A Complete Guide to Teeth Whitening Options

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You go to the dentist regularly and brush your teeth two times a day as directed but still, your teeth are a bit discolored and not as white as you want them. 

Having pearly white teeth sometimes seems like a dream and not a reality. But what if there are many options for you to get those shiny white teeth that you’ve always dreamed of?

Keep reading for our complete guide on teeth whitening options for you.

Why Do Teeth Turn Yellow?

Before diving into teeth whitening options you should know why your teeth turn yellow or look discolored. There are two reasons and both of these reasons speed up as you get older. 

Enamel is the outer layer of your teeth and this is what makes them appear to be white. Underneath your enamel is a layer of tissue called dentin and this is a yellowish-brown color. So when your enamel wears away this is what makes your teeth look discolored. 

Your teeth can also appear to look discolored from stains. Stains can come from foods and beverages such as coffee, soda, berries, curry, among other things. When trying to whiten your teeth you may want to try to actively avoid things that can stain your teeth.  

Teeth Whitening Strips

If you’re looking for a convenient way to whiten your teeth, then teeth whitening strips may be the right call for you. Teeth-whitening strips are sold in pretty much any drug store and they are fairly inexpensive so you can buy them whenever you need them.  

They’re also very easy to use as long as you follow the directions right on the box. The downside to teeth whitening strips is it may take longer to produce the result you want depending on the amount of peroxide in the strip. 

Teeth Whitening Toothpaste

Another easy and affordable option is to start using teeth whitening toothpaste daily. This is a super easy option because you don’t have to add anything new to your daily routine. 

Teeth whitening toothpaste works to remove surface stains with mild abrasives. They contain additional polishing agents and special chemicals that are more powerful at removing stains than regular toothpaste.

On the other hand, this type of toothpaste does not bleach your teeth so you may not see lasting results. If you rely on this toothpaste too much, then you may feel a bit of tooth sensitivity or damage to your enamel over time. 

Go to a Professional

If you want to change your entire look you may want to start with your teeth and the best way to do this is by hiring a cosmetic dentist. They can help you change the look of your teeth and give your entire face a healthy glow. Finding the best cosmetic dentist could be a bit difficult but there are some major things you should look for when looking to hire one. 

When you hire a cosmetic dentist you’re going to get the best service for your teeth possible. This type of dentist is all about changing the way your teeth look. They can help you get rid of that discolored look and give you the perfectly straight teeth you’ve always dreamed of. 

In-Office Bleaching

In-office bleaching is a great way to see results fast. To have this procedure done you will go to a dentist office. It usually takes a little over an hour so it’s a very quick procedure. 

You may experience a bit of pain but it is just because your teeth are sensitive to the peroxide used. This procedure can be very costly and you will want to stay committed to keeping your teeth as white as possible. The benefit is that you can see the results of the procedure immediately which is why it is very popular. 

Teeth Whitening Rinses

Another popular way to get whiter teeth is by using a whitening rinse. They work just like mouth wash by reducing bad breath and helping to fight dental plaque as well as gum disease. You will want to look for a product that contains hydrogen peroxide. 

Unfortunately, this is a lengthy process and you may not really see the results until 12 weeks of use. But it is very easy to use! All you do is swish it around your mouth for 60 seconds before brushing your teeth. 

A whitening rinse is a great thing to add into your daily routine but it may not give you the teeth whitening results that you’re craving. It only comes in contact with your teeth for about two minutes a day so it isn’t as effective as many other teeth whitening products. 

Teeth Whitening Gels and Trays

Teeth whitening gels and trays can be very effective but do not give immediate results. You can wear these gels and trays for a couple of hours a day or even while you sleep at night. It can take anywhere from 3 days to a few weeks to see results with gels and trays. 

There are two different types of teeth whitening gels and trays that you can buy. The kind that your dentist can sell you or the kind that you can buy over the counter. When you get teeth whitening gels and trays from your dentist you may see faster results because they contain a higher amount of the peroxide bleaching agent. 

Another benefit of purchasing trays from your dentist is that they can have them custom fit for your teeth. When you purchase over the counter whitening gels and trays they are just generic so they may not fit your teeth correctly. This could result in the gel coming in contact with your gums which could cause irritation. 

Many Teeth Whitening Options

There are many different teeth whitening options that you can choose from. You may have to experiment with the different methods but finding the best one for you should be easy. 

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