Pressure Wash Concrete

This Is How to Pressure Wash Concrete (the Right Way!)

If you’re like most Americans, you’re probably spending up to 4% of your home’s value on maintenance each year. From dealing with HVAC issues to painting interior rooms, the projects can add up quickly. But you can tackle some jobs yourself if you know how to do them right.

And if you have a patio or driveway, you’ll want to know how to keep it clean. Keep reading to learn how to pressure wash concrete the right way!

Clear Out the Area First

Before you start to pressure wash concrete driveways or patios, remove all objects from the area. This might sound intuitive, but it’s easy to skip steps in hopes of a faster finish. Don’t do that, however, since you want to hit all areas of concrete. 

In the same vein, take the time to protect any nearby vegetation. Pressure washers spray with a lot of intensity, and the water pressure could shred your plants. 

Purchase a plastic tarp and wrap it around bushes, flowers, and other plants. And before you even reach for the pressure washer, grab a broom and lightly sweep away mulch, stones, or other debris.

Use Detergent for Cleaning

Once the area is clear, it’s time to learn how to pressure wash concrete! The first step is to hook up your garden hose to your machine and start the water. Make sure you’re wearing ear protection, too, since the machine will be loud when you turn it on. 

Does your patio have lots of mildew and dirt? Using a detergent and degreaser can cut through the grime on your patio. You’ll want to look over the instructions specific to your machine to know which nozzle is appropriate for distributing detergent. 

Then you’ll just need to pour the detergent into the appropriate vessel and turn on the machine. Apply the detergent and let it stand for several minutes. You can use a brush with stiff bristles, too, to scrub at pesky stains that might pose more of a challenge.

Apply Water to the Area

Finally, you’ll switch to a higher intensity nozzle to do a deeper pressure wash. You may want to opt for a 25-degree-angle sprayer for the final cleaning. This will allow you to penetrate the concrete and blast away the soap and dirt.

Turn off the machine before changing the nozzle. And let the area dry thoroughly before moving everything back into place. 

You can find more info here on how to hire pressure washing services, too, if you need some help. They’ll have the proper equipment, saving you from the expense of buying it. And you’ll get a streak-free clean!

Learn How to Pressure Wash Concrete

Knowing the right way to pressure wash concrete helps you maintain your patio or driveway. You’ll be able to remove mildew, which can eat away at your concrete, by using detergent. And after switching to a more concentrated nozzle, you can finish with plain water.

For more home maintenance tips, check back soon for new and informative articles. 

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