Thrifty Fashion: How to Take Your Teens School Clothes Shopping Without Going Broke

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It’s every parent’s dream and every kid’s nightmare. It’s back to school time. 

Going back to school means new packs of paper, blank notebooks, fresh erasers, and newly sharpened pencils. It also means whole new stylish outfits to show your friend. 

One of the main downfalls about going back to school is how much money is spent to prepare for the start of school. You started saving at the beginning of summer, and now you’re watching all the money disappear with your kids. 

Fortunately for you, there are ways to save while school clothes shopping with your teen. Keep reading to find out more. 

Know What You Need

The first step to a successfully budgeted school clothes shopping trip is knowing what you need to buy. Start by cleaning out your teen’s closet. Set aside anything that doesn’t fit or they refuse to wear. 

Once you can see what you have left, make notes of what you don’t have anymore. To make it an even more specific vision of what you need, jot down what style you are aiming for when shopping. You can even write down which specific stores to check out first. 

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Stay Focused

We all know the horror of grocery shopping while being hungry. You end up buying way more than you need to. 

It’s kind of like clothes shopping without focus. You get distracted by shiny objects and soft fabrics. Have your list of stores and needed clothes ready, and don’t let yourself drift away from the goal. 

If you do become distracted, your school clothes shopping might turn into a hole in your pocket. Always practice budgeting

To help yourself out a little more at the mall, get cash out before going. Only allow yourself to spend the cash. Challenge yourself to not even touch your credit or debit card. 

Do Some Research

Before you head to the mall for back to school clothes, take some time at the computer with your teen. Check out all the sites of the stores you wish to visit. 

You might be surprised at how many stores are running deals you didn’t even know about. If you do a little extra digging, you might be able to find some sweet coupons to use. 

When you get to the stores in-person, head straight to the back of the store. That’s typically where they keep all of the good deals! If you don’t see something in the store that you saw online, ask a sales associate.

School Clothes Shopping with Your Teen

Now that you know how to save and budget money while school clothes shopping with your teen, you’re good to go. You’ll be at peace with your bank account, and they’ll be feeling confident at school. 

Make sure to keep focused at the mall, do some prior research, and know exactly what you need before you go. You’ll be thanking yourself later.

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