8 Reasons To Start Your Child Early on Pediatric Dental Care

Pediatric Dental Care

Nearly 42% of American children aged two to 11 years old have had dental cavities in their primary teeth.

Many parents don’t realize that your little one should visit the dentist six months after their first tooth appears. Perhaps you’re not sure whether or not to bring your child for their pediatric dental care and that’s okay!

We’re here to show you the benefits of starting your child’s dentistry journey early. Read on to find eight reasons why.

1. Mouth Development Is Monitored

Your child needs to visit a pediatric dentist because they can see how their teeth and jaw are developing. This means dentists can spot potential problems like malocclusion before they become an issue. 

The dentist will also welcome questions the child has about losing their baby teeth, tooth brushing, and others about dental care. Parents will also learn how to look after their little one’s teeth, encourage flossing, and ensure their child eats food that promotes good oral health.

Further, the pediatric dentist will teach parents about certain issues like thumb sucking and how it affects the child’s teeth development.

2. Avoid Cavities and Tooth Decay

Prioritizing kid’s dental care means you catch cavities or signs of tooth decay before they develop further. Cavities can form within six months and because baby teeth are softer, the cavity can reach the tooth’s nerve quicker and cause more damage.

To avoid this, take your little one to a pediatric dentist and they will use preventative treatments like offering a deep-clean and applying dental sealants.

3. Promote Healthy Dental Habits 

Youth dental care encourages your child to have good dental habits like proper brushing and flossing their teeth. 

Committing to your child’s dental care also teaches them about the dangers of plaque especially because it’s linked to heart disease, diabetes, and dementia. Because of this, your little one should have their teeth and gums cleaned and examined twice a year to keep them healthy. Regular dentist visits will also encourage and teach your child to floss as research found it increases life expectancy

4. Improves Your Child’s Confidence

Aside from being physically healthy, parents also want their children to be confident and comfortable with their teeth. You don’t want your child to be embarrassed by their smile and if you think that’s the case, book an appointment with a kid dentist so they can fix their teeth.

This will also carry into their older lives because when you smile at job interviews or social gatherings then it’ll enhance your quality of life.

5. Check Whether Orthodontic Care Is Needed 

As children grow, their mouth and jaw structure change so dentists must monitor this. When you visit a pediatric dentist early on, they will evaluate your child’s mouth to see whether they’ll need braces. 

Dentists use advanced technology to view your little one’s teeth so they can detect misalignment and figure out whether your child needs braces.

6. Monitor Bite and Speech Issues 

Pediatric dentists will also check your child’s teeth structure and whether it’ll result in bite or speech issues. For instance, if your child is unable to bite or chew their food properly then it’ll affect their nutrition intake. 

Or your child may incorrectly pronounce words or produce the wrong sounds which could be a lifetime problem.

7. Pediatric Dentists Have the Right Equipment 

Another advantage of visiting a pediatric dentist is they have the right tools to fix a child’s smile. If you bring your little one to a regular dentist, they’ll conduct the treatment with adult-sized dental instruments which aren’t fit for children.

Instead, pediatric dentists have small-sized equipment which is more comfortable and effective.

8. Helps Your Child Adjust to Dental Visits

Taking your little one to the dentist from a young age will help them develop good dental habits that will last a lifetime.

Pediatric dentists are trained to deal with nervous children so they can show them that there’s nothing to be afraid of. Plus, when you take your little one to regular dental checkups they’ll develop trust with their dentist and feel more comfortable attending appointments when they’re older.

What to Expect During the First Visit

During your child’s first visit, your little one will become familiarized with the staff and the office so they realize it’s a warm, friendly environment. Most pediatric dentists will break the ice by showing children the different instruments and explaining what they do in non-technical terms. 

The dentist will then examine your child’s teeth, gums, jaw, and bite while looking out for caries, frenum problems, and other issues that could affect your little one’s speech later on. 

As a parent, don’t be afraid about asking the dentist about your child’s oral hygiene. Bring a list of questions to the appointment so you and your little one can learn together. For instance, you could ask how much toothpaste your child should use, and when they should use fluoride toothpaste or mouthwash.

That’s Why Your Child Should Start Pediatric Dental Care Early

Now you know the benefits of pediatric dental care and why you should ease your child into it early on. 

Dentists not only help children with good oral hygiene but they guide parents through the process so they can help their little ones brush and floss properly. Plus, regular checkups mean the dentist can examine the child’s mouth to spot potential problems early on and fix their smile. Good luck!

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