This Is How to Encourage Kids to Exercise

Exercise for Kids

According to the CDC, 18.5% of children and adolescents are obese. Being so overweight at a young age sets the stage for a number of health problems later on in life, such as diabetes, heart disease, and hypertension. 

For many, weight and other health issues develop from living a sedentary lifestyle. Therefore, the best way to help children be healthy is to encourage exercise. But how can you help motivate them to get up and get active?

Keep reading to learn about some of the different ways you can encourage kids to get moving and be healthy. 

Be a Role Model

As any parent knows, children learn and develop habits by watching their parents. This means that your health practices will carry over to them. Make sure that you lead a healthy and active lifestyle to help encourage them to do so as well. 

Try to find time a little time each day to be active. Most importantly, make sure that you have fun while doing so. Kids will want to start joining in on the fun.  

Encourage Friendly Competition

Sometimes, children won’t be interested in something until you or other kids are as well. One way to motivate kids to get moving is by turning it into a friendly competition.

Turn it into a contest and see who can run faster, jump higher, or hold their breath while swimming for longer. Again, this will help make the experience fun, motivating kids to try harder. 

Limit Screen Time

Most experts agree: too much screen time can have a serious impact on children’s health. While computers, tablets, and phones have their perks, make sure to control and limit the amount children spend on them. 

Instead of playing video games all the time, help your kids sign up for an afterschool program or play a sport that they like. 

Make It Fun

Remember that kids want everything to be fun. If you can’t find a way to make health and fitness exciting, then they’re not going to want to get into it.

Try finding exercises that will help them stay active but also allow them to enjoy themselves. Many kids enjoy doing things like soccer, swimming, and dance. is one example of a great play to get kids active through dance. 

Use Exercise as Transportation

Talk to any person over the age of 65, and you’ll hear them go on about how they used to walk 10 miles to school. While that distance may be a bit extreme, encouraging kids to use exercise as transportation can be a good idea.

Whether it means biking to see friends or walking to school with you twice a week, encourage them to see physical movement as the best mode of transportation. 

Encourage Kids to Make Health and Fitness a Priority 

Everyone should strive for a healthy lifestyle, regardless of age. By working to encourage kids to exercise and stay active, you’ll lay the foundation for them to be healthy throughout the rest of their lives. 

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