5 Amazing Plants That Stimulate Breast Growth

breast growthHave you been struggling with low self-confidence and feeling unhappy about your body? Have you ever felt like increased breast size may be the solution for you?

There are primarily two ways to prompt breast growth. If you are looking for a fast and significant increase in your cup size, breast augmentation may be the solution you are looking for. Or, if you prefer a more natural and holistic approach, taking herbal supplements or incorporating foods rich in phytoestrogens into your diet would be the way to go.

Phytoestrogens are a source of estrogen which occurs naturally in herbs and plants. They are similar in structure to the estrogen hormone humans produce. There are three main types of phytoestrogens. These are Isoflavones, Lignans, and Coumestrol.

In this article, we will examine some natural ways to encourage breast growth. In no particular order, here are 5 plants to incorporate into your diet/lifestyle that can assist in stimulating growth in your breasts.

Focus on Phytoestrogens

1. Savor Soy

Soy is one of the most well-known isoflavonoids, a type of phytoestrogen which is found primarily in legumes and beans. There are many foods and dietary supplements rich in soy.

For example, there is soy milk, which is primarily composed of isoflavonoids.
Other soy-rich sources include edamame, miso, tofu, and soy sauce.

2. Fill Up On Flaxseeds

Lignans are another common type of phytoestrogen. Flaxseeds are among the richest sources of plant lignans in the human diet.

Incorporating more flaxseeds into your diet is one way to stimulate breast growth. Flaxseeds can be stirred into hot oatmeal or sprinkled atop cereal in the morning. It’s a quick, easy way to add more lignans into your diet!

3. Help Yourself to Hops

Hops, as you probably know, are primarily found in beer. What you might not know, however, is that they, too, contain phytoestrogens.

Additionally, hops are considered to be an anti-androgen. Anti-androgens can be defined as “any compound that has the biological effect of blocking or suppressing the action of male sex hormones such as testosterone within the human body.”

A reduction in testosterone can help promote increased production of estrogen. With a reduction in the testosterone hormone and increased production of estrogen, you’ll be on the path to hormonal breast enhancement in no time.

Add more hops into your diet with ease by sipping on a double IPA.

4. Find Some Fennel

Fennel has long been used in herbal medicine. It’s been used to treat lactation problems, infertility, and many other issues. It can also be used for breast enhancement.

Fennel supplements, which are often promoted as a natural breast enhancer, are another option for those looking to increase their cup size.

5. Spice It up with Sesame

Sesamin is a type of lignan which is found exclusively in sesame seeds. Both sesame oil and the seeds themselves are a rich source of the lignan phytoestrogen.

Sesame seeds can be sprinkled atop dishes like sushi or salad. Sesame oil can be added to dressings and sauces. These are just a few more easy ways to add additional hormones to your diet.

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