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5 Telltale Signs You Need a Roof Repair

On average, you can expect your home’s roof to last over 50 years. If you’ve got a wood shake, fiber cement, or asphalt roof, then this drops down to 20 to 30 years.

In any case, it’s important to keep up with roof maintenance, as it’ll prolong its lifespan. Part of this maintenance means getting roof repair proactively so you don’t have to deal with bigger, more expensive issues.

But how do you know when you’ve got roof problems though? In this article, we’ll show you 5 telltale signs you need roof repair services.

1. You’ve Got Missing Shingles

After a particularly bad storm or winds, your roof might be missing some shingles. Or they might’ve come off because of normal wear and tear or wild animals.

Regardless of the cause, you might think this only affects things aesthetically. But in fact, this can make your home more vulnerable to weathering. This goes for damaged shingles as well.

2. You See Water Stains

Take a look at your ceiling; are there water stains? Then this is an indication that there’s water damage on your roof.

This can happen if you’ve got missing/damaged shingles. Another culprit might be moisture buildup in your roof. Either way, your roof needs to be repaired to keep things airtight.

3. There’s Mold and Mildew

Not only will pooling water cause water stains, but it’ll also promote mold and mildew growth.

In the beginning stages, you might not notice these things. However, keep your nose sharp; if you smell a musty odor, then chances are, you’ve got mold and mildew in your property.

4. It’s Sagging

One of the most obvious signs you have roof damage is if it’s sagging. This indicates that there’s trapped moisture inside the building materials and that the roof has poor ventilation.

Depending on the extent of damage, you might be able to get away with just a roof repair. Otherwise, you’ll need a complete replacement.

5. Your Gutters Are Damaged

Gutters are there to direct water away from your home’s roof and foundation. If they don’t work properly, not only can water pool on the roof, but also around your home’s foundation.

Having a roofing service come inspect your gutters can save you a ton of heartache and expenses in the future. You can find more info here about gutter choices for your property.

Get Immediate Roof Repair at the First Sign of Trouble

Your roof is what keeps you dry and warm, so if you notice any issues we’ve discussed in this article, call for help pronto. Roof repair services will be worth it in the long run, as you’ll maintain your roof and negate the need for a new one.

So if you feel like something’s wrong, don’t hesitate to contact a reputable roofing company so they can patch things up!

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