Save Money on Dental Work: How to Find Affordable Oral Surgery

Dental work is one of the most expensive forms of work you can have done. Why is dental work so expensive? Many insurance policies don’t cover dental work, or they only cover a small portion of the cost. 

Because of this, many people go without dental insurance or without seeing a dentist or dental specialist of any kind. The longer you go without regular dental care, however, the better chance you have at needing major work done in the future. 

If you’ve gotten to the point where you now need surgery, then it’s time to start discovering ways to find affordable oral surgery. Oral surgery can get expensive quickly, but our guide below lists a few different ways to save on dental work and find the affordable oral surgery you need. 

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Subscribe to a Dental Discount Plan

Dental discount plans or dental savings plans work by providing you with a variety of discounts on most dental work after you pay an annual fee. The cost of the annual fee is almost always more affordable than the price you’d pay annually on monthly premiums for dental insurance. 

Dental discount plans are a great option for those who either aren’t offered dental insurance by their provider or simply can’t afford the cost of the monthly premium payments. After paying your annual fee, you’ll then have a discount card to use when you see your dentist. 

Be sure that the plan includes oral surgery before subscribing! 

Sign Up for a Payment Plan

Discount and savings plans aren’t the only plans you can consider to help save money on your next dentist visit. You can also speak with your dentist about signing up for a payment plan with their office. 

Before you have any work done, including your oral surgery, ask the dentist if they can work out a payment plan with you for the work you need to be done. Some offices might allow you to make monthly payments plus interest on dental visits. 

Your dentist’s office might also have a credit card that you can take out with them to pay for your visit and then make small payments on. Always ask ahead of time. 

Shop Around for Prices and Pay in Cash

If you want to find the best deal, you’ll need to do a bit of shopping just like with any other type of deal hunting. Check out a few different dentists’ offices and speak to them about the services they offer and their prices. Look at all the offices in your neighborhood and don’t be scared to branch out a bit if needed.

Once you find a more affordable one, be sure to do your research on them and look up reviews. You can also ask is there’s a discount for paying in cash for the visit or services. 

Open a Care Credit Card

If you’re in desperate need of dental work or oral surgery but don’t have the money to pay for the services, you can also consider opening a credit card. After opening a credit card, you can pay for the services in full and then make payments to your credit card until it’s paid off.

Care Credit is a credit card that’s used only for medical, dental, or vet needs. These are the only things that you can use your Care Credit card on, making it easier to keep the card paid off. Most dentist offices can provide you with the Care Credit card right there in the office when it’s time to check out.

Contact Your Local Health Department

Your local health department should have dental/medical centers that you can visit with low-cost services. These facilities are put in place for those with low income who can’t afford regular doctor visits. 

The offices normally offer a range of services all in one place, so dental isn’t the only type of treatment you can seek at one of these facilities. Contact your local health department and ask where the nearest location to you is. 

You can also ask what the costs for certain dental work procedures are. 

Visit a Dental School

If you’ve ever been to a school where students are learning to do hair and then have them cut your hair for you, then you’ll understand the concept of visiting a dental school. Students at dental schools will provide dental services to you at a discount price. 

If you’re feeling a bit hesitant to have someone in training perform a dental procedure on you, then you’ll find peace knowing that a certified dentist will be right by the student’s side to assure everything is done the correct way. Dental students will need to gain experience, and you need affordable dental care, so this might be a great option for you!

Find Savings or Coupons Online

Before you visit your dentist, look online for savings or coupons on daily deal websites. You might not be able to find a coupon for the exact type of procedure that you need to be done, but you can easily find coupons for regular cleanings, fillings, receiving a dental crown, and more.

It’s worth a shot to check these types of websites out and see what you can find. 

Affordable Oral Surgery Does Exist! 

Finding affordable oral surgery might take some time, but with the help of these tips listed above and a bit of effort, it’s possible! Keep this guide handy for the best results when beginning your own search for affordable dental care.

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