5 Unexpected Ways to Earn Cash Before Rent Is Due

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Did you realize that 39% of Americans have zero savings?

Now imagine this scenario. It’s the end of the month. You check your bank account and discover you are flat out of cash.

How in the world are you going to pay rent?

If this is you right now, don’t worry. Here are five unexpected ways to earn cash before your rent is due.

1. Go Undercover as a Secret Shopper

Do you like to eat out? If so, then secret shopping is the gig for you.

Restaurants across the country are always eager to hear real, honest opinions from their customers. And there are secret shopping companies that will pay you cash (as well as give you a free meal) and give your insight into your experiences.

It’s as simple as registering with a company and then getting to work. Pay attention to the details while you’re out and then report on how you were treated, what you saw, and your overall experience.

This is a no-brainer for all foodies.

2. Become a Craiglist Reseller

I’m sure you’ve heard of buying and selling goods on Craigslist. Well, the cool news is that Craiglist offers another great way to earn cash.

How? By reselling free Craiglist items.

Quite often, people are so desperate or time-strapped to get rid of things that they literally give them away for free. Then all you have to do is pick up the item and then resell it on Craiglist for a profit.

It’s simple. Sometimes people have to suddenly move or are downsizing. This is the perfect opportunity for you to make a profit off their free goods.

3. Sell Your Old Clothes Online

Another great way to earn cash online is to sell your clothes.

Take a second and go through your closet. Almost everyone has items they no longer wear that are simply taking up space. And if you need extra cash, then sell them!

For example, on Joli Closet, you can sell clothes, jewelry, or bags to anyone around the world. This has to be one of the simplest but most effective ways to earn a little extra cash.

4. Another Way to Earn Cash: Walk the Dogs

Are you a dog lover? Then this one’s for you.

Often times, dog owners want to take their fur babies out for a walk but can’t get away from work or they’re out of town.

Here’s where you come in! There are a bunch of online services that will connect you with local dogs who need a walk. Get outside and get some exercise all while making some extra money.

Sounds like a dream to me!

5. Share Your Thoughts

Surveys are one of the simplest ways to earn some extra cash. There are all kinds of online services that will pay you for your thoughts and opinions.

Although the pay might not be that great, this is a simple way to add to your bank account so you can get that rent paid on time.

Next Steps

All you need to do next is get started. Pick one of these ideas and begin!

You can also check out our Personal Finance blog to learn how to better your overall financial skills.

Now get to work and get that rent paid on time!

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