Should You Hire Someone to Write Your CV?

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You’re staring at your curriculum vitae or CV on the computer screen, knowing it might be the most important document you’ve ever written. It’s the key to getting your place at your dream university, so you need to highlight your strengths in clear, error-free language. Can you trust yourself to do it right, or should you hire someone?

Hiring someone to write your CV depends on how well you know your weaknesses and strengths. Can you tell your own story? Are you a good writer?

Read on for ideas to help you decide whether to hire a CV writer or not.

Can You Emphasize Your Strengths?

Each academic position or job posting has different requirements. Your CV will need to show that you fulfill the requirements. That means you will need to tailor your CV and showcase your strengths for each application. 

If you have trouble identifying your strengths, or if you feel self-conscious about identifying your strengths, you may want to use professional CV writing. An experienced CV writer can consult with you to help you figure out your best qualifications for certain positions. Sometimes a CV writer can even help you identify strengths you didn’t realize you had.

Can You Focus on What’s Important?

An academic CV can be 3-5 pages long, which gives you plenty of room to list qualifications, experience, and publications. But having too much information, or irrelevant information can hide your most important information. It’s also easy to focus on some of your favorite work, instead of your most relevant work.

An objective CV writer may be able to identify what’s most relevant for each individual application.

Can You Write Clearly?

Although you’re applying to a university, your language needs to be clear and not full of academic jargon. If you’re too used to writing formal academic style, you may need someone to help you break through to clarify. You might also need someone to look at your CV and help you catch jargon that’s only used at your university.

Likewise, if you know that writing is not one of your strengths, get some help. You may ask a trusted friend who’s also a good writer or turn to a professional. 

Does Your Experience Fit a Template?

A good CV template will give you a good start for your writing. Many universities include examples of templates, including the University of Oxford and the University of Leeds. You can also find general CV examples on different websites.  

If you feel that your experience doesn’t fit into one of these formats, you may want to consult a professional for guidance.

Do You Have an Advisor?

The best people to help you write your CV are your faculty advisors. They know what kinds of information to include, and what formats are most effective. 

If you don’t have access to a faculty advisor or a trusted expert, you may want to consult a CV writer.

Let Your CV Show Your Best Self

Once you know your strengths and weaknesses, you’ll know what to work on and when to ask for help. You’ll be able, to sum up, your qualifications and your best work so that your CV will help you reach your goals. 

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