What Is a Temporary Tooth Filling? This Is What You Need to Know

Temporary Tooth Filling

92% of American adults have experienced decay in their mouths at some point, and many of these individuals have fillings as proof.

A dental filling is the most common treatment option for decay, but a dental filling is not the same as a temporary tooth filling.

If your dentist tells you that you need a temporary filling, you might wonder what this is and why you need it.

Here is a guide to help you learn what this product is and why dentists use them.

A Temporary Tooth Filling Is a Temporary Fix

If you have a cavity, a dentist will remove the decay and fill the hole with a tooth filling. This tooth filling is not the same as a temporary tooth filling.

One fundamental principle of a temporary tooth filling is that it is a temporary fix. A temporary filling is not the final solution to a tooth problem. Instead, it is usually just one step in the process of repairing a problem with a tooth.

When a dentist uses a temporary filling, he or she will remove it at the next appointment. It only stays on a tooth for a short time.

The Common Uses for Temporary Tooth Fillings

So, why would a dentist use a temporary tooth filling? Many reasons can explain the answer to this, but here are the most common reasons:

To Protect a Tooth During a Root Canal

If you ever need a root canal procedure, your dentist might complete it in two visits. After the first visit, the dentist might place a temporary filling on the tooth to seal it up.

When you return for the second half of the root canal, the dentist can easily remove the temporary cavity filling to complete the rest of the root canal procedure.

To Protect a Tooth While Waiting for a Crown

If you need a dental crown on a tooth, you will also likely need to go to the dental office for two appointments. The first appointment prepares the tooth and measures it for the crown. The second appointment is when you get the crown.

To protect the tooth between these two visits, a dentist might place a temporary filling in the tooth.

To Protect a Tooth While Waiting to Perform a Procedure

Dentists might also use temporary fillings when they need to complete additional work on a tooth that they cannot finish during your appointment.

For example, if the dentist finds a problem with a tooth that he cannot fix at this time, he may place a temporary filling on it to keep the tooth safe until you can return to have the tooth fixed.

Learn More About Tooth Fillings

Now that you understand what a temporary tooth filling is, you might realize why you need one.

Temporary fillings are generally part of the process of fixing a tooth issue, but they are not the end solution. If you have questions about temporary fillings or want to know more about them, check our blog for more information.

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