Feeling Numb After a Breakup? Here’s What’s Really Happening

Feeling Numb After a Breakup

The aftermath of a breakup is not an easy ride, no matter who broke off the relationship. They can make you feel a cocktail of emotions—anger, depression, frustration, confusion, etc. Yet, the feeling that is most experienced after a breakup is numbness. 

Why is it that you’re feeling numb after a breakup? If you want to find out, keep reading. 

It Was Short-Lived

You might’ve hit it off real fast in the beginning, and it all might’ve felt intense and too good to be true. You both jumped in, became exclusive, and then shortly after, one of you felt like it wasn’t what you expected. In other words, you might’ve felt like there was nothing, to begin with.

Some relationships feel as if no real foundation or attachment was built. If neither of you invested enough time in developing a true, sentimental attachment, then it’s normal to feel indifferent now that the relationship is over. 

You Didn’t Have Real Feelings

Some people jump into a relationship in order to use the other person as a rebound or distraction. Others may be finding a way out of being single or lonely. Or, some people try to find a partner due to the pressure they feel from society. 

If you started a relationship for any other reason than having real feelings for the person, then you’ll feel numb after the breakup. After all, if your feelings weren’t genuine, then it’s possible the breakup won’t be painful for you. 

You Wanted It To End

Perhaps you wanted to end the relationship for a while now but, you were too afraid to hurt your partner’s feelings. And now that it’s over, you might even feel relief. 

In fact, when a man walks out on you, or a woman, and you’re almost glad that they did, it’s because you didn’t want the relationship to continue in the first place. 

They Weren’t The Person You Expected Them to Be

Whenever you meet someone new, you always display your best qualities in order to impress, which is normal. And the person you meet will likewise do the exact same thing. Of course, at first, you’re impressed with what you see, but as time goes on, your partner begins to show their natural colors. 

Then you realize that the person you had met at the beginning isn’t the person you are with now. That’s why the breakup hasn’t really affected you at all. 

They Were Holding You Back

If you felt like your relationship was holding you back from progressing, growing, or doing things you enjoy, then your heart was already preparing to end it. If your partner was demanding, controlling, and limiting you, you were certainly in an unhealthy relationship.

And it’s no surprise that after ending that unhealthy relationship, you feel liberated, relieved, and emotionally unaffected. Now, you finally feel you can breathe and that you can live without any restrictions. 

Feeling Numb After a Breakup Might Be a Good Sign!

Even if you did develop some sort of affection towards the person or you truly cared about them, feeling numb after a breakup might mean you made the right choice. It means you’ve decided to listen to yourself and follow your heart, and that never goes wrong.

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