5 Reasons You Should Be Roasting Your Own Coffee Beans

Roasted Coffee Beans

Does your coffee taste a little bland? 

It might be your beans. If you bought them pre-roasted and ready for brewing, they may have already gone through oxidation. Even with the best packaging, coffee beans can still go stale if they stay on the shelf for weeks. 

The solution is to start roasting your own coffee. 

How does this help? Is it worth the effort and investment? Discover the answers in our guide below:

1. Freshness

Did you know that roasted coffee beans don’t stay fresh long? Once roasted, the oxidation process begins. Even with an air-tight container, coffee beans can become stale after two weeks.

Roasting your own coffee works around this issue. Now you can roast a small amount of coffee, seal it, and consume it before it gets stale. You’ll always be able to brew flavorful coffee from now on. 

2. Affordable

Go ahead and take a moment to check the prices of packaged roasted coffee. They can cost a lot per pound but if you start roasting coffee at home, you’ll be able to cut the cost down by a significant margin.

You could buy affordable green coffee beans wholesale from a supplier like Intercontinental Coffee Trading and it’ll cost less than what you’d spend for a few pounds of roasted coffee.

Most shops sell fresh, unroasted coffee at a fraction of the price they’d sell roasted beans. This is because they won’t have to shoulder the resources to roast, package, and maintain the beans. Those responsibilities now fall on your shoulder and while that can seem intimidating, it offers you full flavor control.

3. Full Flavor Control

Home roasting coffee gives you the opportunity to make coffee exactly the way you prefer. 

Do you want a light cinnamon roast that doesn’t offer strong flavors but packs in a lot of caffeine? Do you want a medium American roast or a dark, flavorful French roast? 

You can achieve these by learning how to roast coffee beans. Roasting relies heavily on proper temperature control and listening for the iconic “cracking” sounds. 

4. Freedom to Experiment

If you want to add different oils to mix in external flavors, say vanilla extract, for example, you can do it when you roast at home. Now you can perfect how you want your coffee to taste, smell, and feel in your mouth.

Don’t feel afraid to experiment! It’s one of the most fun advantages of roasting coffee yourself. Try different flavors, different roast levels, and combinations to get the flavor you want. 

5. Profitability

As mentioned, roasting your own coffee is affordable and it gives you full control over the flavor and texture. If you want to go one step further and make it a business, you can!

With enough marketing, you could quit your job and focus entirely on roasting and selling coffee. If you own a coffee shop, roasting your own coffee is a good way of cutting down business expenses and increases your revenue.

Start Roasting Your Own Coffee Now!

Why settle for pre-roasted coffee beans that might not be fresh or tailor-suited to your preferences? Start roasting your own coffee today! Take advantage of the benefits we’ve listed above.

Of course, roasting coffee isn’t as simple as it sounds. There’s a lot to learn to get it right. The good news is we’ve got all the guides you need so don’t hesitate to check out more of our posts right here!

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