Cast a Wider Net: How to Buy Cheap Fish Without Sacrificing Quality

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Is fish your favorite dish? Or maybe you’re just looking to add more nutrient-dense, healthy recipes to your weekly repertoire? And though the average American is eating about 15 pounds of fish each year, which is up from recent years, it’s still only about half of the recommended by the U.S. dietary guidelines. 

If you’re looking to add more fish to your diet but aren’t sure how to do it without spending a lot, check out this guide on how to get cheap fish or make expensive fish fit your lifestyle:

Resist the Rare Fish and Opt for Cheap Fish

It might come as a surprise to discover that endangered fish don’t get the attention and protection that endangered mammals do. Because of this, there are some fish that are rare and still regularly consumed across the world. These fish are often expensive because of their rarity.

Some of these expensive fish include orange roughy, haddock, Atlantic halibut, Atlantic cod, bluefin tuna, and sea bass to name a few.

So save the fish and save your pocketbook by avoiding these rare fish when you dine. 

Look for Short-Lived Breeds

Fish that grow fast and are smaller in size can replenish more quickly than other types of fish. Fish that are lower on the food chain are affordable and eating them is better for your health since they are less likely to have high levels of mercury in their systems. 

Mix Your Seafood Portions With Hearty Dishes

Your seafood will stretch farther when you mix it with other dishes to make the meal seem less skimpy while sticking within your budget. Instead of having a large portion of wild salmon, look for recipes that include fish in smaller quantities. 

Pasta dishes with seafood sauce make for a filling, satisfying meal. Soups are also a great option for enjoying a seafood meal without the hefty price tag. Salads can be served up with nuts, vegetables, and a fillet of fish with a delicious dressing. 

Mixing fish with rice and vegetables is another way to get the fish you crave with a budget in mind. Try this recipe for a hearty meal that will feed a group. 

Embrace Smaller Portions

If you love seafood but can’t afford eating it regularly, you can look for cheap fish items whenever possible and opt for smaller portions of the pieces you crave. You can always mix your protein choices and combine other types of meat or sides with your seafood. 

Shop for Sales

Shop around for sales on seafood to find deals that are significantly cheaper than normal. Some sales are better than others, but as you look around at the different markets and stores in your area, you’ll get a sense for when they have seafood specials. 

Asian markets can be a great place to find deals on seafood. Some of them are better than others, so don’t be discouraged if the first one you visit doesn’t have a wide selection of fish. 

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