5 Reasons Your Home Needs a Regular Pest Inspection

home pest inspection

You keep your home squeaky clean and spotless, so you might expect that pests wouldn’t be an issue.

What you may not realize is that pests in the home can be a problem even for a well-kept house. Because pests can find their way into your home for all sorts of reasons, you need a home pest inspection to assess your home and address any possible pest problems.

Pest infestations may not be obvious, but this doesn’t mean they’re not there. Read on to learn five reasons you should have your home inspected for pests regularly.

1. Home Treatments May Not Cut It

Though it’s tempting to buy pest control treatments and equipment and try to tackle the job on your own, you could be missing more than you’re hitting. Most of the time, treatments purchased from the store or home remedies can only treat what you can see. This can lead you to believe you have eliminated the problem when the source and bulk of the pest infestation is hidden.

Because many pests have vast colonies or extensive nests in places you can’t easily see, it’s necessary to have a home pest inspection done by a professional. They’ll know where to look and what signs indicate pest invasion.

2. Pests Can Damage Your Property

Most pests end up in your home because they are seeking a food source. When their food source happens to be your belongings and property, massive amounts of damage can be done.

Various termites and carpenter ants are notorious for damaging a home’s structure, as they love wood and sheetrock paper. These pests hide inside walls, causing a lot of costly damage well before you ever know they’re there.

Other bugs, such as silverfish and carpet beetles, are drawn to organic fibers. This makes them especially attracted to upholstered furniture, clothing items, towels, blankets, and sheets.

These are only a few pests that can move in and destroy your home and belongings.

3. Health Risks from Pest Exposure

The general population enjoys a clean, healthy life because of improved healthcare, sanitary conditions, and good pest control.

Many pests are capable of carrying detrimental diseases. A few examples of these diseases are:

  • Lyme disease carried by ticks
  • West Nile Virus and Zika by mosquitoes
  • Hantavirus by rodents

A home pest inspection can ensure that you’re not living with pests that could spread a serious disease to you.

4. Food Safety

Food can make your home very attractive for pests such as:

Even if your kitchen is clean, these pests can make their way in, spoiling your food. Home gardens are affected also. Garden pests such as aphids can hinder the growth of fruit and vegetables.

5. Prevention is Key

Pest inspections are all about finding pests before they become a problem. If there aren’t visible pests, an inspector will be able to tell if you’ve got unwanted guests hiding out in your house.

Pest control is a must, no matter where you live. For a pest free home, look for:

  • Local pest control businesses
  • Pest control Tampa for the Tampa area
  • Pest control with many years of experience
  • Pest control that offers an inspection

Prevent damage and infestation before they become an expensive problem.

Get a Home Pest Inspection Regularly

Having your home checked on a regular basis could mean the difference between a well-maintained, damage-free home and one that is falling apart and crawling with pests.

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