Top 5 Quickest Ways to Earn Extra Cash

Earning Extra Cash

Due to the ongoing pandemic, a lot of people face drastic changes in their work and finances. Sources of income end up hampered or halted, making it even harder to make ends meet. In such a situation, most turn to side hustles or alternate cash flows to get by.

Today, we will look at five ideas on how you can get quick cash in case of such a situation. These methods can help you get the money needed to get through the day. Some of these even provide you the means to earn a living.

Curious about these particular methods? Read on to learn about each of them.

1. Selling Clothes

If you have clothes that are in good condition and are dispensable, you can have these sold. The good thing about this is that you can conduct this both offline and online.

Check out local consignment shops within your area to expedite the process. You can also try sites like Poshmark to help you find buyers. When online, make sure to have clear and well-lit photos to showcase the best of the clothing you plan to sell.

2. Conducting Online Surveys

An online method that you can try your hand on is by conducting online surveys with websites like Survey Junkie. This method is quite effortless in terms of time commitments, letting you take surveys during your free time or breaks.

You can get about $45 an hour, or even more when you qualify in some sites. Try these out as these surveys take about five minutes or less to complete.

3. Taking on Quick Gigs

Another is to try out quick gigs that you happen to be good at. Sites like Fiverr, let you offer your services using the skills you excel in. These could be a good starting point for freelancing as well. Graphic designers and other artists are often scouted on these sites, so do your best!

The usual rate for Fiverr is at $5 per gig. Recent changes, however, have expanded further to offer a higher rate. This is a setup that you can consider as a source of income.

4. Taking on Short Term Loans

This method works as an emergency measure that’s useful when you need quick cash to make ends meet. These short-term loans tend to be of the no-credit-check variant. As long as you have the means to pay back as soon as possible, it will work in your favor.

Try this option for quick cash even when you are at crossroads, struggling to find a job after a previous one.

5. Offer Online Courses

This is both a side hustle idea and a good starting point towards a new career. All you need is a good amount of effort and investment. 

Consider teaching something you excel at. If you have a knack at sharing your skills and teaching others, you can check out the website Teachable. Here you can develop an interactive course that can help others learn.

Try These Methods to Get Cash Quick

It pays to have other ways to get cash, especially when they can come quick and fast when you need them. Weigh your options and research. You will have something that can help you turn your situation around.

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