5 Weird Ways to Lose Weight

A lot of people have tried to lose weight, and a lot of people usually give up pretty quickly on losing weight. But why?

We all know that it takes diet and exercise to lose weight, but sometimes we still can’t manage to do those things and look for an easy way out. Sometimes diets don’t work, or they’re just too difficult to stick to. Or sometimes life gets busy, and you can’t go to the gym every day that you want to.

You’ve come to the right place if you feel like diet and exercise just won’t cut it for you. Even if you do diet and exercise, you still may be looking for an extra push to shed the pounds.

Keep reading for five weird ways to lose weight that could help you.

1. Chew Your Food Slowly

Chewing your food slowly can help your brain process that you are full and that you’ve had enough to eat before you finish your entire meal. This can help you eat fewer calories during a meal and also aids in the production of hormones related to weight loss.

To do this, you should be chewing all of your food thoroughly. Researchers have found that people with weight problems do not chew their food as thoroughly as they could. This will help to reduce the number of calories you intake during a meal.

People who consider themselves fast eaters usually gain weight quicker than people who eat slow. Eating slowly will help to aid weight loss over time and make you feel healthier in the long run.

2. Intermittent Fasting

Intermittent fasting is a new craze where you only eat during certain times of the day and fast during the rest. This is not considered a diet because you aren’t really restricting your calories, although you should choose to eat healthier. Different types of intermittent fasting can have different outcomes and depend on how much experience you have with fasting.

For example, one type of intermittent fasting is when men fast for 16 hours of the day and then eat what they want for the remaining 8 hours. For women, they will fast for 14 hours and eat whatever they want for the remaining 10 hours of their day.

There are many different effects intermittent fasting can have on a person’s body. It can help to lower blood sugars, blood pressure, and inflammation levels. Intermittent fasting also reduces levels of insulin, meaning the body can use stored fat easier.

3. CBD Oil

CBD oil has become a huge fad lately, and you can even incorporate it into your diet to help with weight loss. It helps to supplement healthy habits and better choices.

CBD oil for weight loss can help you in many ways overall because it is a mood booster. CBD oil may not be for you if you are currently doing rigorous workouts, although because of it’s anti-inflammatory components it could help with sore muscles.

Researchers have found that CBD plays a huge role in the way that your body will interact with fat. CBD helps to turn bad fat cells into good fat cells.

In some studies, CBD oil can help someone lose weight because it reduced their appetite, causing them to eat less food. If you want to take CBD oil for weight loss, then you will want to start off at a low dose. Take a low dose for about a week to see how your body will react before increasing and make sure to talk with your doctor.

4. Use the Color Blue

For some strange reason, the color blue is an appetite suppressant. If you look around a restaurant, then it is likely that it is not decorated in blue.

Decorating your kitchen or dining room in the color blue can help you eat up to 33% less. You could also accomplish this by eating on blue paper plates with blue napkins on a blue table cloth.

Another way to incorporate blue into your daily life and food intake is to put a blue light in your fridge. Having a blue light in your fridge could help you cut down on eating snacks and make you less hungry when you open your refrigerator.

Some people even go as far as dying their food blue with natural food coloring. The reason why blue is a good way to deter you from eating is that blue is not a natural color for food to be. Our natural instinct makes us avoid poisonous foods, so our body correlates blue food with poisons.

This is a weird way to suppress your appetite, but some people have found it to work for them. Hopefully blue is your favorite color! You should also avoid colors like red, orange, and yellow because these colors promote hunger.

5. Eat Spicy Foods

Eating spicy foods may not help you lose tons of weight, but it definitely can push you in the right direction to losing weight. The reason why eating spicy foods can aid with weight loss is because spicy foods help to decrease your appetite.

People stated that after they ate cayenne, they had fewer cravings for fatty, sweet, or salty foods. Spicy foods can also help you feel more full while eating, resulting in eating less. They can cause your body to feel more satisfied after eating.

Besides decreasing your appetite, spicy foods also can help you burn calories. A good way to incorporate spice into your diet would be to add cayenne to your eggs or cottage cheese. Hopefully, you will like the flavor of the spicy foods and lose some weight along the way.

Even More Weird Ways to Lose Weight

We just went over five interesting and weird ways to lose weight, but there are plenty more. If you’re trying to lose weight, then hopefully you can incorporate some of these tips into your everyday life.

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