5 Toy Storage Ideas and Tips to Prepare for Christmas

toy storage

Are you ready for the Christmas season?

Worried you won’t have room for all of your child’s new toys?

It can be difficult finding room for new toys when your home is already full of them. While it may be time to donate or get rid of some of your child’s older toys, some toys may be difficult to get rid of.

If you’re trying to prepare for the Christmas season you’re going to want to improve the way you use your space. Luckily, these five tips will help you master the art of toy storage once and for all.

1. Love Those Labels to Improve Toy Storage

You may already have plenty of toy containers and boxes around your home. You may even sort different types of toys into different boxes. But are they labeled?

Labeling your storage boxes can really seal the deal and make things much easier for you and your children when it’s cleanup time. By clearly marking a box as “Legos” or as “Barbies” the process of cleanup will be much easier and simpler.

You may want to use printed labels, creative labels written with crayon, or simply a picture which signifies the category. Whatever you choose, a well-used labeling system can really help to facilitate the cleanup process and keep things more organized.

2. Don’t Leave Room for Monsters Under the Bed

If you find that you’re running out of room in the closet or other areas you may want to consider storing a few boxes under the bed.

While under the bed storage can often be a haphazard mess, you may consider getting a bit more organized with it.

Use DIY storage bins with wheels or add in a custom, short set of drawers to maximize your use of this space and keep it organized.

3. Dual-Purpose Furniture is Your Friend

When you find that you have too many toys around the house, it’s an excellent time to start looking around for new solutions.

Many types of furniture exist that can help with your storage needs. Dual-purpose furniture can provide extra storage space while also serving another needed function in your home.

Chairs that have hidden compartments or ottomans with storage space inside can all be lifesavers when it comes to decluttering your home.

4. Shelves Aren’t Just For Elves

You may also consider finding ways to display your toys on shelves. An entire bookshelf dedicated to your child’s books or to several types of toys can be a great addition to your child’s room or another area of the home.

With the proper setup, this can actually have a very stylish look and allow your child’s most popular toys to never be out of sight or too far out of reach.

If you have extra space on a normal bookshelf, you can also add a space for a few select toys or stuffed animals along with those encyclopedias and dictionaries.

5. Worst Case? Rent Some Extra Storage Space

If you simply don’t have enough space in your home, you may be in a really tight spot. You or your child may not be ready to part with some of those old favorites for good. In this case, you should consider using self storage services.

With your own storage space, you will have plenty of room for any toys you need to set aside for a while, without being forced into taking them to the thrift store before you or your child is ready.

Final Thoughts

Creating some new storage solutions in your home is an excellent idea and can be a big part of keeping a clean house. However, don’t forget that the best way to keep things tidy is to develop consistent toy storage habits and routines.

Your kids need to know to put their toys away when they’re done playing. They also need to know where everything goes.

By creating a good system and organizing things well on your end, things will be much easier for your child as well. They can easily follow in your organized, tidy footsteps.

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