The 10 Best (and Cheapest) Self Defense Weapons

self defense weapons

It’s late, you’re tired, and you’re just trying to get home, so you take a shortcut through an alleyway near your work. Just as you near the end of the alleyway, you notice footsteps behind you.

Have you ever imagined a similar situation? If you haven’t, you should. Nobody likes to end up in a dangerous situation, but the truth is, it happens. But you don’t have to be caught unprepared.

First off, you shouldn’t be in a dark alleyway in the first place. Always stick to safely lit and populated areas! But on top of that, you should be armed.

We don’t necessarily mean you should be carrying a lethal weapon. On the contrary, there are many self defense weapons that are non-lethal.

Even better, there are many inexpensive items you can use to protect yourself and your home. Here are ten of them you should consider using.

1. Tactical Pen

Tactical pens are great if you want to be discreet in your self defense efforts. Totally inconspicuous, a pen can serve as a perfect self defense tool, and it is a suitable substitute if you don’t feel comfortable carrying a knife.

Tactical pens can be used to stab, hit, or jab to great effect. And, they work as regular pens, too. Disguise your defensive tactics perfectly by carrying a textbook or notebook. Nobody will think twice about the fact that you’re carrying a pen, too.

2. Install a Self Defense App on your Phone

Cell phones come with emergency options already built in, but did you know you can get self defense apps? These can be extremely helpful should an attacker appear.

But what can an app do to protect you? Well, consider the PANIK app. This app uses a combination of flashing lights and loud noise to call attention to the situation. It will also send a distress call to your social media accounts and text contacts.

Keep in mind though, that this type of self defense relies on others, so you may want to be prepared with another defense option.

3. Pepper Spray

Probably one of the most common and affordable self defense tools, pepper spray is incredibly effective. One spray will cause terrible irritation to your assailant’s eyes, skin, a respiratory system.

While this is only a diversionary form of self defense, it can really buy you some time. It may have other perks, as well. For example, the Fox Labs FX156 MGS Mean-Green pepper spray also sprays your attacker with green marking dye to aid with identification.

4. Tactical Flashlight

This is more than just an ordinary flashlight, though it serves that purpose too. Flashlights are great for grabbing attention and viewing your attacker. Tactical flashlights will also provide enough light to temporarily blind the attacker.

Some flashlights will come with extra safety options, including SOS mode.

Small and easy to carry, and convenient any time you need a light, a tactical flashlight is a great self defense tool. And you’ll already be carrying it if its dark.

5. Taser/Stun Gun

Tasers and stun guns are popular affordable tools for self defense. They present a particularly good option if you want something powerful but non-lethal.

Highly effective, a taser will immobilize your attacker for at least five seconds, giving you time to get away and raise the alarm. Some come with built-in LED lights for even more convenience.

This defense site sells several stun guns, as well as other self defense tools. Check them out!

6. Self Defense Keychains

Have you ever thought of defending yourself with one of your keychains? While your keys themselves could be helpful, keychains have been specifically created for self defense.

These come in many different forms, including whistles, alarms, and tools to attack with. We recommend going with the options that actually help you cause some damage since the others just call attention. Though they may scare your attacker into getting away before help comes.

7. Baseball Bat

You aren’t likely to have a baseball bat handy when you’re out and about, but they’re great tools for home security. You may already have one on hand, making them one of the cheapest options on this list.

Baseball bats can really damage or deter an attacker, but they aren’t lethal weapons. They’re a great tool to have around if you don’t want to have a gun or other lethal weapon readily available.

If you’re worried about home security, consider installing an inexpensive security system.

8. Knife

A knife can be very useful for self defense, as long as you know how and are willing to use it. Like many of the options listed here, knives can be compact and easy to carry and conceal. They’re also inexpensive.

Knives can be dangerous even to you, though. Make sure you carry responsibly. And be aware you may not be able to get through security, so in some cases, you may have to leave your knife at home. In that case, you should have a backup self defense tool on you.

9. Man’s Best Friend

If you’re looking for companionship as well as protection, get yourself a dog. The more intimidated it sounds and looks, the better.

Dogs are great for home alerts and protection, as well as protecting you while you’re out running. This option can get pricey, but there are plenty of dogs up for adoption that will save you some money while giving you better peace of mind.

10. Your Hands and Feet

And last, but not least, if nothing else you can use own hands and feet. They’re always with you, they don’t cost you a thing, and they’re highly useful.

Consider taking a self defense class to learn how to best use your body against potential attackers.

Self Defense Weapons Can Be Cheap

You don’t have to break the bank in order to protect yourself, either at home or while you’re out. Many self defense weapons are available for less than taking your family to the movies.

Take your safety into your own hands by going with one of these self defense options today. Whatever option you choose, make sure you have a plan for how to use your weapon should you need to. Then you’ll be prepared, whether you get attacked or not.

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