and execution of your project to ensure a successful outcome.

Discover more commercial property renovation mistakes and how you can save time and money by hiring a team of commercial property professionals. Read through our blog for more information.

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