Chiropractic Marketing Funnel

The Guide That Makes Creating a Chiropractic Marketing Funnel Simple

There are more than 70,000 board-certified chiropractors in the United States. People turn to chiropractors for back pain because they find it more effective than yoga, medication, and massage.

As a practicing chiropractor, you know the benefits of chiropractic care. You have the knowledge and skill to treat many people, but you struggle to get clients because new patient leads are hard to come by. 

You’re definitely not alone. Many chiropractors struggle to find new patients. The solution to that challenge is a chiropractic marketing funnel.

1. Know Your Target

Who are the people that you want to treat?

You can opt to treat personal injury clients, office workers, athletes, elderly patients, or kids. There are plenty of other options, too.

Office workers tend to have low back pain issues. Elderly patients want to prolong their quality of life. Athletes want to perform better.

You have to understand the core issue so your marketing messages talk directly about the problems and solutions for your audience.

2. Create a Funnel Map

What are the potential touchpoints for prospective patients? A digital marketing funnel map outlines each step of the customer journey, from someone being completely unaware of your practice to become a regular patient.

Start with top-of-the-funnel activities. These people aren’t looking for a chiropractor just yet. They’re likely to look up their issues and solve them on their own.

You can reach them with videos on YouTube or through a blog post that they find through search engines.

Personal injury marketing for chiropractors is a little different. You’re depending on attorneys to refer their clients to you. You have to target personal injury lawyers and slowly build those relationships.

Once people are aware of your practice, invite them to take the next step. That can be signing up to your email list for health and chiropractic care tips.

This lets you build credibility and trust with your audience. That makes your practice the likely choice for those prospects.

Your marketing funnel needs to deliver value to the prospects at each step of the customer journey.

3. Implement and Adjust the Funnel

The hardest part about the best chiropractic marketing funnel is that you have to keep up with the activities.

The best thing to do is to start with a few smart marketing activities that you can do every day. For instance, start with one social media network instead of five.

Make sure that you collect metrics for each step of the journey. You’ll be able to spot opportunities in your funnel. You can even test parts of your funnel and constantly improve your conversion rate.

Chiropractic Marketing Made Easy

Do you feel ready to create your own chiropractic marketing funnel? It’s a lot easier than it seems. Define your audience, map a customer journey, and execute the plan.

If you follow these steps, you’ll be on your way to having a rocking practice.

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