One Tool Can Transform You Into DIY Diva and Save Money

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Are you a ham-handed handyman around your home or business? The repairs are piling up, and you don’t want to spend another dollar on a repairman?

One tool can transform you into a DIY Diva and save you money.

The answer may surprise you! Read below to unlock the secret to becoming a DIY Diva.

10 Ways an air compressor can make you into a DIY Diva

I know what you’re thinking. An air compressor? Seriously? What am I supposed to do with one of those?

Here are ten things you can do with an air compressor that will not only save you time but save you money too. Keep reading for some creative uses for your air compressor around the yard, and in the garage and house.

#1 – Idiot-Proof Inflating

It’s Memorial Day weekend, you just opened the pool, and the kids want to go swimming. The bad news: all of the rafts and pool toys are still deflated in the garage.

Instead of spending hours blowing up that inflatable unicorn, use an air compressor. And while you’re at it, you can use your compressor to inflate footballs, basketballs, and kickballs, or get the family bike tires filled in a jiffy.

#2 – Wall Painting Parties

If you’re turning your guest room into a nursery or finally changing the color of the accent wall in your living room, an air compressor can also help with your larger painting projects.

Skip the roller and brush and hook up your air compressor to a paint gun to finish your project in no time. Just remember to move furniture out of the room and be very careful when taping off trim or other sections of the wall that you don’t want to be painted.

#3 – Quick Clean Up

Sometimes you want to clean something up but don’t want to use water. Whether you’ve been out in the yard weed whacking or sawing up a storm in the garage, using the air compressor can make quick work of your clean up.

By attaching your air compressor to an air blow gun (and put on some safety goggles), you can quickly and easily get rid of all of your mess. It’s also a great way to clean reusable filters for your furnace or your car.

Just remember to turn down the pressure on your compressor to 30 PSI or so before use.

#4 – Dream of a White Christmas

If you’re dreaming of a white Christmas, but live in Southern California, an air compressor can help make your dreams come true.

As a true DIY Diva, you can use your air compressor to build your very own snow machine using just a few pipes and valves and your compressor. You’ll be the best-decorated house on the block this holiday season!

#5 – Giddy Up the Grill

You’ve invited the neighbors over for a barbeque but were so busy chatting; you’ve forgotten to light the charcoal grill.

Not a problem. Instead of dumping light fluid on your grill, crank the heat in a hurry by using your air compressor to stoke the flames. You’ll get the grill up to temp in no time and ready to impress everyone with these delicious Hawaiian chicken kebobs!

#6 – Take that Nail Gun up a Notch

Nothing makes a home improvement project easier than a nail gun. Instead of buying a battery-operated nail gun for over $200, purchase a pneumatic nailer that’s used with an air compressor instead.

Not only are the pneumatic nail guns cheaper, but they’re also lighter and easier to maneuver. The air pressure also lasts much longer than a battery charge.

If you’ve bought a nail gun but looking for some home improvement inspiration, check out our blog on five amazing home improvement blog ideas.

#7 – Awesome Auto Repairs

Tired of paying your mechanic? If you’re up for the challenge of repairing your car, an air compressor is a must-have.

Sometimes trying to loosen a rusty or hard to reach bolt with a regular ratchet and socket set can take hours. Whether you’re changing the fuel filter or performing an overall tune-up, attaching an air compressor to an air ratchet tool will save you hours and makes auto repair a breeze.

#8 – Power Up Your Pressure Washer

An air compressor is a great way to power up your pressure washer and can help you winter-proof your home this year.

Use your air compressor and pressure washer to clean off your gas grill and outdoor furniture before your store it for the winter. It can also be used to clean patios, decks, driveways, exterior siding or brick.

Save some money at the car wash by using your powered-up pressure washer to clean your car. Just make sure to lower the pressure and use a special solution formulated to wash cars.

#9 – Staple Gun

Is it time to reupholster your favorite old living room chairs? Like the pneumatic nail gun, a pneumatic staple gun makes attaching some beautiful new fabric a quick and easy task.

The air pressure will do all the work for you, driving the staples down into the wooden furniture frame. It’s also a safer alternative than a manual staple gun. There’s less chance you’ll accidentally staple your hand as you apply pressure to a backward manual staple gun.

#10 – Fine Painting Finesse

If you’re rehabbing a kitchen hutch you just bought at a flea market or painting flames or thunderbolts on your riding mower; an air compressor is a tool for you!

Attach it to a spray gun, and you’ll fly through your painting in no time! Not only with the air compressor cut down on time, but a paint sprayer powered by a compressor will also give the smooth results that you’re looking for.

Keep in mind, compressors for detailed painting tend to be smaller than your standard compressor that attaches to pneumatic tools.

An air compressor is the quickest and easiest way to transform yourself into a DIY Diva. If you’re looking for a great deal on an air compressor, visit aircompressorsusa to pick one up today!

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