5 Fun Block Party Ideas You and Your Neighbors Will Enjoy

Neigborhood Party

Only 26% of Americans say they know most of their neighbors.

A fantastic way to bring neighbors together is by hosting a block party where everyone can bond for the day.

If you’re eager to throw an unforgettable block party but are stumped for block party ideas, you’ve come to the right place.

Here are five fantastic block party ideas.

1. Outdoor Movie Night 

Not sure what to do to have a block party?

After using technology for organizing an event, start planning an outdoor movie night. Before the date, ask your neighbors for movie recommendations and get them to vote for their favorite.

Once decided, encourage people to bring movie snacks so there’s enough popcorn, hot dogs, and nachos for everyone. You can either rent a giant inflatable movie screen or project the movie on a garage door. 

2. Bonfire Night 

Bonfire night is one of the best ideas for block parties to round off a night. A major plus is how everyone can bring their favorite toppings for s’mores and roast them over an open flame. 

If it’s cool at night, you can even have a hot chocolate neighborhood party so everyone can unwind with a yummy cup of cocoa.

3. Photo Booths  

There’s no better way to commemorate your neighborhood block party than by hiring a photo booth.

All you need is a curtain, a stool, and some polaroid film. If you don’t have the materials, consider renting instead.

Or try framed photo booths. Create large picture frames and grab funny props so your neighbors can snap pictures with one another.

4. Neighborhood Pizza Party

One of the top tips for throwing a block party is keeping your neighbors well fed. 

Invest in a pizza oven, plenty of flour, and toppings so your neighbors can make their favorite pizza. Adults on the block can take shifts to be top chef and get the little ones to help make the bases. 

Or try a “Build A Burger” block party because nothing says summer better than sizzling burgers on the BBQ. Invite your neighbors to bring a range of gourmet ingredients and create the ultimate burger. 

You can even see who can stack their burgers the highest!

5. Bicycle Parade

Neighborhood block parties need a theme so have a vote before the special day. Before the big party, get the kids to decorate their bicycles to fit in with the theme, for example, superheroes. 

Dedicate time to have a bicycle parade where kids can show off their creativity. You could even make it a competition to see who has the best bicycle design on the block.

Those Are Our Favorite Block Party Ideas

Now you have five awesome block party ideas to inspire you.

There are many options available, whether you want a food-filled day or dedicate an evening for movie night. Either way, get the block involved and use this as an opportunity to bond. Have fun!

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