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How to Take the Stress Out of Your Next Work Trip

work tripAs more than 1 billion workers are virtual, dispersed, or non-traditional, the average employee spends more time in transit than ever before. Even while you’re on the go, your employer might expect that you get some work done or be prepared to hit the ground running. By preparing for your work trip the right way, you can be sure that it doesn’t disrupt your productivity or comfort.

Depending on how often you travel, the 3-5 days you spend recovering from jet lag might not be an option. You might need to be alert and aware every step of the way. That’s why you need a strategy for your next trip.

If you want to be happy, comfortable, productive, and well-rested before, during, and after your next work trip, follow these 3 tips.

1. Disrupt Your Sleep Schedule Now

As you move from one time zone to the next, your body will be stuck in the place you most recently slept. Even if the clock reads 1 AM, if your body thinks it’s only 4 PM, you could be in for a rough night of sleep.

Get to know the time difference you’ll be facing when you take your trip. Start adjusting your sleep little by little now. If you’re going from the US to Europe, stay up as late as you can so that you’ll be exhausted once you get on your flight.

If you can remain asleep during a flight, you should be good. If you have trouble sleeping, try a little bit of liquid melatonin to help you get to sleep.

2. Book Everything Now

Take the time to start sending out emails to the people you want to meet with. Book a full schedule so that you know what you’re doing at what time each day. This can prepare you in multiple ways.

You can be aware of when your hardest days are, so you’ll be well rested. You’ll know who you’re meeting for cocktails and who you’re meeting for business and know what to pack. You can also prepare mentally for the flow of events to come.

Try out for booking your car from the airport in advance.

3. Take Some Vitamins

It’s important to load up on Vitamin C before you head to the airport. The number of doorknobs, armrests, and recycled air that you’ll encounter will contain lots of opportunities for you to get sick. Eat as healthy as possible for 3 days before your trip.

Make sure you’ve also packed your bag with plenty of medication. If you’re heading to a foreign country, you might have trouble getting what you need. You’re better off carrying extra.

Prepping For Your Work Trip Will Relax You

If you don’t know what you’re expecting from day to day, you could be on edge during your entire trip. This could lead to poor work output and leaves open the potential for making lots of mistakes. Taking the time to prepare will allow you to give your best performance while on your work trip.

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