Top 10 Board Games for Family Game Night

family game night

Sometimes you just need a family game night to relax. Spend some quality time with the people you love the most and have fun.

However, the possibilities are endless. With so many board games and such a large variety of products and genres, just a walk down the store or a visit to your favorite e-shop can prove quite challenging.

Today, we will take a look at ten different board games for an amazing game night. However, let’s learn more about the benefits they come with.

The Many Benefits of a Family Game Night

There are many different reasons why you should plan a family game night instead of just watching TV. Board games are able to help both adults and children:

  • Enhance communication skills
  • Promote the idea of fair play
  • Develop focused and strategic thinking
  • Sharpen their minds
  • Strengthen family bonds
  • Create a fun family tradition

So, now that you know why you should start organizing your next family game night, you should also know what board games you should play. Keep reading for more!

1. Scrabble

Everybody knows how to play Scrabble.

It might not be the newest board game (it was introduced in 1948), but it is certainly one of the classics. The rules are simple. The players are given letters which they have to put in the right order and form words.

A game night with Scrabble will be entertaining and educational both for adults and children. You will get to know new words, new meanings, synonyms, and totally new information.

2. Monopoly

Now, we are talking about the most popular and recognizable game of them all. Monopoly is a great way to talk to your kids about how money and investments work, teach them about business, and prepare them for what the future holds.

Today, it has been produced in almost a hundred languages and the total sales have reached 200 million games. However, traditional Monopoly is not for everyone, but there are many different alternative versions to choose from.

Get the one you like the most, and get ready for a delightful family game night or some exciting Monopoly marathons!

3. Pictionary

Do you want to give your mind a break and just let your creative juices flow? Then, Pictionary is what you should be looking for. Just draw the word or the phrase that the card mentions, and win!

This game promotes not only creativity but also team-spirit and bonding. Plus, you or your kid are going to develop amazing drawing abilities over time.

4. Trivial Pursuit

This super popular board game was conceived by Canadians Chris Haney and Scott Abbott while they were playing Scrabble. And it worked.

Today, Trivial Pursuit is one of the main choices for a family game night and you can actually learn one thing or two just by playing it. From random and useless to really helpful and sophisticated information, Trivial will be your best go-to when you don’t really know what to play.

Also, it comes in various versions to choose from. See more here.

5. Clue

Do you want to create some suspense and get some extra thrills? Play Clue!

The players run around a mansion trying to solve a murder. By gathering evidence they have to find the murderer, the weapon, and the location it happened.

Clue is an amazing medium to help you develop problem-solving abilities and critical thinking.

Fun fact: The game was invented in the UK (where they call it “Cluedo”) and the concept comes from World War II.

6. Puzzles For Not Just One Family Game Night

There is a great alternative for everyone who wants to create a family tradition by playing board games: Puzzles.

The benefits are already known. Puzzles promote creativity, problem-solving, social and cognitive skills as well as self-esteem, among others. Also, they are some kind of a ritual when you and your family come together regularly, and having a common goal to achieve will only bring you closer together.

The folks at Jigsaws Australia mention another great idea: Jigsaw parties. Split up into two teams and set the timer. The score can be based on the number of pieces each team has put in after the alarm rings.

7. Perfection

Now that we are talking about timers, it is time to talk about another great board game too: Perfection.

Each player has only 60 seconds to put twenty-five pieces in twenty-five matching-shaped spaces. If you make it on time, the timer stops. If you don’t, all the pieces that you have already put, pop out and scatter around.

Sounds exciting, right?

8. Scene It?

A family game night or a family movie night? That’s a dilemma. But why not combine them?

Scene It is the perfect board game for movie junkies who want to learn more about films they either know or they have never heard of. Also, with so many editions (from 90’s to TV) you can literally play a different version of Scene It every night.

However, you may want to keep in mind that, if there are really young children in your family, you should stay away from this game. For now.

9. Risk

Risk is both a game and a game changer. When it first came out in 1957, it was the first strategy board game that involved critical thinking, strategic moves, and fun, at the same time.

You and your enemies have only one goal: Conquest of the world.

Being the most popular war game in the world and with an award on its record, this fella here is going to offer you amazing game nights for you and your family.

10. Watch Ya’ Mouth

Watch Ya’ Mouth is a newcomer but this doesn’t mean that it is not worth our attention. The concept is really simple.

You have some mouthguards and almost a thousand phrases. The challenge is to say the phrases with your mouthguards on. Will your team repeat them back? If yes, you have a point!

Simple and hilarious!


Whether it is a classic board game or a totally new one, spending a fun night with your family will only make each one of you want more. A night of Clue can turn into a whole new ritual, and a family moment can be better than a night out with friends.

Do some research and talk about the board game you want to play over dinner tonight! There’s no reason not to strike while the iron is hot.

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